Love in full bloom

Chapter 48 Mo Mengshan is back

She ran to the lake so as not to be heard by Qin Yishen.

“Cousin, is that you?”

“Yeah, Qinyu, are you okay?” A sharp voice came from the microphone.

It’s Mo Mengshan, it’s her voice.

Her heart clattered into her throat. “Where have you been, are you all right?”

She tried to keep calm, but in fact her heart had already swayed.

“I will not be able to say it clear for a while. I am in Jin City now, let’s meet in the eveing.” Mo Mengshan

“...okay.” Mo Qinyu bit her lip.

When she came back, Qin Yishen stretched out his hand and bounced her forehead. “Who was you
calling? Sneaking.”

“My cousin, she came to Jin City, let me come out to meet at night.” She used a careless tone, finished,
and put on the look of the inquiry, “Can I go out?”

Qin Yishen sneaked a glimpse of her, “come back before ten o’clock.”

“Yes.” She smiled and covered up all the guilt and uneasiness on her face.

After dinner, she went to the True Color Bar.

Mo Mengshan was stunned, and there was no trace of it. It seemed that she had not been kidnapped
or had any accidents.

“Where did you go during this time, why didn’t you call home? I almost thought you were killed.” Mo
Qinyu asked.

Mo Mengshan shrugged and licked the water and said: “I got a little injury, I have a reat abroad, and
now I am fine and back.”

In fact, she is hiding.

This is the idea she came up with after discussing with her mother. Qin Yichen is so ugly, so terrible,
how can she marry him to be sinned and kept alive?

Therefore, she played a missing drama and let Mo Qinyu replace her to marry and enjoy this

“I’m glad you’re fine.” She smiled a little, and the previous guess was almost certain.

Most of her was scared because of the appearance and orientation of Qin Yichen, so she fled.

She married with him and the crisis was lifted. She naturally returned.

If she knows that Qin Yichen has reduced the fat, and he has become a peerless handsome guy, will
she regret it and change it?

According to the ugly nature of the uncle and the aunt, if change it, they will definitely come over the
half of the bride price, and one will not leave it to them.

That Xiao Wu really has no hope.

Mo Mengshan took a sip of a cocktail and was very proud of her own plans.

She has always been smarter than Mo Qinyu, and she is wittier than Mo Qinyu.

This blessing will be given to Mo Qinyu.

She is so beautiful, so good, she does not marry Qin Yichen, she can marry other giants.

Mo Qinyu is different. It is a wild girl and has not received any aristocratic education. Marrying into the
Family Qin as a wife is probably the best destination for her.

She’s taking care of her, not hurting her.

“Hey, I am sorry, I should have been married to him. I didn’t expect that there would be an accident
caused you marry with him.”

Mo Qinyu shrugged. In fact, she also has her own purpose. They are all needed.

“Family Mo has our two girls, not you, it is me, someone has to marry.”

Mo Mengshan’s eyes flashed an unspeakable radiance. “Qinyu, is Qin Yichen kind with you?”

Mo Qinyu faintly glanced at her, the arch eyebrows slightly sighed and sighed. “I have married, good or
bad, what’s the meaning?”

When Mo Mengshan listened to this, she knew it was not good.

A man who is so horrible, is still a gay, can the days be better?

“Qinyu, to be honest, where the needle goes, the thread follows. Although he is not good, he is also a
giant. You should marry a ATM machine, squandering hard, you must not grieve yourself.”

She used a comforting tone, and actually sneered in the heart.

Mo Qinyu shook the glass in her hand. The bright red liquid inside was like blood. It was a bit dazzling.
“If he is not so terrible, it is quite handsome. Would you regret it?”

Mo Mengshan snorted. If he was not so horrible, she would immediately ask for a change. How could it
be cheaper?

“Is he not terrible?”

Mo Qinyu sighed. “The appearance is second, the most terrible thing is...” She paused and lowered her
voice. “He is very strange, like the hero in Fifty Shades of Grey.”

“God!” Mo Mengshan covered her mouth and was terrified. Fortunately, she was wit and fled, or she
would have been killed.

The male master of Fifty Gray is so handsome that he can bear it a little. He is so ugly that he can’t
stand it for a minute, just like falling into hell.

“He likes men, will he do that with you?”

“Gay also needs to be passed down from generation to generation, not to mention that he covers well,
no one knows his true orientation.” Mo Qinyu said faintly.

Mo Mengshan blinked and seemed to think of something. She quickly asked: “You can’t escape, right?

Her face was slightly white, and she was not as proud as the spring breeze.

If Mo Qinyu can’t stand it, and escapes, the Family Qin will grab her again and it will be over.

Mo Qinyu’s arch eyebrows slightly stunned, “I have to escape, I have to escape with the whole family,
otherwise the neuropathy will kill my family.”

A nerve on the top of Mo Mengshan was shocked.

Mo Qinyu’s family fled, what should they do? Didn’t Qin Yichen want to take them off?

“Qinyu, your brother is unconscious, how can you take him away, leaving him alone, will definitely be
killed by Qin Yichen, you must not go this way.”

Mo Qinyu hangs down the scorpion, and the thick long eyelashes draw a sad shadow in the white
eyes. “I just endured for Xiao Wu.”

Mo Mengshan took her hand. “Family Qin is rich. As long as you stay in Family Qin, Xiao Wu can get
the best medical conditions. For Wu, you have to bear it anyway.”

Mo Qinyu’s black apricots flashed an indescribably deep color.

If she knows that Qin Yichen is not as ugly as she imagined, she would not say so.

The paper can’t hold the fire, this secret can’t be covered for too long, and the day is the truth, she is
sure that the intestines are remorseful, crying and shouting to change.

What should she do then?

Sipping a sip of wine, she sighed with a sigh.

“How long are you going to stay in Jin City?”

“Play for a few days, my business, you must keep it secret, you can’t let Family Qin knows.” Mo
Mengshan shouted.

Mo Qinyu nodded, and she did not want Family Qin to know that she was back.

However, there are some things that just don’t happen.

When they went out, they met Pang Xiaofan.