Love in full bloom

Chapter 64 He had a mistress outside

Mo Qinyu knew she couldn’t delay her plans. She had to act as soon as possible to get Qin Yichen’s
forgiveness, otherwise, she would be drove out.

Xu Ruochen searched that Qin Yichen might be in a villa in that mountain, so he asked Xu Ruofang to
drive her there.

Qin Yichen was indeed there but he didn’t want to see her.

She didn’t intend to leave, but waiting him outside until it was dark.

Finally, the door opened.

Her legs were numb now. It was clearly a short distance but she felt that she had walked for a long time

When she opened the door, she stunned.

Qin Yichen was not alone here!

There was a woman beside him.

The woman was sexy and hot in only one revealing suspenders pajamas.

And he only wore a pajamas gown.

What they happened just now was obvious.

And it was normal fpr him to last from noon to dark according to his energy.

She was so shocked. But she was not shocked for he had a mistress, but for his mistress was a

If it was Finn or other charming men, she wouldn’t be surprised.

He always hid his whereabouts and rarely stayed at home. So he must had a mistress outside.

But how could he have a female mistress?

Did he like both man and woman?

Seeing her keeping silent, he showed an impatient look, as if being annoyed even gave her a glance,
“Just say it, then go away!”

She was not surprised about his attitude now. As he was so angry last night, it seemed that he hadn’t
vented his anger, so it was impossible to treat her good now.

“Can I talk with you alon?” She pressed her lips.

Qin Yichen glanced that woman who then stood up obeidently, “I go upstairs first.”

It seemed that she had been together with Qin Yichen for a long time, for she knew his temper very

He liked obeident woman most who could follow his idea.

When the woman’s figure disappeared in her eyes, Mo Qinyu slowly opened her lips, “I want to explain
the thing last night.”

“No need, go away!”He stood up immediately and was about to go upstairs. She then rushed up and
knelt down while hugging his legs suddenly as if a kid who couldn’t get candies and make a scene.

“Material woman, if you don’t loosen your hands, you will die!” A extreme sharp coldness flashed in his
dark eyes.

“That’s it. It will be good to be killed by a handsome man.” She sat down on the ground and held his leg
tightly, trying to carry her plans through to the end.

Today, she came here without return. If she couldn’t success, and Qin Yichen still insisted on divorcing,
her family would be forced to in the dead end. Then it was no difference with death.

Qin Yichen really wanted to kick her out of the window and let her fall down in a parabolic gesture. But
he was pleased by her words then, so he held back the impulsion.

“Nonsense, was your Chinese teached by your physcial education teacher?”

“Anyway, I don’t want to divorce. If you want to divorce, you’d better to kill me. I didn’t mean to change
you with money, I said that to annoy my aunt deliberately, how can she have so much money? Only if
she can’t take out the amount of money, she can’t change me with her daughter. You didn’t hear my
first half of words, so you misunderstood me. The Chinses teacher said if the same sentence put into
different sentences, it will own different means.”

Before he got angry and drove her out, she quickly explained. Or she would be too scared to speak out
if he lost temper.

Qin Yichen sneered, “So you prepared the lie for a whole day?”

“What I said is true. I didn’t lie. Look at my eyes, you can tell me if I lied.” She raised up and widened
her eyes, looking at him without blinking.

Her watery eyes were like spring. People who used to lying couldn’t have such pure and beautiful eyes,
but she had. It was really ironic.

He moved his eyes away for fear that he would lose in them.

“If I gave you those money yesterday, you had already returned to Jiang City, right?”

Of course, how could she stay here to be tortured after getting enough money?

She replied in her heart, but dared not to speak it out, or she would be miserable.

“I just tell you my real thoughts. If you like Mo Mengshan better and insist to change her back, I would
take 20 million back to Jiang City and be your sister-in-law. If you don’t want to divorce, I will return the
money to you. Because I have owned you, 20 million is useless compares with you. Just as the
difference between sand and diamond.Don’t you say that I’m a scheming woman? how can I such a
woman to choose only 20 million but not the rich man?”

Qin Yichen’s face eased a lot. But he distained her more, “You calculate so much!”

“I have been a rich woman for a long time after all. And I have paid my emotion, time and my youth,
sicne that, I have to get some benefits, right?” She put her head on his legs and rubbed for a while, as
if a pet dog asking for her master’s praise.

Qin Yichen’s dark and cold eyes showed a flash of bright light, “Do you have emotions?”

“Of course.”She nodded, “I’m human, of course I have. Although I am just a grass in your eyes, you are
the shining sun, the bright moon in my eyes. I admire you much.” Although she was smiling, a sense of
bitterness showed at the corner of his mouth.

“Expect admiration? What else?” He questioned.

“Worship.” She replied quickly for fear that he would get angry.

Qin Yichen signed secrectly. This was not what he wanted to hear, what damn emotion she had! “Mo
Qinyu, reply me, do you love me secretly?”

“Secretly?” She was shocked, “No. I dare not to do so. You are the star on the sky, I’m the grass on the
ground; You are the charming god, I’m the disdainful loser, how dare I love you secretly?”

She said continuely. Only if he was glad, she could say whatever he liked. In front of the life of her
brother, everything was useless!

But Qin Yichen didn’t look glad.

There was a fire burning in his heart but he couldn’t vent it out, so he had to hold it back.

“Stupid woman, you disgust me!”

“I know that. You can ignore me in the future. I won’t interfere with your life no matter whom you are
together with. You can regard me as a decoration, just put me there. Yes, I’m useless, but I can still be
appreciated when was put there.” She lowered her head and her chin nearly reached the same level
with her chest.

He couldn’t see her sad face and miserable expression, what he could see was the black and blue
slender arm and the messy hair.