Love in full bloom

Chapter 57 Abnormal jealousy

Mo Qinyu’s heart twitched, and then she interrupted her father. “Dad, what did you say to them?”

"I didn't say anything, but your aunt said they were going to come to jincheng and explain something to
qin family, so you and Mengshan could be changed." Mo Father said.

Mo Qinyu tightened the fingers which held her cell phone.

Mo Mengshan took the initiative to ask for it. Did she find anything?

She stayed in Jincheng for a few days, and it was not difficult to find out the news of Qin Yichen. It
seemd that she had found out that Qin Yichen had plastic surgery.

When she was silent, Mo Father continued.

"Qinyu, Mengshan said he often mistreated you, and treat you very bad.he beat you often, and your
face was hit swollen, is it so? Why don't you tell me every time I call you?" Mo father Worriedly said.

"We changed Qinyu and Mengshan, and Mengshan should have married to that family," Mo mother

Mo Qinyu put her hand on her forehead. Mo Mengshan must go back and embellish said a lot of words.
She was in such a hurry to return. She knew Qin Yichen was handsome and regretted running away
from her marriage.

"Dad, don't believe her, I am very happy." She spoke in an affirmative way, trying to keep her parents
from being duped by her uncle and Mo Mengshan.

"Qinyu, we know you endure it for Xiao Wu,and you only report good news to us but not bad news, but
you can't spoil yourself and wronged yourself. That man is ugly, eccentric and likes men. How can he
be nice to you?"Mo mother Said.

"Mom, Qin Yichen lose weight and had a facelift, he becomes very handsome. He...was not a gay and
we have been a real couple. My name is on the marriage certificate, how can I change it back?Cousin
didn't miss before, only wanted to escape from that marriage, so she hid in a place to avoid it. Now she
knows that Qin Yichen has been fixed and become handsome, so she has to change back. How can it
be so easy? Why should they take all the good things and throw the bad things to our family?”

Mo Qinyu said with anger.

The uncle's family were hard hearted. They usually got so many benefits from qin's family. But when
they had difficulties, they didn't have the heart to help them. Qin Yichen was ugly, so they chose her to
replace their daughter. They had a rich life and never lacked of money,but they still asked half of the
dowry. They never thought of that it is Xiao Wu's life-saving money.

Hearing the words of their daughter, Mo father and Mo mother relaxed"Qinyu, if you are good, then we
will not change, and you have taken the marriage certificate,it can not change."

Mo Qinyu nodded, "We stand firm, absolutely not persuaded by aunt. Also, you move to a better house,
dad has rheumatism, can't live in the basement any more. Only by taking good care of your health can
you take good care of Xiao Wu. After I save enough money, we will send Xiao Wu to America for
medical treatment. America has the most advanced brain technology. He's gonna wake up."

"Good." Mo mother touched her tears. "Qinyu, you are not with us, you must take good care of

When Qin Yichen came in, she just finished the phone call and was going to sleep. He frowned. "Stupid
woman. the necessary job before bed?"

"Okay." She went over and put her arms around his leg and sang conquest!

Qin Yichen put a charming little arc around his mouth.

The two most happy things every day, was to vent on her body, and listen to her kneeling to sing

Stupid woman was a pet of his, she was wild and untamed, had not been eradicated bad root, so he
must slowly train, let her like a puppy obedient.

When she had finished, she poured a glass of water to moisten her dry throat, and lay down on her

"Devil king, Why does elder sister hate me, she always feels that I want to seduce her husband. I think
it's better to come out later brother-in-law come over?"

"She is sick and needs to cure." Qin Yichen said slowly, his mother has called a psychiatrist and will
come tomorrow.

"I think she loves her brother-in-law so much. It's kind of be swayed by considerations of gain and
loss." She pursed her lips. Love makes people blind and mad.

"Forget about her. I'll take you out tomorrow." Qin Yichen smiled.

She is stunned. "Where are we going?"

"Don't talk so much nonsense." "He said impatiently. Pets must follow their owners' instructions without

The next morning, Mo Qinyu stewed a pigeon soup and let the servant send it to Ruchen. He heard
that Mo Qinyu stewed it and felt very happy.

He took a sip and he felt it was the best soup he had ever tasted.

Most importantly, there was a familiar taste in the soup that seems to awaken his sleeping taste buds.

Yesterday, Mrs. Qin told them not to tell Qin Yuhan about this, so Qin Yuhan did not know that thing,
Otherwise he would have sent this stupid daughter into the army to clean up.

After breakfast, the psychiatrist came over.

Qin Yiman resisted and refused to accept treatment on the pretext of her foot injury. Mrs. Qin
threatened her that she would tell Qin yuhan about that thing if she did not receive treatment, so that
she could only compromise.

The doctor went in and talked with Qin Yiman for a long time. When the doctor came out, he looked at
Mo Qinyu.

" Miss Qin is a typical twisted state of mind due to jealousy, which suppresses her character. Miss qin is
a person who attaches great importance to appearance, she always thinks she is the most beautiful
woman in the world, no one can compare with her in appearance, until one day, she met Mo Qinyu.
Mrs Qin's very different in her appearance and aura, miss qin felt threatened, her psychological
jealousy naturally formed. She began to imagine that her fiance also liked Mrs. Qin's style. So she's
scared if Mrs Qin and her fiance touch each other." "The psychiatrist analyzed.

Qin Chuxia listened nearby and put out her tongue, "isn't this the queen inside Snow White? She is
jealous that Snow White is more beautiful than her, so she must kill Snow White."

"A little similar." The psychiatrist smiled. "It's not a disease. It's a twisted state of mind. It's not easy to
treat, you have to take time to correct it slowly. It's better to distract her from her appearance."

"The elder sister is getting old and ugly, when she realizes that, isn't she going to die?" Qin Chuxia

"Does she expect me to find someone older and more ungly than her?" Qin Yichen hummed.

Mo Qinyu was not concentrated. In the morning on their words, her father called her this morming
again. After the phone conversation last night, they called Aunt and refused the matter.But aunt was
still making troubles, she came to their family early in the morning.