Love in full bloom

chapter 59 Sell her husband with twenty million Yuan

He was as if being hit by a stick, then the extreme anger had filled with his mind!

He kicked open the door violently.

Looking at him, Mo Qinyu’s heart even jumped out.

There was no expression on his face as if a mask covered on his face and his eyes were like a deep
well that couldn’t see the bottom. “Does Mo Mengshan come back?”

He asked and kept his voice calm, as if an undercurrent flew slowly.

She swallowed hard and nodded.

“Then?” his voice was not calm now, like the earthquake hid in the sea brought the rage and death.

Her heart beat quickly and she was really anxious now. She couldn’t know his meaning and dared not
to answer his question, so she only said lowly, “No...No then.”

“No?” his voice rose suddenly and finally the anger came out and burned melt his icy face.

He nearly twisted his eyebrows into a line and the blue veins on his forehead moved violently. His
handsome face twisted, his eyes turned to dark and cruel and he was overwhelmed with rage all over,

A cold air raised up from her heart and quickly spread all over her body.

She didn’t know what he heard and didn’t know how to explain it.

“I...What did I say?” she was tongue-tied and said hesitantly. The expression showed that she was

A muscle on his face was twisting in anger. The he lifted her suddenly and threw her into the sofa,
“What did you say? Don’t you want to leave? Don’t you want to change with Mo Mengshan with 20
million yuan? Do I only deserve 20 million yuan in your heart? Damn it!” his voice was shrill like a
wounded beast which was sharper and sharper.

She was scared by him and her face turned to pale suddenly and even her lips were pale,too.

The scare was filled with her mind and stopped her to think. But there was only one thought in her
mind:escape from here!

She jumped up from the sofa and rushed forward trying her best, but she was tripped over by
something on the floor suddenly. Then she fell down on the floor heavily. She couldn’t got up any more,
what she could do was turned around and moved back hurriedly.

His body was emanating cold aura which nearly froze the whole room.

The sun shine came in through the window, but once fell on his body, it could become ice and lost its

His strong body cast a huge shadow and covered her.

She moved back as hard as she could until arrived the bed. The bed blocked her and she couldn’t
move any more.

She opened her eyes which were bigger than the copper bells and full of scare.

She opened her mouth and wanted to explain, however, because of the scare, her throat was twisted
and couldn’t make a sound. She swallowed hard , and swallowed hard again. She struggled to speak,
finally she said some ambiguous words reluctantly, “I...don’t.....don’t....”

It was not explanations for Qin Yichen, but excuses.

A habitual liar had no word of truth from her.

Her expression had given her away, it was the best evidence for her guilt.

“ Do you love money so much? Do you love money so much?” he asked her twice about the question.
And every word was as if jumping out from his mouth.

She shriveled up like a shrimp, her thin body was shaking so much that even the bed made a sound.

She didn’t want to change with Mo Mengshan, she just said that deliberately so that her aunt would
give up the idea.

She shouted in her heart violently and crazily, she wanted to explain it but she couldn’t even a word
now. What she could do was shaking her head and begging her painfully.

“Mo Qinyu, do you lose your tongue? Don’t you have a sharp tongue? Don’t you have sharp thorns all
over your body? Why don’t you speak now? Are you guilty? Can’t you say a lie?” he interrogated her
continually, the loud voice sounded near her ears as if firecrackers bombed beside her, it even gonna
break her eardrums.

She pinched her throat hard to make a sound, after trying several times, she finally did it, “it is not like
what you think. You didn’t hear my words clearly, i didn’t mean that.”

His anger didn’t decrease, then he grabbed her arms and lifted her thin body from the floor as if
catching a chicken, then he threw her on the bed wildly.

“Do you want money? Okay, please me and if I am satisfied, you can get money!”

He stared at her without blinking, like seeing a mean bedbug.

The scorns, ridicule, disdain and hatred like a sharp knife cutting he body little by little.

She bit her lips, “I’m not a prostitute!”

He hummed and sneered, “ in my eyes, you have no difference with prostitute. You are as dirty and
cheap as the prostitute!”

His every word slapped on her face and broke up her tiny, vestigial dignity.

The shame burned in her breast, spreading rapidly, burning in every cell and fiber.

The stubbornness and wildness she hid in her soul were awakened, and her bones were full of courage
to fight. Even her voice could be released smoothly.

"Don't you want me to leave? Don't you always want to drive me away? You say I have no self-
knowledge and stay in your side shamelessly. You said you wanted me to die, to live in hell every day.If
I don’t leave. will I stay here to be tortured to death by you?"

The corners of his mouth twitched, his chest heavily-agitated, like a blower, "Do you want to clear
yourself? Isn’t you for ten million dowry you married here?"

She raised her head, as if trying to hold on to her last bit of pride, a weak, sad smile came over her lips,
“Yes, it's for the betrothal gift. What else do I get? Can I count on love?”

He clenched his teeth and his fists, his knuckles crunching in the air. "are you in love with that ugly

She suddenly flashed a fierce and wild light in her eyes, Nobody could insult A’cong!

"He is not ugly guy, he is my favorite person, even if he died, I also love him, love him all my life, until
death will not change." She uttered it at the top of her lungs with all her pathos, all her malice, all her

This thoroughly angered him, and made the anger he tried to suppress burst out crazily and wildly with
the destruction of heaven and earth.

He hit toward her with a furious fist, which grazed her shoulder and landed on the bed rail, the wood of
which creaked.

But he did not stop. He hit the wall again with his fist, which opened a huge gash, and white powder fell
like flakes.