Love in full bloom

chapter 52 Sing me the ‘conquer’

Mo Qinyu nodded madly,she was gentle and well-behaved,trying her best to coorperate his acting, she
dare not say a wrong word, or she will die.

"Yes,I’m sincere, unless I don't have a heart, no, even if I don't have a heart, I have to create a heart
and give it to you."

Qin Yichen was very satisfied,he liked her flatting.

He hated and despised the flatterer before, but the woman’s word made him feel comfortable and he
barely accepted it.

"See it, I’m the absolute master."

Qin Yiman stared at Mo Qinyu, the shameless fox,she was really good at acting. “Yichen, don’t trust

"I only believe in myself." He spread his hands and should a arc of evil.

"You are overconfident." She grinned.

"I have capital, do you have it?" He smiled, took a sip of red wine, raised his hand and smacked the tip
of his chin, covered his thin lips, and fed the wine in his mouth together with the scent of the cockroach
into her mouth.

Mo Qinyu’s cheek turned red, the play’s scale was a little big.

But she still had to cooperate,she smiled with no temper.

Qin Yichen suddenly discovered that she was a little cute when she was not a thorny hedgehog, but a
furry little rabbit.

It’s a pity that they were all pretending.

She did not that gentle and cute as rabbit, she was foxy and wicked.

Qin Yiman was very dissatisfied that her brother treat her like this. "I am a gentle lady of Qin’s family,
can anyone in this city be better me?"

"There were a lot of gentle ladies in the giants." Qin Yichen smiled,To me,this point had nothing special.

Qin Yiman pouted, he was right, there were a lot of giants, but you had just married a slut.

"I am the prettiest beauty of this city." She smacked her hair which was on her shoulders.

"There are a lot of beauties,all of them had their own character."

Qin Yichen’s slender fingers touched Mo Qinyu’s beautiful face, as if he was checking her appearance.

The beauty of a woman was not how perfect she was, she should be special, different,and would
caused visual fatigue.

Her beauty was different from Qin Yiman. Qin Yiman was a beauty in superficial, although she was
pretty, it would cause visual fatigue. But Mo Qinyu was different,her beauty was not in superficial, every
time when he saw that, he felt different beauty points, which made him surprised.

But in his eyes, she was still an ugly woman, dirty woman!

In the view of Mo Qinyu, the giants had seen more women and more women. It was not realistic to rely
on beauty to retain the hearts of the giants.

Qin Yiman’s face was blue and white. “What does she have?”

She would never feel that she would be worse than Mo QinYu, Mo Qinyu didn’t deserve to be her

Qin Yichen’s hand slipped to the waist of Mo Qinyu. “She has nothing, so she should be obedient and
serve me wholeheartedly. If you want to control Ru Chen, you have to have your own capital.”

This word was so straightforward,which hurt Qin Yiman.

She wanted to control Ru Chen, but Ru Chen never cared of her. He used to ignore her. Although he
agreed to get engaged, but he was still cold and cruel.

"I don't have time to work. I don't have enough time to dress up every day. These poor women don’t
have job,either, they are looking after their children at home."

She was very fulfilling every day, makeup, shopping, doing spa, partying... Why waste time working?

She did not need to inherit her family business, nor did she need to support her family. The job was
nothing,she did not need to suffer that.

Qin Yichen’s deep gaze flashed. “What you need is not work, it’s a good virtue.”

"No!" Qin Yiman shook her head, as if she had thought of something, her gaze turned light. "What I
need is a child. I have to hurry to have a child."

She was very happy for her smart. She finally found a way to control Ru Chen.

If she was pregnant, he have to marry her.

Qin Yichen sighed, he couldn’t teach her well,she was incorrigible.

Mo Qinyu also felt ridiculous. She never thought that a woman could use a child to control a man,
otherwise there wouldn’t be so many divorces in the world.

Qin Yiman then reminds of her purpose, "Give me the card."

"No." Qin Yichen refused without hesitation. She needed to be transformed, otherwise she could really
be incorrigible.

Qin Yiman was so angry. "Qin Yichen, that’s too much, don't forget, it was your little pet’s fault, you are

Qin Yichen’s cold face drifted through a sigh of anger. “You know that she’s my pet,and you dared to
hurt her,much of your pain is self-chosen.”

Qin Yiman was so angry, and even her hair was almost burning. "Qin Yichen, you are a cold-blooded
animal, let’s wait and see."

She walked out with anger.

Mo Qinyu sighed and stood up from the sofa, she was about to sleep.

Qin Yichen’s long arm hooked and pulled her back. “Stupid woman, repeat all the flatterings you just


She shook violently.

She won’t say it anymore!

"That were temporary words, I don't remember it." she tried her best to find an excuse.

"Are you sure?" A cold light directly came out from the eyes of Qin Yichen, as if it were a sword, as if
that she would be swallowed,if she had said a wrong word.

There was a chill that spread from her back. There was still a trace of spring in the room. Now all of
that freeze into ice, and the temperature drops to minus 180.

She said nervously: "my husband is the most handsome guy in the world, and the most smart man in
the world, I just want to sing for him every day, holding his thigh and saying..."

Qin Yichen opened his lips and showed a creepy smile. "Stupid woman, do you still remember, I said
that you should go down on your knees and sing me the ‘conquer’?"

Mo Qinyu bit her lower lip, "Remember."

"Very good, now let’s start,sing me the ‘conquer’!" He spit out the order word by word.

"What?" Mo Qinyu felt so sad.

"Do you want to resist my order?" He reached out and squeezed her ear. Although he didn’t use
strength, she felt faintly hurt. She would die,if she obey the command of the Great Devil.

"Can I just squat? There were golds in the daughter's knees." She whispered in a very low voice.

Qin Yichen took a breath from his teeth. "Yes, but you have to held my thigh and sing it!"

She squatted unwillingly, hugged his leg and began to sing: "This is how I am conquered..."

Qin Yichen showed a slight arc, he enjoyed it while he was enjoying the red wine.

She was singing in her mouth, but was scolding him in her heart...

After she finished, Qin Yichen smiled more happily.