Love in full bloom

Chapter Chapter58 Turned over and over

Mrs. Qin did not expect her daughter to go crazy just because she was jealous that Mo Qinyu steal her

What did she think about?

Mo Qinyu was so outdated, and she didn’t make up for herself, and even she couldn’t make up. She
was so ugly. Mrs. Qin did not think Mo Qinyu was beautiful, how can she compare with Yiman?

"In fact, sister must be jealous of brother. Brother is more beautiful than her, and brother’s wife is also
better than her. She has no value." Qin Chuxia smiled, talking like a small adult.

"It's no wonder that yesterday she wanted to disfigure Mo Qinyu. She was a psychological deformity.
Let her try hard life, and she wouldn't have time to dress up all day long." Ru Chen snorted, and
accidentally said that.

Qin Yuhan came over and just heard it. "Ru Chen, you just said that she wants to disfigure Mo Qinyu?"

"No, it's just angry words, not serious." Mrs. Qin quickly said.

"Let her go to work, twenty-four hours a day, she has twenty hours to spend on her face, and even
though her dressing was so beautiful, and she is a vase." After that, he looked at Ru Chen, "Ru Chen,
you believe me, and I will teach her and then let her marry you."

He gave a death order, and ordered everyone would not give Qin Yiman a penny, or he would drive him
out of the Qin family.

Qin Yiman burst into tears and felt that she was abandoned by the entire Qin family.

It was all Mo Qinyu’s fault. And it was Mo Qinyu frame on her

Son of bitch.

In the afternoon, Qin Yichen took Mo Zhenyu out of the home and went out for a holiday.

Along the way, Mo Qinyu was very silent and always thought about Mo Mengshan.

Mo Mengshan lost such a "good" husband, how could her uncle's family be willing surrender, and she
did not know what trouble her uncle’s family would.

Qin Yichen seemed to have discovered her anomaly, raising his hand and holding her chin tip. "Stupid
woman, you can only think of me from now on!"

She sighed, and the overbearing Demon was too terrible.

And they went to the beach, Qin Yichen had a villa there which relied on the sea.

This was the first time he took her out on vacation, and she has a little fresh, a little excited, and the
previous sense of oppression suddenly disappeared.

"I used to think that I could have a house by the sea, blue sky and white clouds, blue sea and silver
sand, facing the sea, spring blossoms." She opened her arms and lay down on the lounge chair.

"A woman who is addicted to money, you have the kind of thinking and it is normal." His graceful lips
evoke a deep arc of sarcasm.

She made a face. "It isn’t wrong to love money, everyone loves money. Why do I have to be self-
glorifying and consider money as dirt?"

Qin Yichen picked up the champagne and took a sip. "Do you know how I deal with the Golden Lady?"

"I know. You divide the income I should have." She grinned and thought that the income on Taobao
would be 30 percent of her and 70 percent of him, and she would have the feeling which like cutting her


Qin Yichen saw her expression. "It’s good that you know it. It is a delusion that you want to greedy my

"I don't dare to greedy your money. I am self-reliant, have a salary, and have pocket money from my
family. I don't need to ask you for it." She spoke, even if she had courage, but she did not dare to take
advantage of this big devil, otherwise she would be tortured by him to death.

Qin Yichen laughed. She loved money, but he did not know where the money she was used? He didn't
see her bought the good clothes that were pleasing to the eye.

Applying sunscreen, she lay on the mat and started to basking in the sun, turning it over and over, like
roasting fish.

Qin Yichen looked at her and couldn't help but smiled.

"Stupid woman, are you grilling squid?"

"No, I just like to be evenly sunburned." She smiled.

"You are really not afraid of being tanned." He raised his eyebrow and if the woman was Pang Xiaofan
and Qin Yiman. They would not come out of the umbrella.

"I was originally a bronze-coloured complexion, a color of movement and sunshine." She made a face.

After basking in the sun for a while, she got into the sun umbrella and couldn't bask for too long, it
would sunburn the skin.

Qin Yichen wore sunglasses, sipped champagne, lazy, like devil.

She couldn't help but turn her head and secretly saw him from behind the brown sunglasses.

Which cosmetic doctor was so powerful to make him so perfect?

To make such a horrified person so amazing. It must spend a lot of money. And it must be over than a
billion, or it would not succeed.

Sure enough, the money talks were right.

Qin Yichen took a look at her with the corner of his eye. "Stupid woman, will you be peek at me?"

"No." She pushed her glasses on the bridge of her nose. "I look at the sea."

"Is the sea better than me?" He raised his eyebrows with confidence.

“One is natural beauty, the other is human beauty, there is no comparability,” she said honestly.

"No?" He glanced at her, though she could feel a cold light shining straight out of the glasses behind

"Yes, you are more beautiful than the sea." She quickly changed her tone and flattered.

As long as she could make the big devil happy, she did not care about her dignity.

Being a man couldn't be too honest, the big demon temper was very bad. She didn’t dare to provoke

After the sun went down, the big demon got into the water and she went back to the room to change
her clothes.

The phone rang.

It was a WeChat video sent by auntie.

She didn't want to answer it, and she was hesitated, and finally she answered it.

In the video, auntie grinned. It was very fake and exaggerated.

"Hey, Mo Qinyu, at the beginning, we all agreed that you married to Qin Yichen and you replaced
Mengshan, not really married. When Mengshan comes back, you have to change it back."

"We also said at the beginning. All the bride-price was all my home. As a result, you have got half the
bride-price after the big quarrel. Have you considered that our family really needs money?" Mo Qinyu
said with indignation.

"It was Mengshan to marry with Qin Yichen. If Mengshan didn't have an accident, you don't have this
opportunity. It is natural for us to get half of the bride-price?"

"It wasn’t my wish to replace my cousin. It was you ask me. And I know that my cousin is not missing.
She just avoided the marriage, and she wants me marry. Now you know Qin Yizheng become
handsome and you want to change it. Why you can get benefits and we just get the disadvantage. The
marriage certificate is my name. Can you ask the Civil Affairs Bureau to change?" Mo Qinyu bluntly

The auntie was angry. “Then, after you change it back, we give you the half of the bride price.”

Mo Qinyu felt that this was the biggest joke she had ever heard. The bride-price was supposed to be
hers. How did it become a charity?

"Auntie, you can change it back, 20 million, you can change if you can afford it."

"What are you talking about?"

"I said, if you give me 20 million, I will exchange it with Mo Mengshan and let her come to the Qin
family to be Qin Yichen’s wife!" Mo Qinyu said clearly and forcefully.

At this time, Qin Yichen just went to the door. He did not hear the previous talk. He only heard the last

She wanted to get 20 million and then she would "send" his husband!