Love in full bloom

chapter 38 the man in the hotel is you?

This is her bracelet. It's the bracelet she dropped in the hotel.

When it was May 20, Acong personally strung it for her. It is impossible to have a second one exactly
the same.

Why is it in Xu Ruochen here?

Her face is pale, and all of a sudden the scene of that evening come to her mind.

The man who was ravaged crazily is terrible.

She cried like mad, she cried out for help, and she lost her voice.

But he refused to let her go, and no one came in to save her.

The hotel is so quiet that it seems that there are only two of them left in the whole world.

But why is the bracelet in Xu Ruochen's hand?

What's the matter?

She feels a headache, a chill in her back and a tremor in her legs. All of a sudden she cann't stand up
and is going to fall down.

Xu Ruochen thinks that she will react like this. He reaches out and holds her in time. "Qinyu, have you
seen this bracelet?"

"It... Why is it here ? She feels a tremendous pressure on her chest, and she was going to be

"I've been looking for its owner, but now she's gone for nothing." He sighs heavily, with a look of
sadness on his face.

She covers her chest and can't accept the fact. "You haven't told me why you have this bracelet yet?"

He shrugs and says,"I picked it up at the Jen Hotel."His voice is very low.

"Pick it up?" She is shocked and looks up at him with a slight relief, as if she has been comforted.

"Do you know its owner? Can you tell me? I want to give it back to her." Xu Ruochen speaks in a very
mild tone.

She takes a deep breath and tries to keep herself calm.

She also wants to recover the bracelet, which Shicong left to her as a prove of their love.

"It... It's mine." Her voice is as low as a mosquito's whisper, with a slight tremor.

"What?" Xu Ruochen puts on a very surprised look and grabs her shoulder. "That night, that girl was

She was shocked violently and looks at him with wide eyes. "You... What do you mean?” she becomes
confused again.

A trace of guilt gradually appears on his face. "In fact, the bracelet was found in my room, I bullies a
girl, I want to find her, apologize to her and compensate her!"

Her whole body twitches violently. She can no longer stand up and falls to the ground. Every word of
him shocks her in her mind.

Oh my God, the man who bullied her is Xu Ruochen.It is unexpetctedly.

He looks so gentle and kind. She regards him as a good friend and an angel sends by God to help her.
It is unexpected that he is a hooligan.

"I never think it is you!" His voice comes again, with deep regret, "I... I'm sorry, I'm sorry, Qinyu, I'm

She covers her ears like a reindeer in great fright, jumps up and runs outside.

Something trips her on the ground and she falls.

He rushes over and holds out his hand to hold her. When he touches her, she feels as if she has been
pricked by a needle. She jumps far away in panic and shouts fiercely, "Get away from me, please!"

She wants to get out of here. She does not want to see him again. He is a wolf in sheep's clothing.

"Qinyu." Xu Ruochen rushes over again and hugs her. "Qinyu, calm down and listen to my explanation.
I did not mean to do that."

She does not want to listen. It is an excuse. does raping divide into intentional or unintentional?

"You let me go, don't touch me!" She screams desperately and struggles wildly.

She is so frightened that she does not want to stay with the bad man.

He hugs her and refuses to let her go. His arm is so powerful that she can not get away.

Terrible memories keep pouring into her mind.

The strong body hit her violently. For the first time, she could not bear it at all. She fainted painfully.

When she woke up, the bullying has not stopped.

She feels that she is going to die. She can not get out of that room any more.

At this moment, he touched her again, and she was so frightened that her whole body was shaking.
She had no strength at all.

"Please, let me go. Whoop..." She burst into tears.

"Qinyu, I really do not mean to, I... I was given the medicine and had no idea what I was doing.” He is
close to her ear, with a clear and powerful explanations, lest she should not hear it.

She does not believe it. He is just trying to cover up his errors. "Do you think I'm a fool and will believe
your terrible excuse?"

"Do you think I am such a terrible person? I don't lack women. I can't bully a deliver the take-out? "He
pulls her and let her look at him. His eyes are calm.

She is slightly calmer, not as crazy as before.

Perhaps in her heart, she likes to believe that he is a good person. If even he is a bad person, who else
can she believe in the people around her?

He takes her to the sofa and pours her a glass of water.

She drinks, calms her heart, and then asks, "Why were you drugged?"

He wipes his lip and says slowly, "That night, a friend held a party at the Jen Hotel, and all floors are
packed down. Everyone was playing crazy and didn't know who took medicine. When I realized
something was wrong, I left early and went back to my room. I thought it would be better to soak in cold
water, but I didn't think the medicine was too strong to control at all.”

He shows a strange smile. "When I lost control, you appeared. I didn't order takeout. Why you come to
my room?"

"You didn't order takeout?" She is shocked that the address given to her by the waiter who answered
the phone in the restaurant was 1202. She didn't read or go to the wrong room. Was it because the
customer's Mandarin was not standard and she heard it wrong?

"Sorry, Qinyu, I know I must have hurt you. At that time, I turned into an animal. Even if it was a man
came in, I guess I would be..." He stops, rubs his face and laughs at himself.

She has calmed down, and his face is filled with apologies and sincerity. She believes that he should
tell the truth.

That night, the man was in a special condition. He was very hot, just like a fire.

"It's over, and I don't want to pursue it anymore. I think it's a nightmare."

Xu Ruochen's deep eyes flashes through an indescribable sense, like a spider king who has made a
web and watches the prey come in step by step according to his plan.