Love in full bloom

Chapter 61 Sat upon him

“okay.”Her voice was gentle and obedient, but her eyes were full of tears. She raised her head upper
and upper, trying to force the tears back and hide her fragility.

Since she married in the family Qin, her soul, her spirit and her self-esteem had been destroyed, only
left an empty body which could be played, teased and tormented casually.

She took off her clothes one by one, which like the scale born with. Once she took off one clothes, she
felt sharp pain overwhelmed her.

He asked her to be upon him so that she could be initiative to please him.

However, she didn’t know how to do that, only sitting on him stiffly and becoming blushed from her
neck to face, scalp and ears, just like a painted piece of wood.

His eyebrows frowned deeply in dissatisfaction. He disgusted her this kind of look.

“Bitch! Don’t pretend to be pure. When you was a slut, what did you do?”

She bit her lips, “I didn’t be a slut.”

He hummed jeeringly. She had already been regarded to be a slut, and could never change her image.

He grasped her wrist and forced her to move violently , “Don’t stop!”

She felt endless shame. He looked at her as if she were a woman who sold her body and made money
by pleasing her customers.

She closed her eyes and raised her head. She did not dare to look him again, but wriggled at his

She felt her waist nearly snap, but the man's face was still somber and he didn’t satisfied. “Shout out!”

No matter how she moved, it was soulless, she was like a dead fish!

Her fingers clenched behind her back, with nails wedged into the flesh.

She had to endure and cooperate.

She would get Xiao Wu’s lifesaving money sooner.

She gave out a little tiny and embarrassed voice, Qin Yichen raised his hand and pinched on her leg, it
was so pain that she screamed out subconsciously.

“Scream like this. Don’t stop!”

Her heart was bleeding, and she wondered how long it would take.

She knew Qin Yichen’s ability. They wouldn’t stop until her waist snap and lose her voice.

But it was shorter than she expected, because Qin Yichen was extreme angry now and didn’t have
mood to continue.

An hour later, he pushed her under the bed.

“You worked so hard for money. I will achieve your wish!”

He opened the box, took out a fresh pile of bills, and slapped them on her.

Although they were loose paper, it was still painful when they slapped on her body.

She snorted, cupped her head and curled up.

Qin Yichen did not stop, his handsome features ferociously twisted, and his eyes were bloodshot.

He didn’t get the pleasure of releasing. This woman didn’t even act in front of him, only smiled to the

In her heart, he could not even compare with only twenty million!

Piles and piles of money fell on her naked skin and then flew around, falling like snowflakes and
covering the whole room.

She gritted her teeth to keep herself from crying, so hard and hard that her whole body was shaking.

It doesn't matter, she desperately told herself, these money should not belong to her, If she wanted to
get them, she should pay for it.

Qin Yichen was about to crazy by the anger. But he didn’t have any pity to her, then he poured all the
left money to her.

She was buried by these money like a small tomb.

Then he ordered sternly, “Pick them up and put them back!”

Since she loved money so much, then he allowed her to appreciate it and touch it.

She came out from the small tomb. The white skin showed clear patches of bruises that had been
knocked out.

She ignored the pain and put all the money on the floor into the box.

Qin Yichen looked down at her with an expression of great contempt, like watching a disgusting insect
feeding on the ground.

She picked it up so cleanly that she reached for the one that had fallen under the cupboard.

"Are they mine? 'she asked, very quietly and timidly.

The corners of his mouth twitched, and a grim cold light swept through his eyes. "Get dressed and
follow me." "He said deadpan.

She dressed quickly and followed him out.

It was dark outside, without stars or moons.

The waves beat against the rocks, and there was a roaring roar.

He strode along fast, so she had to trot to keep up.

"Where are you taking me?”

He did not speak, as if he didn’t hear her words.

A strong sense of unease swept over her.

He could do anything and has the power to destroy heaven and earth.

"You're not going to kill me, are you?" The chill ran down her back and made her shiver.

He sneered, “ A poor life, it will dirty my hands.”

It was like an invisible slap at her.

But she was so used to it that it did not matter.

She was a lowly life, was a weed, a mole, but also had to live for the family.

She had lost A cong, she couldn’t lose Xiao Wu.

He was very good and considerate, he never made troubles outside.

Once he got delicious, he would bring it back and enjoy it with her.

She would do whatever it took to save him.

Qin Yichen continued to walk to the steep rocky shore, then jumped to the highest quickly. she climbed
up, not as agile as he.

"Why do you bring me here?" "She asked while trembling.

He smiled with a bloodthirsty grimace on his face, "let me show you a magnificent scene!”

"What spectacle?" Her eyes widened and she could not understand him.

"Watch it! “He opened the box, grabbed a pile of money and waved his hand unhesitatingly, then the
red papers scattered all over.

"No --" she screamed, flung herself upon the box, "You said you'd give it to me."

"My condition is, you have to please me, but you don't, just made me sick!" He spit it out word by word.

She felt her word had been dark, and all her hopes were destroyed in a flash. There was no residue

"I can do it again, this time I will do it well!" She pleaded.

"I don’t have that mood now." He grabbed her arm and tried to pull her away, but she clung to it so
tightly that she wouldn't let go. “If you want to throw them, throw me along!”

"You love money much more than your life as I expected!" He gave a low, mocking snort.

He put his arms around her waist and carried the box with her. She could never beat him with her little

"No, no! She tried desperately to hold on to the box, but she couldn’t do it. He pulled her down quickly.

He pulled out her sash to tie her feet and bound her hands with his belt.

Unable to move, she lay on the rock and watched him open the box again.