Love in full bloom

Chapter 40: In disguised form of punishment for derailed woman.

When Mo Qinyu entered the door, she was caught in the room by Qin Yichen like an eagle catching a

His face was covered with dark clouds, and the dark light of the darkness spewed the cold light of the
haze, like the lightning which was shining in the sky, to burn her into scorched earth.

The woman was really a lady of easy virtue, even hook up Xu Ruochen secretly, she looked his ban as

He must kick her ass today, otherwise she would be derailed later.

He grabbed the rope on the table, screwed her hands to the back and tied them up, held her to the
bathroom, and fell into the bathtub.

"What are you doing?" She was shocked, and her intense fear came and surrounded her.

"Do you know how I will punish the derailed woman?"

Her eyes were bigger than the brass bells, and she was shaking continuously.

When people were extremely scared, their eyes were definitely not closed. They must be open wide.

Would he drown her?

Was this a disguised punishment for derailed woman?

"I didn't derail. I didn't do anything. I just went to a friend's house to have a visit."

"Friends? Are you looking for the next husband for yourself?" The blue veins on his forehead were
tumbling violently, his fingers suddenly lifted and the sprinklers was turned on.

First he would give Her a lesson, then went to kick Xu Ruochen's ass. That bastard, he dared to covert
his woman, today's his death date!

The cold water drenched from her head like a rainstorm, which made her suddenly become a drowned

Although it was summer, the cold water was still cold and made her feel shaking.

She snorted and slammed her head, tried to get rid of the water on her face, and avoid that her would
be killed, but she accidentally took a sip of water and started to violently cough.

"I am looking for Xu Ruofang, not Xu Ruochen, we are friends, she is also treating me for treatment."
She said intermittently in cough.

Qin Yichen shook and closed the shower. "What disease do you ask her to cure? She is not a doctor."

"She is a psychiatrist, I am going to cure a mental illness." She gasped and said that because of the
water, the voice was hoarse.

Qin Yichen’s eyes narrowed and a sharp cold light flashed through the eyes. “Don’t you say that you
are not mentally ill?”

"Can you help me untie the rope first? My hands are broken." She shivered and looked at him, and the
drops of water continued to slide from her hair to the cheeks, as if the pears blossom bathed in the
rain--a weeping beauty. She was thrown into a panic and delicate and touching.

But his face was cold and hard, and there was no bit of pity.

This kind of woman who was full of craft and cunning, a pack of lies and easy virtue, if did not to give
her a lesson well, and made her memory of that fresh, she would push his nose and his face.

She lowered her head and the water dropped from the hair fell into the bath.

"It was a dark claustrophobia. When I was a child, I was naughty so I was kept in a small black house.
After two days of being found by an adult, I got a dark claustrophobia since that. Xu Ruofang said that
as long as I can persist in treatment, she can eliminate my fear."

His gaze was on her face and he wanted to see if she was lying.

She was a habitual criminal. Any words from her mouth, had to be chosen again and again ,then he
would thought that if he could believe or not.

She raised her eyes and looked at him. A pair of beautiful big eyes with tears, like the stars soaked in
the mist, bright, clear, clean, and could not see the traces of lying.

She did have dark claustrophobia, but it was not very serious, just a slight type, so she never
mentioned it to anyone. When he was treating her like this, she was in a hurry and took it out as an

"You really have a lot of bad illness." His thin lips showed a sly cold arc.

"It's quite a lot." She nodded, completely self-deprecating. "My biggest advantage is that there is no
advantage. The biggest drawback is that all of me is the shortcoming."

"Rarely, you know yourself well." He untied the rope behind her and threw a bath towel to her.

She secretly sighed with relief, the big devil believed her, the torture should be finished, no need to be
punished any more.

Wiping her face, she wrapped her cold body with towel, because it was too cold, she still shivered

Qin Yichen’s expression was still dark, and there was a layer of ice in his eyes that had been
condensed from the pupil to the bottom of his heart. Even if there was still a trace of warmth in others'
heart, they would be frozen into ice silk immediately.

"Is Xu Ruochen there as well?"

"Yes, and his boyfriend." She was slightly decapitated, and the words behind it were very smooth and
careless, as if they were just talking about a trivial matter.

Qin Yichen squatted and thought he had heard it wrong.

"Whose boyfriend?"

"Xu Ruochen's, you don't know that?" She asked, tried to show the calm and did not let him perceive
the slightest clue.

Qin Yichen picked up his eyebrows and was a little surprised. "You mean..."

"I thought you knew it. You didn't know it." She spit out her tongue, covered her mouth, and pretended
to be amazed by didn't keep the secrets.

Qin Yichen did not speak.

She looked at him for a moment, and wanted to know what he was going to be at the moment.

She thought that Xu Ruochen was the same person as him, and had the same special orientation,
would it make him a little excited?

But she looked at him so embarrassedly and carefully. And she did not find anything wrong.

His face was like covering with an ice sculpture mask, and there was no special expression. His eyes
were like black deep wells. The sinister sneak could not see the bottom. Only a strange look flashed
past and disappeared quickly.

She secretly curled her lips.

He’s good at disguising, no one could find any traces.

When she was thinking about that, Qin Yichen’s eyes flashed, like suddenly thinking of something, and
asked: “How can he let you know about this kind of thing?”

"Of course he didn't want me to know. The only one people who knew it is his sister. His boyfriend just
came back from the United States. It seems that he always feels sneaky, so he was very angry. They
quarreled in the study room before, so I heard a little. "She made a face.

These lines were edited by Xu Ruochen for her, and the guy was quite capable of writing the play.

"Were you eavesdropping again?" Qin Yichen screwed her ears. This kind of habit can be committed
everywhere. Was it so called that a leopard can't change its spots?

"They are very loud, it's not eavesdropping." She covered her ears, she was so pitiful, she was
screwed twice today, and they must be red.

Qin Yichen whispered: "You are not afraid of being killed and murdered?"

"Of course that I'm afraid, I was thinking about it at that time, can i not see the sun of tomorrow? But Xu
Ruochen seemed to decide to fight to the end, not intending to cover up, may he loves his boyfriend
very much. He is a mixed-race, sooo handsome, Just like Finn..."

When she hadn't finished talking, she was bounced off her forehead and interrupted. "Why are you
doing here, just go to the room to change clothes, if you dare to catch a cold, then you can go to the

cellar to live."

She curled her lips. If she mentioned Queen Finn, it would let him feel guilty, so he did not allowed her
to say continually.

When she entered the room, he suddenly turned off the light. This action scared her.