Love in full bloom

Chapter 54: Who can you marry?

Mo Qinyu discovered that the people in smart dress can be changed anytime and anywhere.

Halfway on the engagement ceremony, he “had” her departure and went to the rooftop of the hotel.

There was no light here, it was dark.

She was a little panic, like a lamb who fell into a trap and wanted to escape, and there was no way to
escape, and fell into the desperate lamb.

"That is your sister's engagement ceremony. It is not good for us to leave early."

"She can't wait for you to be absent, so as not to grab her limelight." Qin Yichen snorted.

Mo Yuyu was a little dizzy. "She is a bride, so beautiful, shining, how can I grab her limelight?"

Mo Qinyu was a little dizzy. "She is a bride, so beautiful, shining, how can I grab her limelight?"

She deliberately picked the most common clothes today, even the lipstick was not painted, plain and
unpretentious, no one would notice her unless they first noticed him who was around her.

Qin Yichen’s thin lips lingered on her neck, as if the feathers had passed.

Although this woman was very self-aware, sometimes she was too modest.

Among a group of women with heavy makeup, a small and fresh appearance would instantly kill these
commonplace women and take away everyone's attention.

"Stupid woman, do you want to be a bride?" His lips slipped to her lips, and the voice was a bit fuzzy.

She said awkwardly: "It's up to who I must be married."

This seemed to have provoked him, and a twilight rushed into his eyebrows. "Who can you marry?"

Her face was like a cooked shrimp. "I don't mean that."

"Then, what do you mean?"

"That is... marrying you, I will be... happy." Her voice was low and she was obviously lacking of

There was a fire in his eyes.

This sentence was the fake even didn't need to be identified.

"You are very good at lying, how is the technology down?"

She shrank and felt his anger, and quickly said: "No lying, Mr. Qin is so good, which woman in the
celebrity circle doesn't want your preference? I am so lucky, how can I be unhappy?"

As long as she can let him happy, and didn't punish her, she was willing to lie.

"Stupid woman, you are playing tricks again, see how I will punish you." Deep eyes flashed with
darkness in the night.

"Can you not be here?" Hanging on him, she was ashamed, at least they were wrapped in darkness,
no one could see them.

"We are all like this, can you go back?" He smiled evilly...

The two did not know that in another corner, there were a pair of eyes peeping at them.

Although she can't see clearly, she was clear what they were doing.

She was going crazy, and her heart was burning because of the jealousness.

Why the woman who was intimate with him not her?

Why did he never care about her and not touch her?

She was the one who would have a marriage between families of equal social. Who was Mo Qinyu?
What qualifications of her can be compared to her? Just married Qin family because of a bullet, she's
damn lucky.

Why did her grandfather not do such a thing at the beginning, it was also very good to sacrifice his life
to fulfill the happiness of his granddaughter!

Qin Yichen was finally willing to let go of Mo Qinyu.

She shyly sorted the skirt, lest she be seen that something happened here.

Back in the banquet hall, she buried her head to eat, avoiding embarrassment, pretending that nothing
had happened, but there were someone who saw her, and suddenly they saw the clue.

"Sister-in-law, what's wrong with your neck, so red, are you bitten by a worm?" The little girl looked

Mo Qinyu’s so embarrassed, licking her hair on the shoulders and covering his neck, "is... it’s a
mosquito bite, and itchy. There are so many mosquitoes in these two days. When I went to the
bathroom, I was bitten. "She said that.

"You have been going to the bathroom with the boss for a long time. We have all eaten so many food,
then you are coming." The little girl said and shook her little head.

"We... we are not going together, he went alone, and I went alone as well." She smiled and after said
that she felt that she was stupid. What the damn thing did she say just now, it was simply that the cat
shuts its eyes when stealing cream.

Qin Yichen sat her side and expressionless, as if this matter had no relations with him.

Qin Chuxia smiled: "Sister, you are so funny, of course, it must be you went alone and he went alone
as well, you can't go to the men's bathroom, he can't go to the women's bathroom." She corrected her

Mo Qinyu was so confused.

Sima Yier stuffed a piece of abalone in her little mouth. "Don't talk when you are eating, you are a lady."

"Well, I don't say it again." She made a face.

They were all family members, and what they have done something that everyone was aware of. Qin
Yuhan never asked his son about anything. He was very good with his wife and didn't make trouble
with other women. Everything was better. Newly married couples always had impulsiveness.

As for Mrs. Qin, as long as Mo Qinyu can get pregnant early, she can let her son do anything.

The most angry person in the entire banquet hall was Pang Xiaofan. She was so angry that she ran out
without eating anything.

In the hotel lobby, she met a familiar woman.

Then her eyes were brightened, a revenge trick was quickly generated in her mind.

"Mo Mengshan!" she screamed.

Mo Mengshan was standing in front of the elevator, she immediately turned back. "Are you calling me?"

This time she can be sure that she was indeed Mo Mengshan, "Yes, do you remember me?"

"Oh, the woman in the bar." Mo Mengshan shrugged.

Pang Xiaofan’s eyes shone with radiance. "I heard that you are the right-handed fiancee of Qin Yichen.
Because you are missing, Mo Qinyu married with him."

Mo Mengshan waved her hand. "We are all daughters of the Mo family. We are the same."

Pang Xiaofan ridiculed with a smile, she did not believe that Mo Mengshan was really so generous, and
there must be flawed.

"You really are good sisters, you can give a handsome and extremely good fiancé to your sister, there
are very few sisters can be so generous."