Love in full bloom

Chapter chapter53 Dream lover

"In the future, every night before we sleeping, after we getting up in the morning, you have to flatter me,
then sing me that song." He said slowly.

She stunned and really wanted to hit him directly on his lap!

"Can you be more scary?"Her voice was low,she was completely talking to herself, but Qin Yichen still
heard it, and snorted: "Yes! I have countless means to deal with you."

He knew that she was unwilling, but one day, he would let her kneel on the ground and beg his love!

The engagement ceremony of Rugao and Qin Yiman would be came off at the next day.

Early in the morning, Qin Yiman began to make up, she need perfects in anything, especially her

She wanted to hold the ace of the first beauty of City Jing at all times, no one would ever surpass her.

"Elder sister, you are so beautiful." Qin Chucia stood next to him and said with a smile.

"Don't say city Jing, even in the whole Asia, you can't find a woman who is more beautiful than me."
Qin Yiman squinted, she was very confident about her appearance.

"I don’t think so, there is someone in our family who is more beautiful than you." Qin Chuxia leaned her
head and smiled.

Qin Yiman immediately turned angry. "Do you want to say Mo Qingyu, she is a ugly bitch, rotten
sparrow, she was even worse than a bunch of my hair."

"I want to say myself." Qin Chuxia began to grin. "You always try to made trouble for My sister-in-law,
has she ever provoked you?"

"She provoked me,indeed. if it wasn't for her, how could my credit card be frozen by my father, and I
couldn't even buy a bag." Qin Yiman bit her teeth.

"It was your fault,so you was punished. If dad know everything, it is estimated that you will have no
money before you marry." Qin Chuxia made a grimace.

"Mo Qingyu,the cunt, she will be driven out of the Qin’s family by me,sooner or later." Qin Yiman said
with anger.

"Why do you want to chase her away? She is not your rival." Qin Chuxia said that, as if she suddenly
thought of something, she screamed and turned and ran.

"what happened?" Qin Yiman glanced at her.

Qin Chuxia ran to the downstairs and threw himself into the arms of Qin Yichen. "Boss, I tell you a
terrible thing. Elder sister has a loves you,she secretly loves you, so she treats sister-in-law as a rival,
so she always harm her and want to drive her away."

Qin Yichen and Mo Qinyu were shocked at the same time.

Children's words are jokes!

Qin Yiman was in the room,but she also heard her words, she almost dead by anger, so she rushed out
and shouted: "If you said that again, I’d like to stick your lips with tape."

"The elder sister is crazy, I’m scared,I’m afraid." Qin Chuxia hid behind Qin Yichen.

Qin Yichen kneaded her little head. "Oh, don't mess up,we should let her married quickly, If we won’t
see her,everything would be fine."

"But she is just engaged,if she does not married, If Ru Shen thought that she was too fierce, and
changer his decision?" Qin Chuxia spit out her tongue.

"Then,nothing could we do." Qin Yichen hooked his lips and showed a strange smile.

Mo Qinyu smiled. "She will be engaged today, we have to say more good things, such as white-headed
to old, always-concentric, have many sons and daughters, happy forever..." She said a few words in a

Qin Yiman whispered in her heart and did not appreciate it at all.

She said good words, but she won’t really think about it. If she can’t married,that’s her wish.


In the most luxurious five-star hotel in City Jing.

The scene of the engagement ceremony was dreamlike.

The guests were all rich and powerful.

The Qin’s family banquet had always been low-key, never luxury, it was a symbol of identity if someone
could be invited.

Qin Yiman was in a white diamond wedding dress, which was extremely beautiful. Her beauty could
obscured the moon made flowers blush.

She was very excited, she loved Ru Chen, especially after he lost his memory. He was too stubborn
before, and especially bad for her, but now, he was kind.

However, Ru Chen was not attracted by her, he was thinking about other things.

His eyes passed through the crowd and fell on Mo Qinyu who was not far away. She wore a long white
dress, very elegant,and so beautiful, much more beautiful than the woman beside him who was with a
bright face.

What would she look like when she put on a wedding dress, it would be like an angel who was falling
into the dust.

His heartbeats turned faster, when he was with Qin Yiman, he never had such feeling.

He was increasingly sure that the girl in his dream was Mo Qinyu.

He must have seen her somewhere, otherwise he won’t dream of her.

When Mo Qinyu looked up and looked at him, they had eye-contact.

She trembled slightly, the gaze when he looked at her reminded her of Shicong.

In the past, Shicong always looked at her like this. His eyes were like the brightest black jewel in the
world, which could illuminate her heart and dispel all the haze.

However, he was not Shicong, he was Ru Chen, her brother-in-law!

Xu Ruoxuan was sitting next to her, and he was keenly aware of the difference between them.

Mo Qinyu always asked about Ru Chen’s information. Had they have any relationship before?

Was there any interesting thing?

While he was thinking, he hooked his lips and showed a weird smile.

Qin Yichen held Mo Qinyu's hand and put it in his palm,he was playing, like playing with a porcelain.

Although this little hand was soft, it was not smooth, and had thin braids on the palm. Obviously, she
was not a woman who had great condition and had a comfortable life.

Mo Qinyu returned to God by his action, she was afraid of that he may found out something.

It seemed that simple play was not enough, suddenly he bowed his head, and sent her finger to his
mouth, and bite it softly, like that he was flirting with her.

The crisp, numb, and itchy feelings continued to sweep her, made her want to laugh but not dared to
laugh,she was afraid that other guests may say this scene, so she could only endured and covered her

She found out that Qin Yichen was really brave enough,he never cared about others, and he could do it
with her in such place, he never cared about the influences.

Ru Chen looked at them silently,he did not even know the reason, he had a sour feeling, a feeling of

He often stayed in the Qin’s house, he could see that Qin Yichen was not good to her, and there was
no feeling of love.

He was a famous cold-blooded iceberg, he knew nothing about love.

In his eyes, she was just a toy, a pet.

A simple girl like her should be cared, loved, and held in the palm.

It was a tragedy for her to marry this guy.

If she married him, he won’t let her get a little hurt.

Xu Ruochen was also watching them.

There was a deep smile on his face.

He didn't know if Qin Yichen would fall in lover with Mo Qinyu, but he wanted to know, if he found that
Mo Qinyu's "first time" was given to him, what would he do?