Love in full bloom

Chapter 62 You only deserve this price

The red banknotes danced in front of her, just like the clouds on the sky, falling profusely and disorderly
to the sea, becoming a red boat.

A rough wave came, and they were all swallowed up without any trace.

"Don't -- don't --" she cried desperately in a hoarse voice.

But Qin Yichen paid no attention her words. His mind was filled with anger, endless and uncontrollable

Her nerves stretched to the breaking point and she burst into tears.

Many grievances, anger, helplessness, pain and despair burst out, the tears like the tide flushed to her,
couldn’t stop any more.

He turned and looked at her with the grim expression, like the Satan emerged from hell.

But a second later, his frozen, sullen expression was gone, leaving only mockery and anger.

"Mo Qinyu, I'm not as good as 20 million in your eyes!"

He burst out laughing shrilling, ironically and bleakly!

His heart was like a pot of irons thrown over, burning with a flame that made his head and eyes squirm
and his insides writhe, and every nerve twitch.

He never thought that in the eyes of a woman, he would not as good as 20 million yuan.

She bit her lip hard that the blood flowed out. "Twenty million yuan is nothing in your eyes, but it is
astronomical to me. I can't earn it in my life. You do not understand my world, and you will never
understand!" She screamed loud, indignantly and despairingly.

“I don't need to understand bitch’s world, !" His eyes were red, the veins rolled over his forehead, and a
sinister, vindictive sneer curled around his lips.

Walking forward, he picked up a bill that had fallen to the ground and slipped it into her collar. “Inferior
skill slut, only deserve this price.”

The wind was like a knife blade on her tear-stained face.

She was carried back by Qin Yichen, like a dying body.

Unshackled and abandoned her, he left alone, leaving her to die, not wanting to look at her again.

She crouched alone on the sofa, motionless as a puppet.

What she went through today was so terrible that she could not accept it.

Qin Yichen must want to abandon her.

If they divorced, he would ask the bride-price back.

How could they pay him?

She could never put hope on her uncle. They were greedy and self-concern, never cared about their

They said they wouldn’t ask the last half of the bride-price, it must be a lie. Once Mo Mengli married
with Qin Yichen, they would ask for the money right away.

Aunt was good at crying and making troubles. If they didn’t give their money, she would never let her
family easy

If she was right, uncle’s family would come to Jin City sooner or later.

How could aunt and Mo Mengshan let go such a good man!

What did she should do now?

She was so annoyed that she didn’t sleep all night.

The next morning, as she was about to leave, she found that she didn't know where to go.

Could she come back Qin family?

No, she couldn’t. maybe they were discussing about the divorce.

She would much divorce without any compensation. So she was supposed to go back to pack up her
things and get a divorce, but by then she would be dragged to the civil affairs bureau tomorrow

She couldn't go back, she couldn't divorce. She had to come up with an idea to avoid it.

Yesterday, she went out with only a mobile phone and now the only money was the 100 yuan that Qin
Yichen paid her last night.

The villa was far away from the city. She walked for a long time without seeing a bus or a taxi. Even
she called a taxi, she didn’t know where to go.

Worst of all, she seemed to get lost and didn't know which way to go back to the city.

Taking out the mobile phone, she looked at the phone number, there were only two people she could
ask for help, one was Guo Lulu and the other one was Xu Ruochen.

Guo lulu's mother came to her place, so it was unsuitable to find her. She had to ask for help from Xu

After dialing to him, Xu Ruochen accepted her call.

“It’s really rare that you can think of me in holidays. Would you like to come here to have Zongzi?” he
asked playfully.

“Xu Ruochen, I...I need your help.” She said lowly.

“Just say it. I would must do it even I lose my life!” He smiled.

"I am at the seaside and I can't go back, can you come to pick me up." "She said sheepishly.

Xu Ruochen did not ask the reason, only charged: "Find a safe place to wait for me and open the
mobile phone positioning, I come to you."

"Ok, thank you." She was grateful.

"Never say thank you to a friend." Xu Ruochen was very sincere.

It was too far from the city, Xu Ruochen came to spend nearly two hours, but finally found her.

Out of the car, Xu Ruochen held her shoulders, carefully looked her up and down.

She looked desperate, with wet tears on her face and black and blue patches on her body, like a stray
animal abandoned by her owner.

"Don't tell me that Qin Yichen beat you and left you alone in this damned place." There was a flash of
rage in his tawny eyes.

"No, he didn't hit me." She shook her head and opened her mouth to smile at him, but before it took
shape, it vanished, as if blown away by a cold wind.

Xu Ruochen took her to the car and handed her a bottle of juice, "Did you meet a bad guy?"

"No, could you stop asking me now? I am very confused and will not be able to answer you now." She
opened the juice and took a sip. By this time she was really thirsty and hot.

Xu Ruochen saw her weak, guessed she had not eaten. After turning back to the city center, he took
her to the restaurant.

She was so hungry. Because she had not eaten since last night and was tortured by Qin Yichen. Her
stomach hurt from hunger.

She engorged, leaving her manners behind, so that her brain could work and her strength could come

Xu Ruochen could not help but feel distressed, secretly curse Qin Yichen in his heart. He deserved the
nickname of Iceberg, didn’t have love and affection at all.

"Eat slowly, don't choke." He served her a bowl of soup.

"Thank you." "She said in a vague voice.

He sighed." Qin Yichen is a famous iceberg. You will suffer a lot if you follow him."

After drinking the soup, she wiped her mouth and a trace of sadness appeared in her eyes.