Love in full bloom

chapter 68 Keep your wild cat from mating around randomly

She sat on the carpet and said:“Qin Yichen, do you still remember that you once offered me one billion
to let me go and I didn’t promise? Well, a gentle man should make money by the right way, I do love
money, but I only want your money, because I’m your legitimate wife, I surely have one half of your
property, so it’s perfectly justified for me to take your money!”

Hearing this, Qin Yichen flicked his eyes and replied:“little wild cat, you really do have a glib tongue!”

“So can you unforzen my income?” she asked with her eyes flicking a bit.

“I’ll surely do if you can please me well tonight!” he said with a cold smile and stood up to press her

She felt a bit shocked and said:“didn’t you just let out your lust on the outside? There’s girls there to
please you well?” how could he torture her the whole night today?

He narrowed his eyebrows and said:“what is the use of you if your obligations are replaced by others?”

“I...I’m just worrying about your body!” she said.

“Don’t worry!” he turned her over and treated her like one female animal.

Her musles tightened as usual, it’s her natural defensive reactions, but Qin Yichen hated it.

He didn’t believe he couldn’t conquer this wild cat, even if he could not make her surrender at this
moment, he would still sleep with her first!

On the second day, they went together to visit old lady Qin.

The old lady had already known the thing happened to Mo Mengshan. She held Qin Yichen’s hands
while said to him:

“Yichen, I tell you, you must only take Qinyu as your wife, I don’t like Mo Mengshan.”

“You’re my respectable ancestor, surely I’ll listen to you.” Qin Yichen hooked up the corner of his

“Grandma, have some soup.” Mo Qinyu scooped one bowl of soup for the old lady.

“What soup for today?” the old lady asked with smiles.

“Tea mushroom with soil chicken.” Mo Qinyu answered with smiles.

“My granddaughter-in-law has so high ingenuity.” the old lady stroked Mo Qinyu’s head and then took
up the bowl to drink the soup.

Mo Qinyu sat besides the old lady and said:“grandma, you look so well now, I think you’ll be able to go
back home in two more days.”

“I’ll go back after my great-grandson’s born.” the old lady smiled.

To be honest, the old lady was not that sick, the reason why she felt not so well was because she had
been worrying about her husband the whole time, she’s a doctor herself, so she suerly knew how to
make her feel well, besides, she’s the owner of this hospital which now had been taking care of by the
second uncle of family Qin. She got used to this kind of life in hospital and did not want to go back
again in case she would feel sad by every view there.

“In order to make you go home ealier, I need to try my best!” Qin Yichen smiled. He knew his grandma
had some knots in the heart, after all, she’s now at her old age, if anything went wrong, there would be
so serious things happening.

At this moment, Si Mayu and Qin Chuxia all came here.

“Grandma, why didn’t you go back home to spend the mid-autumn festival day with us?” Qin Chuxia

“Aren’t you all here now?” the old lady then stroked gently Qin Chuxia’s small head.

Qin Chuxia peeled one jujube Zongzi for the old lady, the old lady had a bite and asked:“I heard that
Yiman has been picking on Qinyu these days, what’s going on?”

“Grandma, let me tell you why, my big sister don’t like girls who are prettier than her, she thinks that my
sister-in-law had robbed her title of ‘the first beauty in town’, so she feels envy and wants to kick sister-
in-law out.” Qin Chuxia said.

Mo Qinyu found that the old lady seemed to know everything happened at house even if she was here
at hospital.

The old lady sighed:“it’s all Chu’s fault, he has been always spoiling Yiman so much, every girl in our
family are smart, capable, virtuous except her, she’s lazy and arrogant, that beautiful face is what she
only has.”

“Grandma, my big sister is the evil Queen of Snow White, if i turn to be prettier than her when i grow
up, she might probably kill me.” Qin Chuxia then made a face to the old lady. Although she’s still young,
she’s so smart, she knew clearly that Yiman didn’t like her and her mom and always picked on them, so
she didn’t like Yiman either.

Mo Qinyu found that the people of family Qin seemed all to be self-flattering and conceited. So was this
little one. But they all had this charming faces. Somehow she felt so worried that the plain girl like her
would destroy the good genes of their family. By that time, she would be so guilty.

“I’m just a plain girl, how can I compare with big sister, maybe she doesn’t like me is because I’m not
one of her kind, I’m a heretic.”

Hearing this, the old lady then looked at Qinyu with a serious look:“Qinyu, you’re not plain, you’re my
granddaughter-in-law, you need to remember your status, no need to endure the bad temper of Yiman,
the more you put up with her, the more troubles she will bring to you, you have to let her know what you
got, if your mother-in-law have problemes with you, just come to me, I’ll do the justice for you.”

Qin Chuxia then said to Mo Qinyu with a smile:

“sister-in-law, with grandma’s support, you don’t need to be scared, grandma is the boss of this family,
everyone listens to her.”

Hearing this, Mo Qinyu smiled. Though the old lady had been always supporting her, she could not
take this for granted and use the power randomly. Besides, her status hadn’t been settled, Qin Yichen
could get a divorce with her at anytime, how dare she fight with Yiman?

At this moment, Qin Yiman was with Mo Mengshan.

She wanted to help Mo Mengshan to take back her territary and kicked out Mo Qinyu.

Surely Mo Mengshan wanted Qin Yiman’s help.

When Qin Yichen came back home, Qin Yiman was also back. She then asked:“Yichen, let’s go to the
dancing party tonight together?” she smiled while took a glance at Mo Qinyu:“please do not take your
cheap pet there, look at her, she doesn’t have one proper dress and even does not know how to do the
makeup, you will feel so awkward by that time.”

Qin Yichen then pinched Mo Qinyu’s chin and turned her face to Qin Yiman:“only the person like you
need to do the makeup, she doesn’t need that!”

Hearing this, Qin Yiman felt so angry.

“She will still be ugly even with makeups.”

“Qin Yiman, men and women see beauty in different viewpoints, don’t you know that lotus comes from
the clear water?” Qin Yichen said with a evil smile.

Even if someone’s a flower bottle, she should also be useful, or it would be only a waste of space.

Qin Yiman felt so furious after heard of this.

In her opinion, the main task for a girl who’s born in a rich family was to be beautiful all the time.

“Qin Yichen, why are you defending for this woman?”

“I’m her master!” he stroked Mo Qinyu’s head gently as if he were fondling a little cat.

“Fine, you just keep eyes on your little cat in case she’ll mate with other wild cats!” Qin Yiman cold
humed a voice.

She had already planned the party tonight, she believed that he would have the interest to change
another pet.