Love in full bloom

Chapter 49: You can enjoy yourself.

Damn it!

Mo Qinyu cursed secretly and wanted to pretend that she didn't see it. She left Mo Mengshan, but she
was blocked by Pang Xiaofan.

"What a coincidence, Mo Qinyu, you are here too."

She looked at Mo Mengshan and wanted to know who was she indeed.

Mo Qinyu has no friends in Jincheng besides Guo Lulu and Xu Ruochen and his sister. Who was this

Mo Qinyu shrugged and held her cousin's arm. "Miss Pang, we are going to leave here, you can enjoy

Mo Mengshan roughly looked Pang Xiaofan up and down, all of her clothes were famous brands,
presumably she was not an ordinary woman.

"Who is this, Qinyu?"

"Just a colleague, forget her, let's go." Mo Qinyu almost dragged her away, did not want her to talk to
Pang Xiaofan, in order to prevent leaking her secrets.

Pang Xiaofan wasn't a simple woman, she said strangely: "You visit a nightclub along, it will not be that
you are trying to derail?"

Mo Mengshan heard that she mentioned Qin Yichen, and she was so intimate. She guessed she had a
relationship with Qin Yichen. She gave her a look. "How is my sister alone? Am I not next to her?"

"Sister?" Pang Xiaofan shook violently. "She is your sister, will you not be Mo Mengshan?"

Mo Mengshan did not expect that this woman knew her, and realized that she had shown her identity,
so she pushed hardly, and quickly took Mo Qinyu to run away.

Mo Qinyu secretly sighed, and that was known by Pang Xiaofan, so she didn't know what kind of
matters would be caused by Pang Xiaofan.

Pang Xiaofan looked at their backs and was terrified.

Wasn’t Mo Mengshan missing? Was she coming back?

From the bar, Mo Mengshan patted her chest. "Who is this woman, is she someone of Qin Yichen?"

"This woman is not kind, and she is someone who is anxious to see the world in disorder, don't pay
attention to her." Mo Qinyu frowned.

Mo Mengshan smiled. "Is she a rival in love of you? Is there someone who will like so ugly a man?"

"Just forget it, let's go." Mo Qinyu took her to the car, lest Pang Xiaofan chased over and caused
unnecessary matters.

After sending her to the hotel, Mo Qinyu returned to the Qin family.

Her heart was still difficult to calm down, there was always a sense of crisis.

If she'd better to earn a sum of money quickly, then even if Mo Mengshan was clamoring to change
them back, she would not be afraid of that.

Qin Yichen was a little bored in the room alone. He didn’t torture this idiot recently, and he felt a lot less

He looked at the time. It was a minute past ten o'clock. The damn woman dared to violate his ban and
see how he would teach her a lesson later.

When Mo Qinyu entered the door, she touched his gloomy face, and her heart immediately jumped so

She pretended to that she didn't see him, lest he seize on some pretext or other to distort. After going
to the bathroom and taking a shower, then she went to sleep on the ground directly.

A fire flashed from the eyes of Qin Yichen. Before she could lay down, she was suppressed by him.
"What time is my curfew?"

"...10 o'clock," she said quietly.

"What time are you coming back?" His face was covered with a dark cloud.

She rubbed her dry lips. "I entered the door at ten, there was no violation of the ban. I drank a glass of
milk before coming up."

"Oh?" He smacked his eyebrows. "It turns out that tell a lie is also one of your bad habits."

"I didn't lie, I just came back at ten. I looked at the watch before entering the door. I was worried that
you would find me." She looked like a squad, but in Qin Yichen's opinion, she was provocative.

"The wild fox." He sneered, and his hand was sliding in her skirt.

When the fingertip touched her skin, her nerves immediately tightened and the muscles began to
become stiff as if they were stones.

His eyesight gradually became dark. "Do you hate me for touching you?"

"A man should be a bit temperate, otherwise it's bad for the kidney." Her voice was low, as if she was
talking to herself.

Qin Yichen stopped, and was surprised, "My kidney can be ten times a day."

She looked at him with a sigh of relief, and the two black big eyes turned, and lowly, slyly, and
awkwardly said: "My kidney is not so good, and women will have kidney deficiency."

Qin Yichen’s face showed a very strange look. She didn’t know if he was trying his best to not to smile,
or he was trying to control himself not to beat her hardly.

"The kidney is not good, you need to take care of yourself by your own, it is your duty to serve me, and
this is the only use of you."