Love in full bloom

chapter 51 Dear, never abondoned me

Ru Chen didn’t respond,he went out directly.

In the afternoon, when his parents came over, he announced that he could get engaged with Qin
Yiman. but when would he get married, it was up to him.

Qin Yiman was too angry that she could not even breath.

In the evening, when Mo Qinyu came back,she saw Qin Yuhan was scolding Qin Yiman.

When she saw her, Qin Yiman felt that she had seen the enemy and the venting object. She jumped up
from the sofa. "It’s all because of that cunt. It’s because of her. She is a trouble maker. It’s a
broomstick. She shouldn’t be a member of this family."

Mo Qinyu did not speak. She knew that the best way to deal with it was to shut up her mouth and let
Qin Yiman slandered her as she want.

An arm stretched over and pulled her to the side. Didn’t know if it was protection or confinement.

She thought that it should be confinement.

It was impossible for that ‘monster’ to protect her.

Qin Yuhan was so annoyed that he slapped on Qin Yiman’s face, and said “Bitch!”

He had already known all the things that she made trouble for Mo Qinyu.There was Lin Chuxia. Of
course that he knew everything.

Mrs. Qin rushed over to protect her. "Yuhan, Yiman was still young, just wait for her to be a little older."

"The reason why daughter make mistakes was all mothers’ fault, you are responsible for that." Qin
Yuhan was so angry. “She is the oldest in this generation of our family, Qinyu is five years younger than

her,but she was better than her,how could she ever compared with Qinyu, there is no comparability."

Hearing that, Qin Yiman burst into tears. Why did her father compared her to an inferior woman from a
slum. She won’t even choose her to be her servant. Why compared with her?

"Dad, you actually compare her with me. I’m better than her in everything. She was destined to be a
poor guy from birth, a poor guy,she should work for me and to be stepped under my feet."

Qin Yuhan smiled. "Work for you? Do you have a company? You have grown to this age, have you
made any money? What else would you do besides buying and buying?"

He had been disappointed with this daughter. Even if Ru Chen never made a request,he would also felt
shameless for agreed her marriage.

Qin Yiman was speechless by that, but in her heart, she did not feel that she was doing something

Qin’s family was so such. She did not have to waste time to work. When she was born, she was
destined to be a person, to enjoy the prosperity of wealth.

Qin Yuhan punished her, freezing her credit card and all sources of income, he let her to earn money
by herself,and even not in Qin’s company.

She just wanted to die, because she could even spent millions on buying clothes.

She wore three clothes a day, never wore that twice, If she did not have money, how could she buy

This was Mo Qinyu’s fault,this shameless cunt, she would punish her!

After dinner, Mo Qinyu went back the her room after accompanying Xiaoxia in the garden for a while.

Qin Yiman was also inside, she was here for asking for money.

Her father was so cruel this time,he frozen her mother’s account to prevent her from appreciating her.

She could only come to Qin Yichen.

Mo Qinyu was very clever, she turned and wanted to go, but was called by Qin Yichen: "Come here."
His voice was like that he was calling a pet.

In fact, in the heart of Qin Yichen, she was a pet.

She did not dare to disobey the Great Devil.So she walked to him and sat down. She was quiet and
tried her best to reduce her sense of existence and not bother them.

Qin Yiman didn't have a good look at her, and she reached out to her younger brother. "Give me your
black card. I just took a limited bag. There is only one in Asia. I have to buy it tomorrow."

Qin Yichen lazily leaned on the sofa, holding a 90-year-old Roman Nikon in one hand, and playing her
"pet’s black hair”. "Why?"

Qin Yiman’s turned face, "Because I am your sister, the reason why I fell into this sadly ridiculous field
was all because of your shameless lover."

"How did she harm you?" he asked, lazily, slowly.

Qin Yiman said, "You know, if not that she flirting with Ruchen, how should I been scolded by father?
Let me tell you something,if you don’t teach, she will definitely have another lover secretly."

Qin Yichen turned his head and looked at his "pet". he squinted and a little cold light came out from his
eyes. "Do you dare?"

"No." Mo Qinyu's shook. "I really can't figure it out. Why do your sister think that I want to mess up
something? My husband is the most handsome guy in the world, and most excellent guy in the world. I
just want to sing ‘conquer’ for him every day, holding his thigh and saying: Dear, you must not abandon
me, I am willing to serve you as a slave. My people, my heart is all yours, tortured me as you like, as
long as you don't abandon me, I am willing to do anything."

She used a very sharp voice, her tone was so sweet,like that she was a person from Taiwan.

Qin Yichen suddenly laughed.

The low voice was from the deepest of his throat, so thick, so magnetic, so that Mo Qinyu’s heart
trembled, as if she saw the millennium snow lotus which was on the iceberg bloomed.

She never saw him laughing like this.

His smile produced more energy than a Yellowstone volcano burst, and countless radioactive energy
particles spilled around her, breaking through her defense system.

She sneaked at him, his beautiful face, all the cold lines of ice condensation turned into gentle and
handsome, as if the season turned into the spring in one second, ice and snow melted, flowers

In order to prove that it was not her own illusion, not daydreaming, she quickly squeezed the back of
her hand.

it hurt!

Not an illusion, it was true.

The flowers on the iceberg were blossomed!

Qin Yiman was also shocked.

Her brother was like an iceberg that had never been melted for a long time. He had never really
laughed like this except in front of his grandmother.

But at the moment, he actually laughed in front of Mo Qinyu.

God, this woman was terrible,she was really good at hooking a man.

Even her type,who was so cold and cruel, can be hooked by her, not to mention the kind of romantic
style like Ru Chen.

"Oh, you must not believe this fox, she is lying to you."

Qin Yichen realized his own grievances and stopped laughing. All the smiles immediately became
condensed into ice crystals, disappearing without a trace, as if they had never appeared.

"Which sentence is a lie? I am not handsome enough? Not good enough? Can anyone compare to

He frowned, showed a proud expression as if he was the best in the world. He was a self-contained

Qin Yiman squatted. "I don't mean this. I mean this woman doesn’t love you."

Qin Yichen turned his head to Mo Qinyu. "Is it true?"