Love in full bloom

Chapter 47 Dare to hook my man

But where I have seen it, why can’t I think of it?

Since the brain was injured, the memories of the past have been completely sealed up, and there is a
blank in his mind. All the people around him, all the things that give him the impression are strange.

But Mo Qinyu seems to be different.

Seeing her from the first sight, there is a familiar feeling, as if they have known each other.

Her figure, her flute, her bracelet are so familiar.

“Qinyu, have we seen it before?”

She was shocked.

Have they met?

No, they have never met each other.

The person with her is Shi Cong, not him.

He is just a person who looks like Shi Cong.

“We haven’t seen each other. I have never been to Jin City and Yang City. I just know someone who
looks like you.”

“You should have his photo?” He raised his eyebrow.

“Yes, but in my house,” she said lowly.

When she came to Jin City, her mother asked her to save photos of her mobile phone in the computer,
not to stay inside, so as not to be seen by Family Qin, and unnecessary misunderstandings occurred.

“I am sorry, I really want to see him, is he really like me,” Ruchen said.

“If he is still alive, maybe you can check the DNA and see if he is a brother.” Her voice was very light,
like a passing breeze, with a little joke.

Ruchen looks down, smiling: “It seems that I should ask my parents if I have a twin brother.”

“You can’t be a twin brother. He is one year younger than you.” She said slyly, her eyes filled with

She had a little absurd illusion, and felt that a supernatural phenomenon such as soul exchange would
occur, but after Xu Ruofang explained, her illusion was completely destroyed.

If you use your feet to dial the grass next to you, “Can I ask, what happened to him?”

She choked a little before she made a sound. “It was a car accident, a damn rich second-generation
drunk driving, hit his motorcycle, and he even drove the car into the sea.”

“The drunkard is really damn!” said Ruchen.

Not far away, Qin Yiman and Mrs. Qin came over.

Seeing Mo Qinyu, Qin Yiman’s eyes flashed a sullen anger. “Mom, have you seen it? It’s not that I am
unreasonable. Mo Qinyu is hooking up.”

“That’s all right, just talking, not suspicious, men hate women who are jealous when they are not
moving.” Mrs. Qin gave her a look.

She snorted and ran towards Ruchen.

“Ruchen, how do you talk to her again, are you told me, are you far away from her?”

Ruchen’s brow is unconsciously wrinkled, “we are standing at a distance of two meters. Do you think it
is not far enough? I saw Qinyu, and I said hello in the past, just chatted. She told me to stand a little
farther away, so as not to cause your misunderstanding. Qin Yiman, I am more and more hesitant to
marry you. If you have such a suspicious woman at home, will you be restless?”

Qin Yiman’s face rose like a liver of pig liver, and he could almost bleed. “Why do you have to protect
her every time and quarrel with me?”

Ruchen screamed coldly: “I didn’t protect her, I was defending my reputation. If you suspect her, you
would doubt me.”

Mrs. Qin saw this posture and quickly came out to solve the problem. “Well, it’s all family, and it’s a
good life.”

She turned her eyes to Mo Qinyu, and she was also shifting the topic. “Qinyu, what have you been
talking about with Ruchen, talk about painting?”

“We are talking about drunk driving.” Mo Qinyu whispered back.

Mrs. Qin gave a slight glimpse, “Drinking? How do you talk about drunk driving?”

"A friend of Qinu left the world because of a rich second generation drunk driving, so we talked about
it.” Ruchen said in an understatement.

“Oh, the topic is quite serious.” Mrs. Qin had an unspeakable look across her eyes.

“Yeah, drunk driving harms others, driving must not drink.”

Qin Yiman was shackled like a shackle, and there was a muscle on her face.

Why did Mo Qinyu suddenly talk about this topic.

What does she want to do?

She swallowed her mouth and said in an indifferent tone: “What about drunk driving? When you hit
someone, you can lose a lot of money. Anyway, those civilians only want money, but also deliberately
touch porcelain extortion?”

The anger of Mo Qinyu’s heart rushed out like a volcanic eruption. “Qin Yiman, how can you say so
easily, it’s a life. Do you think it’s great if you have money? You can’t buy a person’s life with a great

Her favorite person was killed.

Her brother is still unconscious

The bastard is still escaping. If God has eyes and let her catch him, she must kill him personally, even if
she wants to go to jail.

Qin Yiman’s mouth almost reached the root of her ear. “Mo Qinyu, you have to pull out some of these,
what do you want to do? What purpose do you have?”

“There is no purpose, I just think that people who drink and drunk are damned, and after the death,
they must go to the 18th floor of hell!” Mo Qinyu is full of hatred in every word.

“You shut me up!” Qin Yiman was as angry as anger, screaming with a scorpion, raising his hand and
wanting to fight.

A big hand caught her hand in midair. “Qin Yiman, manage your hand!”

His five fingers were slightly received, and Qin Yiman yelled at Mann. “Qin Yichen, do you want to kill

“Small punishments!” Qin Yichen flashed a sly cold light, his fingers loose, let go of her

Mrs. Qin saw her daughter’s disappointment and quickly eased the atmosphere. “Yiman has some pre-
marital phobias and her mood is not stable.”

“I think she is guilty, she must have drunk, otherwise she will not be so excited.” Like a sneer, the eyes
are shining with a sharp cold.

Mo Qinyu has the same feeling, and Qin Yiman’s emotions have already sold her.

Qin Yiman also realized that she was out of control, and quickly said: “How can I drunk, I never drink
alcohol when I drive.”

“It’s better not. If you have done this kind of bad thing, I will never marry you.” If you blink a little, your
eyes have a chill that has never been seen before.

QinYiman pulls down the scorpion, and the thick long eyelashes covered the blinking eyes, lest they
vent their secrets and were mistaken.

Mrs. Qin grabbed her hand, lest she say the wrong thing again. “Yiman, Ruchen, take a walk with me
over there, don’t make trouble.”

After they left, Qin Yichen grabbed the hand of Mo Qinyu. “Get the root of the disaster and go back to
the house with me.”

“I have to clean up the drawing board.” Mo Qinyu opened his hand and ran towards the drawing board.

Just then, her cell phone rang, and she saw a caller ID, she was shocked.

It’s Mo Mengshan!