Love in full bloom

Chapter 66 They framed her with lies

Qin yichen ignored her, as if it was a mass of air. He walked to Mo qinyu's side and put his big hand
around her slender waist.

She smiled and stood on tiptoe and kissed his cheek.

They showed great affection and looked very affectionate.

Mo meng shan's eyes glowed with a cold, jealous light.

If it was her who married him, then the person that stood beside him is her, the one he loved was also

But her face was very calm without any bad appearance.

She wanted to outdo Mo qin yu by showing her good breeding.

Mo qin yu was a tomboy, she ran here and there when she was a child. She would get into trouble in
the Qin’s family. Even if she did not cause troubles, she would make trouble for her.

She had endless ways to beat her.

Aunt was a shrew. Mo meng shan always gave advice in the family and her aunt was a hired thug.

Such a good son-in-law must not belong to Mo Qinyu, he must belong to her daughter.

"Meng shan, my poor daughter, you had an accident in a foreign country and your husband was robbed
by his sister after you came back. What happened to your uncle's family? They took advantage of
everything. They own all the good things and leave all the bad things to us... "She sniveled.

Mo qin yu interrupted her before she had finished.

"Auntie, be a good man. We've never taken advantage of your family. Cousin did not have an accident,
you thought Qin yichen looks very ugly, so let cousin pretend to disappear and escape marriage, and
then let me marry. Now when you saw him, you found that you made a mistake, so you want to switch.
Do you think marriage is a joke and you can change it if you want? You stayed in our house for several
days to take away the betrothal gift, and finally our family gave it to you, but it doesn't mean that our
family can bully at will. Good doesn't mean weak, do you understand?"

Auntie's face is flushed. This bitch always fought against her. "You guy! You parents didn't teach you
well, so that you spent your days at school hanging out with gangsters. You are not like meng shan,
who has learned the rules of a rich family."

"Mother, stop scolding my sister. Everyone has his own personality, she is very good at home. All she
does is swear and fight, that's all." Mo meng shan was actually being sarcastic, even though she was
trying to console her.

"Meng shan, you are the most sensible woman in our family. Now you even let your husband out." Aunt
said while wiping tears.

Mo qin yu felt special irony, "Don't play. Is it really good that you slander me like this? At least I am your
niece, and in your eyes there is no affection except money and profit?"

Auntie was about to crazy. If her daughter repeatedly told her that she could not be unreasonable and
make a scene, she would have sat on the ground and clapped her thighs and cried.

"You've got a rascal temper hanging around with little bullies all day."

Qin yichen looked at the 'aunt' who was definitely a shrew.

"Aunt, you'd better find out your identity. I'm in charge of this matter. And you are just an outsider." With
that, he said, "seeing off the guests."

Mo Meng shan quickly explained, "Yichen, you misunderstood my mother. My mother is a quick-
tempered woman with a sharp tongue and a soft heart. She's very kind."

"All right, whether you are a runaway or an accident, it can only mean that you and Yichen have no
predestination. You are not lucky enough to be our daughter-in-law."Said Mrs Qin.

She had seen the greedy face of their family, and was particularly disagreeable.

The steward came to drive them away.

Aunt was furious and wanted to hang on, but Mo Meng shan stopped her.

He had not seen her good aspects, he would kick Mo Qinyu away when he knew her advantages.

At this time, Qin yiman came down.

"Yichen, why don't you change your real wife back? I think she is much better than Mo qin yu, she can
make up and she is polite.The house has been turned upside down by this woman. You have to
change her to make the house quiet."

As Mo Mengshan was unable to find a way to get rid of Mo Qinyu, someone came here.

"You have no right to speak." Qin yichen glared at her.

Mo meng shan looked at Qin yi man and saw that she did not like Mo Qin yu. While she was finding the
breakthrough to drive away Mo Qinyu, there is a "noble" appeared.

They suddenly connected.

"This beautiful lady is a very sensible person. My niece disturbs every place she goes. Most of all, she
is a bad girl, and if anyone marries her, there will be no peace in the family." Aunt said.

"Mother, it was meant to be, and it's not my sister's fault." Mo meng shan said with an understanding

"You are so kind to protect your sister everytime, but your sister doesn't care about it. She took your
husband away, but also said something ill to you. You are so pathetic." Qin yiman came to her. The two
confirmed their eyes, they are the same kind of people.

"It is right for a elder sister to love her sister. I don't blame her, no matter what Qin yu did, "Mo meng
shan said, glancing at Qin yichen with her eyes.

She had fallen in love with him at first sight.

He belonged to her, and she would take him back.

Qin yi man went to Mrs. Qin and said, "mom, how nice she is. Beautiful, kind, generous, elegant. She is
qualified to marry into our family to do my sister-in-law. Mo qinyu has been giving us qin family
discredit, I'm ashamed of her."

Mrs. Qin stared at her, "don't make trouble." No matter how good Mo Meng shan was, she was still a
mean woman, especially her parents, she had seen Mo meng shan’s parents' ugliness long before, and
today she was more impressed with them. That would be terrible if she marry Yichen.

No matter who married Yichen, she would be drove away finally.

Mo Qinyu and Yi chen have married, maybe she has had her grandson. then she could give birth
quickly and then leave here. She was really annoyed to see Mo Qinyu every day!