Love in full bloom

Chapter 50: The Mysterious Girl

"Mo QinYu, one day, I will let you be conquered by me." he said with anger.

"It won't be that day," she said quietly in her heart.

The next morning, when she went to the cloakroom, she took out a long dress in the lake green color.

This was the 18th birthday present which Shi Cong gave her.

She didn't know why, just suddenly wanted to take it out and put it on.

After cooking the soup for the grandma, she went to the garden, and the tulip in the flower field
blossomed, and it was golden.

She took the drawing board and sat in front of the flower field to draw this beautiful scenery. This year,
her design theme can be the love of tulips.

When Ru Chen woke up, it was very early as well.

Mrs. Qin left him to live with together to ease the relationship with her daughter.

He was still dreaming of the mysterious girl wearing a long skirt in the lake green color.

She seemed to want to tell him something.

WAs that part of his missing memory?

As he walked into the garden, his footsteps came to an abrupt end, and it seemed as if the supernova's
explosion-like brilliance had shot into his eyes.

The girl in the long dress of the lake green color, she was there, in the tulip field!

The same skirt, exactly the same back!

He was very excited and ran over.

Just as he was three meters away from her, he stopped and squatted there.

The back, he recognized it.

It’s Mo Qinyu!

He can't believe why it was Mo Qinyu?

She also has this lake-colored skirt!

Mo Qinyu heard the footsteps. When she turned her head to see him, she was surprised and smiled.
"Brother-in-law, good morning."

She didn't talk much and continued to draw her paintings, like being afraid of Qin Yiman, not intending
to talk to him more.

He couldn't help but glance at her painting, a beautiful tulip, just like the one in front of him, just there
was one more a big banyan tree next to it!

That big banyan tree was almost the same as his dream.

He felt incredible and unbelievable.

Mo Qinyu, everything about her seemed to have some relations to do with him. The feeling was
extremely familiar, but unable to think of it, it's very uncomfortable.

He always felt that he had seen her before, but she said no, did she not remember him as well?

He sat down on the grass, motionless, only his brain was moving.

Looking at her back continuously, he suddenly felt a whirlwind.

Mo Qinyu! Mo Qinyu! Qinyu! Qinyu! The echoes in the ears, the sounds in his heart, and the sounds in
his head, all mixed together, all of them.

It turned into a crazy thunder, shaking his every nerve, every cell!

He couldn't even tell if he was thinking about the name, or was subconsciously calling for the name.

Somewhere in the head started to hurt, almost cracking, as if something was struggling, trying to break
free and out of there

He held his head and couldn't help but scream.

Mo Qinyu noticed and ran over. "Brother-in-law, what's wrong with you, headache?"

"Nothing, I just need to have a break." He leaned back on the trunk and took a deep breath.

This was a traumatic sequelae, and whenever he wanted to recall something, he would have a painful

"Do you want me to call you a servant to send you back?" she asked, she could also send him back on
her own, but if they were seen by Qin Yiman, and she had to misunderstand that again.

"No," he waved his hand. "Why are you painting a banyan tree? There is no banyan tree here."

"This is a wishing tree on the edge of my hometown. After school, I will go there to watch the sunset
and sit under the banyan tree." She smiled slightly. In fact, she was not alone, and there was Shi Cong
as well. But she did not mention it.

He was not Shi Cong, what was the meaning of speaking that?

Ru Chen mouth was twitching.

The girl who was sitting under the banyan tree, and he dreamed was her?

"Your dress was so beautiful, it's rare to see a lake-colored skirt, and few people can hold this color."

Only she can, a girl as clear as a lake!

Mo Qinyu smiled and revealed two lovely dimples. "Someone like us who are learning about art is to be

"You really are different." His thin lips opened a charming laughing arc.

He had seen many beautiful women, they were fascinating, like Qin Yiman, but they were all from the
prosperous world, the arrogance of exaggeration, all of them were common one.

The woman in front of him was like a pair of fresh ink drawing, and there was no trace of impurities.
The beauty of her was not a bit vulgar, not a dust.

"Oh, brother-in-law, tomorrow is your engagement ceremony. There must be a lot of things to do today,"
she said.

"There are so many people doing things for us, we don't need to worry about it." He spread his hands,
although he said that, he still had to prepare something in advance. In the afternoon, his parents would
come over from Yangcheng and go to see the layout of the venue.

She smiled and turned to clean up the drawing board. "I should go to work, see you at night."

"Okay." Ru Chen had been staring at her.

The lake-colored long skirt wrapped her graceful body. With her light footsteps fluttered in the breeze,
like the waves of the lake, circling into his heart.

Qin Yiman came over from the path not far away. She saw that Mo Qinyu walked past Ru Chen’s side,
she frowned unconsciously, and the jealous light was jumping in her eyes.

"Mo Qinyu, do you have a guilty conscience, so you leave when I come," she yelled.

Mo Qinyu didn't see her. She heard her yelling and was glad that she was going fast, otherwise it was
another quarrel.

Ru Chen was in anger, jumped directly from the grass. "If she didn't leave, you are suspicious, If she
left, you are still suspicious, are you sick?"

"Ru Chen, she is trying to seduce you. You should not talk to her in the future, just ignore her, just look
she as the air, and she isn't exist."

Qin Yiman said with indignation.

She can't allow them to be too close.

Mo Qinyu was a time bomb!