Love in full bloom

Chapter 65 You are not a virgin

His heart was pulled and an indescribable emotion passed by.

“Mo Qinyu, don’t you envy?”

“I dare not to envy and I don’t have the qualification to do so. It’s not the thing a decoration should do.”
She said slowly and clearly, as if giving herself up as hopeless.

His expression didn’t get ease but became more gloomy, “Don’t you envy. or don’t you care?” His lips
were tense for he was biting his teeth. What the stupid cared was only money!

Yes, she didn’t care it, why did she care it?

She said in her heart but changed the words when she spoke out, “It is not like that. Nobody don’t care
her husband and everyone hopes her husband can be loyal. But it is impossible! Excellent man can’t
only belong to one woman!”

Qin Yichen took a deep breath and relaxed his teeth, “Okay, you can go away now.”

She didn’t move for she didn’t know his meaning, “Do you still want to divorce?”

“Get out!” He didn’t answer, only spitted out one word.

She kept montionless and glared at him deeply. Without getting his answer, she wouldn’t go.

“Do you still want to divorce?” She asked again with her heart trembling.

The blue veins on his forehead rolled, “If you don’t go away now, I will send you to Jiang City directly!”

“Then I will regard your meaning is won’t divorce.” She said with a little lowliness and a little afraid.

Qin Yichen didn’t replied her only stared at her with a furious eyesight.

She guessed that he was hurried to play with the woman upstairs, so she dared not to bother him any
more and left quietly.

The moment she shut up the door, she seemed to lose all her strength and couldn’t even stand up.
Then she squatted down supporting the wall, after a while, she could stand up again.

Mo Qinyu, it didn’;t matter, you had to be a strong woman, even if you were stepped out of shape, you
had to survive.

She pulled her stiff lips and smiled to cheer herself up with tears in her eyes.

She didn’t know that Qin Yichen was standing by the window and looking at her through the gap
between the curtains. He saw her squatted down like a little injured wild cat, falling tears secrectly and
then wept it and continued to walk forward.

What kind of woman was she!

Just as a contradictory combination, she was obviously greedy for money, but never spent money;She
was clearly pure, but also full of scheming;She was born anti-bone and wild untamed, but she put on
the appearance of submissive.She was clearly proud and stubborn unyielding, but she had to be
humble and servile.

When Mo Qinyu entered into the car, she received a message, [If you don’t get back home
immediately, then never get back!]

She took a deep breath, finally, she could get back Qin family.

However, how could this guy know she didn’t come back home?

[]My aunt and my cousin will get Jin city this afternoon and they want to negtiate with you.]She replied
him a message. It was better to notify him in advance.

Aunt and Mo Mengshan arrived at night. They had come Qin family for several times and remember
the specific address. But they never met Qin Yichen.

Mo Mengshan wore the most fashional and beautiful dress and dressed herself up charmingly.

When she entered into the villa of Qin, she looked around and felt endless regret.

She orginally felt she was lucky and wise, but unexpectedly, she fell into Mo Qinyu’s trap and hurt
herself finally.

Mrs Qin was waiting for them in the hall. When Mo Qinyu came back, she had told this thing to her.

She knew their intention.

When aunt came in, she began to introduce her daughter, “Madam, this is Mengshan, Yichen’s wife.”

“Nice to meet you, madam.” Mo Mengshan greeted politely with courteous manners.

She had to show her advantages to kick Mo Qinyu out the game.

Mrs Qin nodded slightly and showed a light smile. It was clearly that the girl was trained before. Her
makeup was delicate and she also bahaved well. Not like Mo Qinyu who was always with a plain face,
rude and rustic.

Mo Qinyu sat beside them with a calm look. She couldn’t compare with Mo Mengshan no matter in
which aspect. But only if Qin Yicehn could accept her, and could regard her as his decoration, she
would not be afraid.

Aunt took out of something, “This is the specialty of Jiang city, they are all green food.”

“Thank you.” Mrs Qin smiled and pretended not knowing their intention, “Do you come to visit Qinyu
this time?”

“We come to take Qinyu back.”Aunt said, “Before the marriage, Meng shan had an accident so she
couldn’t marry here, so we let her sister Qinyu marry instead of her. Now, Mengshan has come back,
we send her here and take Qinyu back.”

Mrs Qin turned her head to Mo Qinyu, :”Qinyu, do you want to come back?”

“Mom, Where do I come back? I and Yichen have had the marriage license, we are couples that
protected by the law, this is my home.” Mo Qinyu said firmly.

Aunt showed her white eyes to her, “So what? you can divorce and the remarry.”

“How can regard marriage as a game?” Mrs Qin frowned her eyebrows and became serious.

To her, Mo Qinyu and Mo Mengshan were the same, No matter who married her son, she had to go
away after borning the baby. It was really troublesome to change them.

Aund and Mo Mengshan changed their eyesight, “I am afraid that Qinyu would shame Qin family. She
can’t do anything and never be trained before. And even doesn’t know the basic manners. But
Mengshan is cultivated from young with the standard of the rich lady. She is good at everything and is
really suitable to be Qin’s female master.”

While she speaking, Qin Yichen walked in.

Aunt saw him, the raised up her voice, “The most important thing is that Mengshan is still pure. She
never had a boyfriend before. Not like Qinyu who has a boyfriend before. She is not a virgin.”

Mo Mengshan pulled her mother’s clothes, “Mom, don’t talk nonesense. Qinyu loves Cong very much,
so it’s normal for her to have sex with him.”

It seemed to stop her mother, but actually, she was pouring the oil on the fire.

They indeed hit Mo Qinyu’s sore spot. But Mo Qinyu didn’t expect that they would frame her like that.

It was true that she was not a virgin, but she didn’t have sex with Shi Cong. their emotion was pure and
she didn’t allow they to dirty it.

“Aunt, don’t ask so much! Although I had a boyfriend before, we were pure and had no close

Qin Yichen sneered in his heart. She deserved to be the professional liar, that she could not change
her expression while lying,

When Mo Mengshan saw Qin Yichen, her heart thrembled.

He was really handsome and perfect.

“Yichen, nice to meet you, I’m Mengshan.”