Love in full bloom

Chapter 60 Please me

She was so terrified and jumped out of bed and tried to escape, but he picked her up and slammed her
down on the carpet.

"If you dare to step out, I'll break your leg!" He squeezed a few words between his teeth threateningly.

She froze and was afraid to move again.

He hit the vase with his fist. It burst open, sending pieces flying up the ceiling and down again.She
scrambled to the corner behind the door and curled up, afraid of being crushed to death.

The people in front of her seemed to be crazy and wild. He smashed the table, the chair, even if the
back of his hand was broken and was bleeding, he did not stop.

Everything in this room could smash was hit into pieces by him.

The only thing that was complete was her.

She was very afraid that after he smashed everything, he would hit her into crumbs.

She couldn’t die like this.

XiaoWu was waiting for her.

After smashing all the thing inside, Qin Yichen walked out to smash the things outside.

The walls of the room were shaking, and there was a terrible roar, as if there had been an earthquake.

He had never felt such anger before. He had to let it out or he would break the woman's neck out of

It was a long time before he managed to stop.

Sitting on the ground, he gasped heavily, like a wounded animal gasping for breath in its dying state.

After a long time, he picked up his phone and said, "Finn, give me 20 million in cash, now!"

In the room, Mo Qinyu was still crouching in a corner. She dared not to move and could not. She had
stunned now.

She knew Qin Yichen was horrible, but did not expect to be so terrible, even Satan and Lucifer were
just so so.

The sun was sinking.

Darkness and a chill hung over the room.

There was no sound outside like a deathly silence, only the pounding of the waves sounded, just like
her fluttering heart.

Where was Qin Yichen? Did he vent his anger and leave?

She did not dare to go out, now he was like a mad devil, she would be afraid to look at him.

Her hair stood on when footsteps came down the stairs.

Qin Yichen came here, he didn’t leave!

Would he come to kill her?

Her eyes went under the bed, the only place to hide.

When the door was pushed open, the light went on at the same time.

Qin Yichen's eyes looked around and landed on the tiny feet, which were protruding from under the

He squinted his eyes and a cold light flashed in his eyes. Then he strode to and grasped tha feet and
dragged her out from the bed.

“Qin Yichen, don’t kill me! Please! Don’t kill me!” she trembled violently as if a lamb about to be sent to
the chopping block.

Qin Yichen sneered, half squat down and pinched her chin, "kill you, it is so boring, I have a better way
to punish you!"

"You...... What are you going to do?" Her face was white as a tile on the floor, she was almost

"From now on, all your income will be frozen, no salary, no pocket money, no taobao, you will have no
more money!"

She was like beating by a thunderbolt and trembled all over. It was worse than killing her!

“Killing me is a better way!” She had an air of resignation.

Qin Yichen took a breath, “In your eyes, money is more important than life?”

“Yes.” Without hesitation, she said firmly, "money is more important than my life, more important than
anything, I just love money."

Qin Yichen's fingers suddenly tightened, causing her to shiver with pain, but she did not beg for mercy,
just stared at him full of anger and resentment.

He took several deep breaths and slowly let her go. The anger was raging in his chest and he feared
that if he lost control he would crush her chin.

"All the more to do this." His voice was soft, but it was as sharp as a cold wind.

She felt dizzy. If there was no money, and there was no point in her staying at Qin's.

"Divorce, we divorce, let Mo Mengshan marry you."

Qin Yichen’s shoulders shook wildly like hitting by a bullet. His face turned to grey and there was no
hope in his eyes.

The more and more anger made him breath quicker and his burning chest was about to burst.

"Would I care for a dirty, cheap woman like you? After the divorce, all betrothal gifts will be taken back,
not a little."

She shuddered in horror at every word he uttered.

Her parents had taken the money to repay the debt, there was no money to return to the Qin family.

He couldn't take back the betrothal gift, they couldn't get these money even they lost everything.

And the medical fee of Xiao Wu, she couldn’t make money for his medical fee any more.

In an instant, all of her stubborn, all the courage, all the self-esteem became into a smash.

After gritting her teeth, she firmed her heart, climbed to his feet and hugged his legs. "master Qin, I... I
don’t divorce any more. Please pity me, return the money to me. Don't freeze my income. Please,
please... "

She repeated a series of entreaties, so humble, so cheap, like a beggar begging for alms.

He did not understand why she was such a woman, she was addicted to money, worshiped money, but
did not buy a dress, a pair of shoes, a bag, did she simply love money sickly?

"Mo Qinyu, if you want money, there is only one way." There was a strange cold light in his dark eyes.

"What ?" There was a gleam in her blank, helpless eyes.

He leaned over and slowly, vindictively uttered two words: "please me!"

She trembled, and her hands and feet was cold as if they had lost their blood. They were as cold as
iron. “What should I do?”

He pulled her hand away from him, went to the door, and picked up the box on the floor.

"Don't you want twenty million? They will belong to you if you please me."

"Well, I'll please you, I'll make you satisfied." There was no hesitation, and a light shone in her
darkened eyes, like a fly that sees honey, or a dying man that sees a straw.

This expression made Qin Yichen feel incomparable irony, incomparable disgust and incomparable

He violently lifted her from the ground and threw her onto the bed, like throwing a stinking garbage,
"Take off your clothes!"