Love in full bloom

Chapter 56 She was splashed boiling water again

"Ruchen, how do you get along with Mo Qinyu? What are you doing here?" she asked with anger.

"She sleeps, I read my book." Ruchen saw her appearance and was immediately annoyed.

"why did you ask the servant to bring her a blanket?" Her cheeks are rounded.

"It's cold here, and she's asleep. I asked the servant to bring her a blanket. won't you ”

"No, if she freezes to death, it doesn't matter to you." She said with anger.

Their argue awakened Mo Qinyu. She looked up and saw Ruchen and Qin Yiman standing in the
doorway. She jumped up. "What happened?"

Qin Yiman rushed to her, "bitch, do not pretend to sleep. As long as I'm not there, you will seduce

Mo Qinyu was depressed, she could involve in trouble even she slept, "I read a book here, then fell
asleep, I didn't know my brother-in-law was coming."

"You don't quibble, you have this temptress face to seduce the man." She hated Mo Qinyu, hated her
face, she wanted to cut her face and turned her into ugly monster.

Mo Qinyu didn't want to argue with her, she wanted to go.

"I'll go first." She turned and left.

Qin Yiman grabbed the teacup on the table and threw it at her.

This time, Ruchen rushed forward, with strong body to protect Mo Qinyu.

The teacup hit him on the back, along with the hot water.

Ruchen snorted.

As the cups clang to the ground and shatter, Qin Yiman screamed in terror.

Mrs. Qin and Qin Yichen ran over.

"What happened?" asked Mrs. Qin.

"Brother-in-law, you were burned by boiling water." Mo Qinyu's face is slightly pale. She did not expect
Qin Yiman to do such extreme things, as if she had deep hatred.

Mrs. Qin ordered the servant to bring the burn cream, Qin Yichen took him to the bathroom to deal with
the injured place.

Mrs. Qin's face turned livid. She looked at the pieces of tea on the ground and could imagine what had

"Yiman, what are you doing?"

"No, it doesn't matter to me, it's Mo Qinyu, it's her fault." Qin Yiman angrily pointed to Mo Qinyu.

She did not feel she did wrong, she blamed Ruchen rushed to protect Mo Qinyu, water cup did not fall
on her body, otherwise she must be disfigured, she will not try to seduce Ruchen.

Why Ruchen has to protect Mo Qinyu, it is terrible, he must be seduce by Mo Qinyu, there must be
problems between them.

Mrs. Qin turned to Mo Qinyu, her eyes became extremely cold, "what did you do again?"

"I didn't do anything, I read a book here, and then fell asleep. I woke up and saw a big sister and
brother-in-law dispute. I want to walk away, sister took the water cup to throw me, the brother-in- Law
blocked, the result of the water cup threw on the brother-in-law." Mo Qinyu explained.

She's here to seduce Ruchen.She feigned sleep when she saw me coming. I saw through her trick,
she wanted to escape, I was angry to hit her with a glass of water, I did Not expect Ruchen to protect
her. Why would he protect her if they weren't together?" Qin Yiman burst into tears, aggrieved. She
poured out her complaints first.

Mo Qinyu was speechless, Qin Yiman falsely accused others ranked first, but no one dared to come
second, "sister, why do you always think I want to seduce my brother-in-law? I have a good husband.
Why should I seduce My brother-in-law?"

Mrs Qin also thought so, so did not severely reprimanded Mo Qinyu.

Now her task is to give her grandchildren, not to stimulate her, in case of pregnancy, miscarriage would
be bad.

When the child is born, she can do whatever she wants.

Ruchen returned to the room and Qin Yichen came over.

Without a word or a look on his face, he went to it, table up, the cup that was on it, and threw it over.

His movements were swift and precise, and without warning. Qin Yiman thought he wanted tea.She
was completely unprepared, and all the tea fell on her feet.

She screamed and deafened.

She cared so much about her appearance that she couldn't be hurt at all.

"Mom, help, Qin Yichen is killing."

Mo Qinyu was shocked, It was not the first time she had seen Qin Yichen throwing boiling water. She
did not expect him to throw Qin Yiman.

Mrs. Qin took a breath and quickly called the maid to apply medicine to Qin Yiman.

"Yichen, what are you doing?"

"This is only a warning. I warned her that time by the lake. I am the only one who can punish a woman
for a terrible mistake." Qin Yichen says forcefully.

A dog must be beaten by its master. How can his pet be punished by others?

Qin Yiman cried, "Qin Yichen, I'll settle with you if I get a scar on my foot."

Qin Yichen put his arms around Mo Qinyu's shoulder and pulled her from the corner to his side, which
declared the inviolability of territorial sovereignty.

"Qin Yiman, I warn you, Later you dare to let this face less skin, I let you be sulfuric acid disfigured!" His
voice was so cold that it seems like ice bumping ice. Qin Yiman shuddered.

"Don't you dare!"

'why don't I dare! Qin Yichen has sinister, cruel and bloodthirsty murderous air on his face. His eyes are
sharp, cold and sharp like sharp knives.

Qin Yiman was scared, she took her mother in front of her, "Qin Yichen, I am your sister, sister!"

"Do you still have it?" Qin Yichen whispered, and there was no feeling in his eyes, only cold.

"Well, don't hurt your feelings." Mrs. Qin hurried to make peace.

Qin Yichen asked the security guard to transfer the monitoring of the reading room, so that Qin Yiman
could see clearly and understand.

Mrs. Qin patted her hand, "Yiman, you see, They're so far apart, they haven't done anything, they
haven't said a word, so don't be so paranoid.There is a limit To a man's endurance. You always do this.
If you hurt your feelings, you can't make it up."

Qin Yiman said, "mom, don't you think we should prepare for the fox? If you had pushed Si Mayuer out
in time, she would not have entered the house."

"Qinyu is your sister-in-law, she is married, why you guard against her, you should guard against those
women outside." "Mrs Qin said.

"I will guard against her." Qin Yiman looked stubborn.

Mrs Qin sighed, she was worried, her daughter so drill, too abnormal.

Mo Qinyu went back to the room, the phone rang, it was his father.

"Qinyu, your sister Mo Mengshan is back."

"I know, we have seen it in Long City." Mo Qinyu nodded.

"Didn't we agree? When she comes back, she'll switch over and pick you up... "