Love in full bloom

Chapter 55 The truth

Mo Mengshan chuckled. "extremely beautiful? Excellent? You're not being ironic, are you? I've seen his
pictures. He's very... ."

She wanted to use the word ugly, but she knew how to be discreet, not too explicit in front of strangers.

Pang Xiaofan stared at her. After a few minutes, she basically guessed what was going on?

"Mo Mengshan, I will take you to see someone." She smiled.

They went into the banquet hall, and she took her to a corner where she could observe.

"Do you see that table? Your sister is there."

Mo Mengshan looked forward with her fingers. She only glanced Mo Qinyu and then her eyes rest on
the handsome man beside her.

He was so handsome, perfect, and brilliant, like Apollo, the sun god, coming out of the temple of the
golden wu.

Her eyes could no longer move, and she felt fascinated by him.

"Who is that handsome man?"

"It is your sister's current husband, your former fiance, Qin Yichen." Pang Xiaofan was attached to her
ear, saying the words in a clear and forceful tone.

As if there was a thunder from her head, traversed her whole body and gave her a traversed
convulsion. "It's impossible!"

"I have known him since he was eighteen, I can draw his appearance with my eyes closed. How can I
mistaken?" Pang Xiaofan said in affirmative tone.

Mo Mengshan stunned and said, "Does he like men?"

Pang Xiaofan burst out laughing." how can that be? Just now, he was on the roof, making love with
your sister. Your sister was ravishing and screamed until being hoarse." She was exaggerating.

Mo Mengshan's beautiful features twisted into a ferocious face, her insides was bleeding, her nerves
twitching, every cell screaming.

She was going mad. She wanted to cry, she wanted to scream.

She was cheated and gave such a good fiance to Mo Qinyu!

Pang Xiaofan was chuckling inwardly. There would be a big show soon.

When Mo Mengshan and Mo Qinyu defeat each other, she could make a profit and take the opportunity
to snatch Qin Yichen.

"What the hell is going on, How can you look at Qin Yichen like that?"

Mo Mengshan turned and went out, she was afraid that she would get out of control and couldn't help
but rush.

She is a clever woman with a lot of scheming. She cannot lose her composure in front of the qin family
and make a bad impression on them.

She had been educated by the nobility since her childhood, and had been trained according to the
standards of a wealthy young lady. She knew how to keep her good manners at all times.

At that time, She want to let Qin family know that she is more suitable than Mo Qinyu, the good-for-
nothing tomboy, to be Qin family's young lady, so that Qin Yichen can see that she is his most perfect

Outside the hotel, she told her about the fact that she had obtained Qin Yichen background

"My God, you were deceived by that person." Pang Xiaofan covered his mouth and said with surprise.

"Let me run into that bastard again, and I'll kill him!" "Mo Mengshan gritted her teeth.

"Peace Mo Qinyu did it. She is the biggest beneficiary. Buy that person, let him give you a false
information, you scared out of marriage, she can marry naturally."

Mo Mengshan gave her a look.

This woman must have been Qin Yichen's admirer, one of her rivals.

She wants to play in front of her, too young and tender.

Her trick, she saw through at a glance, is to provoke her and Mo Qinyu conflict, let them fight mutual
hurt, then she got the final benefit.

However, she is right, this is very likely to be done by Mo Qinyu.

There can't be anyone else but her.

She scared away, the only person who can get the benefit, only her.

Usually see her careless, she also thought is really a silly white sweet, she did not expect her scheming
so deep.

If she does it first, don't blame her for fighting back.

She will not let her go!

"Miss Pang, what are you talking about, how can I escape from marriage? I am not a superficial
person, I don't care what Yichen looks like. I missed my engagement because of danger abroad. In
addition, Qinyu is my sister, I believe she will never do harm to me, this thing must be someone else in
the trick."

Pang Xiaofan thought, she really knows how to act. She is not a good girl.

"Well, the truth is out. It's your own business, not mine."

She smiled and waited for a good show, and she didn't know who would die first.

After the engagement ceremony, Qin Yiman wanted to go back to Ruchen for the engagement night.
She didn't expect Ruchen to send her back to Qin.

She was very disappointed, such as Ruchen left, she cried, Mrs Qin hurriedly comfort.

According to etiquette, Ruchen's action is not wrong, after all, it is only engagement, not marriage. She
couldn't say anything.

Qin Yuhan was disappointed with her, and his face was thrown away by her.

The next day is the Dragon Boat Festival, with three days of vacation. Mrs. Qin called Ruchen and
asked him to come here at noon.

She guessed that Ruchen had a problem and was taking advantage of the holiday to let the couple

Qin Yichen plays squash in the fitness room.

She thought it best to stay away from Ruchen so that she would not be jealous of Qin Yiman for no

There is a reading room in Qin House, which has a lot of books. After lunch, she poured a cup of coffee
and went to read books.

Qin Yiman went upstairs to change clothes and make up, she was very depressed, Dad froze her credit
card, She will soon have no money to buy clothes. Will she have to wear old clothes?

If she is seen wearing the same dress twice, it will become a big joke in the celebrity circle.

Ruchen knew that she had to go through a long time and went to the library to look for a book.

He walked in and found Mo Qinyu.

She fell asleep on the chair.

Ruchen smiled and sat down opposite her, He took out a book and opened it.

However, he was no longer in the mood to read. He glanced furtively at her.

That simple face looks extraordinarily quiet.

Unlike Qin Yiman, she wears three different kinds of makeup every day and frequent tinkering with it.
She spends all her time on her face, as if she cannot go out to meet others without makeup.

She does not make up, pure, the more appears her beauty, pure natural without a trace of pollution.

He looked a little fascinated, just like enjoying a painting.

The air conditioning in the library was cold. Just as the servant came with tea, he ordered her to go to
the blanket to Mo Qinyu.

Qin Yiman came over and heard his words, and jealousy burned in her eyes.