Love in full bloom

Chapter 63 Beg him back

Xu Ruochen was shocked, “Did you argue yesterday and Qin Yichen wanted to divorce?”

“No, it is a little complex. My cousin Mo Mengshen comes back.”She said in a low voice, “She wanted
to ask her identity back, and now she is finding troubles in my family.”

“It’s not decided by her. She looks highly of herself. And the dominant right is not on your Mo family, but
on Qin family.” Xu Ruochen said honestly.

“But my aunt doesn’t think so. As the say going: Even when right, a scholar never can win an argument
with a military man. Actually, my cousin Mo Mengshan didn’t have an accident but escaped from the
marriage. Someone gave her an ugly picture of Qin Yichen which scared her, she didn’t want to marry
him, so she escaped and hid. When she came to Jin city two days before, she may get some
information about Qin Yichen, so she regretted after finding Qin Yichen is handsome now.”Mo Qinyu
said angrily.

“She is shooting herself in the foot.”Xu Ruochen sneered, and touched his chin, “When was Qin Yichen

Mo Qinyu realized that she said wrong words, then shut up quickly.

Qin Yichen must have that surgery before coming back, so Xu Ruochen didn’t see the look before that

“Maybe it was delt and made him ugly deliberately.” She explained wisely.

“Who would do that?”Xu Ruochen frowned.

“I don’t know, but this is not the key.” She picked up the spoon and stirred the soup. A sadness
gradually showed on her face.

“The most important thing is you argued with Qin Yichen and Qin Yichen agreed to change you and Mo
Mengshan, right?” Xu Ruochen pointed to the key directly.

She signed, “We had some misunderstandings.”

“You can tell me the experiences, then I can help you.” Xu Ruochen said.

“He misunderstood that I wanted to change with Mo Mengshan, and I had decided it with my aunt, so
he was very angry.” She simply explained and avoided saying other things.

She knew the reason Qin Yichen got angry, just because that she challanged his bottom line. He was
the most noble man, how could he only deserve only twenty million?

What’s more, whether they could change or not was decided by him, but not Mo Family not her!

Xu Ruochen glanced at her peacefully and meaningfully, “You don’t want to divorce. Do you fall in love
with Qin Yichen?”

“It’s not because of the emotion, but the dignity. My cousin didn’t want to marry, then they sent me to
marry; but now she wants to marry, then she could drive me out and make me as a divorced woman.
Why?”Mo Qinyu said honestly.

Xu Ruochen laughed out. He liked her pureness and bluffness.

“You are right, we should resist them and never allow your uncle’s family bully you.”

“Well.”She pulled her lips and smiled.

Xu Ruochen must born with happiness, although she was terrible in mood, she became happy after
seeing him.

After having meal, he temporarily took her in. After all, he had announced that he was a gay and never
minded others gossip him. Moreover, he lived with his sister Xu Ruofang.

“Live here today. I will help you to search the schedule of Qin Yichen tomorrow. Since you have
misunderstandings, you have to explain to him, don’t give others room to break up you two.”

“Thank you, Xu Ruochen.”She was so grateful. Thanks to his existance, or she would sleep on the
street tonight.

After having a shower, she lay on the leisure chair lazily. She was too tired now, she needed to relax.

Xu Ruochen made a cup of cocktail for her, “Since you left that day, you even didn’t send me a
message in WeChat, I am so worried about you. And I even thought that you wanted to break up with
me because of that thing.”

“Didn’t we say we both format it in our mind? I have forgot it, don’t mention it again okay?”she said

“Okay, forget it.” He smiled charmingly and sipped the champagne, “If you didn’t marry Qin Yichen, I
would marry you.”

“It’s better to marry a family which has same levels, so that we can be equal.”she lowered her head. In
Qin Family, she was disdained, tricked and sneered, all her dignity had been broken up.

Only if she had enough money for Xiao Wu, she would leave immediately and never entered that family
again and never met Qin Yichen.

Looking at her, Xu Ruochen’s umber eyes flashed lightly, “There are few people have the same
thoughts as you. Most of the women want to marry a rich family.”

She shrugged, “Everyone has his own opinion in marriage and value. But sometimes, money is really
important……”She stopped. If her family was rich before, Xiao Wu could have a surgery in America
early and needn’t to lie on the bed for so long.

Xu Ruochen thought she was thinking about Qin Yichen, then he patted her shoulders to comfort her,
“Only if you explain it to him, Qin Yichen won’t divorce. It’s clear that you are better than Mo

“No,”She shook her head, “Cousin was brought up according to the standard of a rich lady. From the
kindergarten, primary school to middle school, they are all noble schools. And she can play the piano,
perform ballet and ride the horse……”She paused and lowered to smile, “I am only an ordinary girl,
those things that noble girls can do, I don’t know at all.”

“The advantages you said just now were nothing in this level. everyone is the same as copied. If a
woman wants to attract a man, she must be different.” Xu Ruochen said slowly, “Although you didn’t
touch much with the people in this circle, you could attract many people every time.”

Mo Qinyu never thought herself as this, she always thought she was only an ordinary girl. she had
ordinary facial features and ordinary figure, let alone her dress up.

“They noticed me just because of my dress up and was totally in different level with them. What they
thought was whether drove me out I think.”

Xu Ruochen signed, she still didn’t find her charm

A woman’s beauty was not only on her appearance, but also on her pure temperament.

“You have to be confident.”

Mo Qinyu smiled sadly. No matter she was beautiful or not, she was only a bug in Qin Yichen’s heart.

In the next morning, she received a “threaten” call from her aunt. They bought the ticket of tomorrow,
and would come to Qin Family to “negotiate”.

They wouldn’t compromise and she had to change with Mo Mengshan.

“Qinyu, you’d better prepare to divorce in advance. Mengshan is the proper wife of Qin, you are just a
substitude, don’t occpy my daughter’s place!”Aunt was usually good at making a scene.