Love in full bloom

Chapter 67: Is There Any Similarity Between This Ugly Guy And I?

Qin Yichen knew that Qin Yiman was some kind of people who was anxious to see the world in
disorder, and that she was also a strongly-green-eyed person.

He glanced the housekeeper, and the housekeeper left with the aunt and Mo Mengshan.

Qin Yiman ran out to send them, and she kept Mo Mengshan's contact information. The two regretted
that they didn't meet sooner.

Mo Qinyu secretly took a deep breath in her heart. She knew that Qin Yiman was deliberate. She
would not give up until she stirring the world.

"Go upstairs." Qin Yichen ordered her, so she followed him.

Qin Yiman stopped him behind him. "Qin Yichen, why don't you still divorce her, she will kill you! Do
you want to be killed by her?"

"If you believe this idiot's words, then you must have the pig's brain." Qin Yichen snorted and felt that
she should go to a mental hospital for treatment.

"Since she married you, she has stirred us up to the present. She is a typical presentative of widows
peak. If you don't divorce her, you will be killed by her." Qin Yiman deliberately scared him.

His thin lips sneaked a narrow sneer. "She's better than you." After that, the big hand touched Mo
Qinyu's face, as if he was demonstrating to Qin Yiman.

Qin Yiman was so angry and was very annoyed. "She's just a rube who is not worthy to clean my

"You don't have to hypnotize yourself, you are just a commonplace woman." Qin Yichen said slowly,
and his each word was hit on Qin Yiman's dead point.

She was not worried about what Qin Yichen thought, actually she was afraid that Qin Ruchen would
have the same thought. What she was most proud of was her perfect appearance, the one that can
attract him was also the appearance, so she must not be losing.

"Qin Yichen, you have a terrible taste!" She left with full of anger.

Mo Qinyu sighed, only feeling that something would be happened.

Into the room, she made a bed on the floor.

Qin Yichen glanced at her coldly. "What about your compulsory course?"

She walked over docilely, was like a little wild cat which withdrew her claws, and hugged his legs and
seemed to be conquered!

"Stupid woman, I am protecting you now, it does not mean that I will protect you all the time. If I will be
unhappy in the future, and you get out of my face."

"I knew it." She nodded.

When Xiaowu woke up, even if he didn't urge her leave, she would take the initiative to leave.

When she finished, his five fingers grabbed her head and forced her to look up at him. "Mo Qinyu, you
just lied very well."

"I didn't lie, what I said every sentence is true." Her expression was calm, why she lied was to protect

"Are you a virgin when you married me?" His eyes were like blowing a sharp sword from her face, full
of disappointment, as if she was a dirty garbage, and was thrown back to him.

Her heart stunned and knew that he very card about this matter. He had cleanliness and the most
annoying thing was the dirty things that others had touched.

"I am not a virgin, but I am not an easy girl as well." She took out the one hundred dollar bill from
yesterday and put it in his pocket. "The money is returned to you."

"Should it be more?" A cold light flashed through his eyes.

She compressed her lower lip and said clearly one by one "I am not a prostitute."

Qin Yichen sneered. "You sleep with the ugly guy, you are willing to do that, right?"

She stood up and she was angry.

She didn't allow anyone to insult Acong who was her favorite person.

"Please don't always use this word to describe Acong. He is very handsome and very good-looking. He
used to be the beau of our school."

Qin Yichen snorted again, "School beau? Are you blind?" He walked close to the table and grabbed the

The photo fell out.

He kicked the side of her body. "Is this unsightly ugly guy was known as school beau?"

Mo Qinyu was stunned. She looked at the photo of him and looked at him. "Do you think the person
above is Acong?"

"You kept his picture in the book all day long, if it's not him, who is it?" He sat down on the sofa and
cast a sneer look.

She held her forehead, and her mind was like a paste, and she became more and more confused.

What happened, he didn’t recognize himself?

He had did the cosmetic surgery, but it can't be that he also had the surgery of his brain, so that the
memory that was not good before was erased.

She picked up the photo. "Qin Yichen, look it carefully, this is you, your previous photo."

This was the photo that aunt gave her before she came to the Jincheng, lest she recognized the wrong
person when she arrived.

The reason why she kept this was in order to vent her anger.

Every time after she was tortured, she would take the photo out and secretly "greeted" him.

Qin Yichen violently shook for once and felt that he heard the biggest cold joke of this century.

"Mo Qinyu, are you crazy? Do this ugly guy have any similar point as one billionth of a million with

"Weren't you losing fat and did the cosmetic surgery before?" She grinned.

Qin Yichen was confused, and he was also speechless!

"Which eye did you see that I had do the cosmetic surgery?"

"Really, you didn't do this before?" Mo Qinyu was shocked, she could not believe that, so she stretched
out two small hands on his face and tried to see if there was any prosthesis.

"If you touch again, I'll chop your hands!" He said and scared her to quickly put away her hands.

"What is going on here, aren't you the person in the photo?" She held her forehead, it seemed that she
insulted the wrong person. Although he was ugly, he was might kind.

Qin Yichen bounced her forehead. "Are you brains into the water?"

Mo Qinyu really felt that she had encountered a big mistake.

She knew it, how can he find such a powerful cosmetic doctor be able to make an ugly person into a
peerless beauty unless it was the God!

"Do you know that Mo Mengshan encountered an accident abroad? She is fleeing and does not want
to marry you. I don't know know where did she get your information. There are several photos like
these, she is scared. She cried every day. It is estimated that she planned to escape from the marriage
with aunt. Then they let me marry you. Now, if the truth is discovered by her, she must be so regret!"

"So, the ugly guy still helped you?" Qin Yichen curved his mouth, he sneered.

"Some kind of." She smiled, but in her heart, she didn't think so. She thought that she didn't come in
the heaven, but the hell.

Qin Yichen thought of something, his face was gloomy again. "You were really for money, no matter
what a means it is, just give you money, you even dare to marry so ugly man!"

She sighed aloud, if a person disliked the other one, then what she did was wrong.

"There are two daughters in the Mo's family, she had escaped, if I don't marry you , then who?"

"Don't want to justify for yourself. If someone gives you a billion dollars now, you must not hesitate to
rush into his hug, right?" His tone was extremely cold and full of contempt.