Love in full bloom

Chapter 45 Dig Grave

Qin yichen glanced her, "you leave my family alone."

He deliberately used "my family" two words, and he seemed to be in response to Mo qinyu's words.
They are two families with Qin yiman.

Qin yiman was angry, "what are you talking about? Isn't this my house? There's nobody here but your
cheap wife."

Qin extended his arm around Mo qinyu's shoulder, as if issuing an honorary green card for her."you
don't belong to the Qin family after you get married, but she is the qin family's daughter-in-law to the

He's not saying who she is but that she's his puppet.

It was up to the master to beat the dog. She always interfered with his sovereignty and scolded his pet
in a tough manner.

Pang xiaofan almost fainted when he heard that. Is Qin yichen going to keep Mo qinyu at Qin's house
all the time? Pang xiaofan was going to get rid of Mo qinyu and marry him.

Qin yiman was furious, "I have not married. Here is also my home even if I married."

"Everybody get down and don't make any noise here. Yichen has to work." Mrs. Qin stopped her.

In her view that Qin yiman's behavior has gone too far.

My son was not defending Mo qinyu just now, he was trying to teach Qin yiman.

He hated outsiders using his belongings all the time. Even if she were a mother, she wouldn't touch it.

Mo qinyu is just an object to him, no different from a toothbrush or a toilet. Qin yiman constantly
touched, and challenged his bottom line.

Mrs. Qin asked Pang xiaofan to go back first after coming down from upstairs. Pang xiaofan dared not
make trouble even if she was not reconciled to it, so she just left.

Mrs. Qin turned her head to Qin yiman, "what is the matter with you recently? why do you always go
against Mo qinyu?"

"I just can't stand that infernal wretch, and she really calls this here home." Qin yiman said angrily.

"Don't use that word again. It will hurt you if your father hears that." Mrs Qin reminded her, "you can
only say that in your heart."

Qin yiman stamped her foot in anger, "why marry is her? It would be better Mo mengshan married him."

"Have you seen her before?" Mrs. Qin raised her eyebrows. In her opinion, Mo mengshan is no
different from Mo qinyu.

"No. How could I have met a woman from the slums?" Qhin yiman's eyes blinked and her words
flickered, as if trying to hide something.

Mrs Qin did not notice, and patted her hand, "Yichen will deal with her if she did something wrong. Your
meddling in the affair annoyed him, but it backfired"

Qin yiman did not speak again, and her eyes full of sinister, she just do not want Mo qinyu to live better.

In upstairs room, Mo qinyu cowered in the corner, staring timidly at the man in front of her, "I really try
my best to stop Pang xiaofan annoying you."

She was scared to scream, embrace her body, and curled up, like only frightened shrimp when Qin
yichen lifted his hands.

Qin yichen's eyes twinkled, "are you afraid of me?"

"Yes." Her head is like a chicken pecking at rice.

"what are you afraid of?" His voice was deep, like the undercurrent beneath the sea before the
tsunami, moving slowly and gravely.

She pressed her dry lips. "My illness is just right... Can't... The voice was broken and muffled.

She had a fever last night, and he had a sexy with her. She was too weak to stand his aggression any

His brow furrowed, and a flush ran up to his brow.

She resisted his touch, and she never really accepted him once.

Each time, her body was stiff and stony.

She loves another man, that very ugly man!

He could not imagine her with that man. It was disgusting.

But she threw herself into his arms and catered to him.

She's a blind and stupid woman, hopelessly stupid.

As soon as he thought of that he punched the wall angrily.

His strength was so great that the walls of the room shook violently. The tiles cracked with a bang, and
dust and powder fell from the ceiling like flakes of snow.

She was scared, and wished that a hole in the wall could be opened and she could go in and hide.

"I was wrong. Next time I will try my best to drive Pang xiaofan away."

Blood was gushing from his chest.

She did not know what he was angry about. All the anger hit the cotton wall, the slightest response did

He's fucking wrestling with a dead man.

If he were a living man, he would kick him out of the galaxy, making him impossible to return to earth.
Unfortunately, he is died, and the only thing he could do was digging graves.

But even if he beat the bone and ashes, he will not take that man out of the stupid woman's heart.

"Mo qinyu, are you afraid I touch you?"

She ducked her head into her lap and answered him in silence.

"Do you still want to protect yourself for that ugly bastard?"

She shook her head a little and peered at him through her lashes.

His was dark and fearful, with the smell of storm and thunder.

However, she did not know what he was angry about, his mind changed too quickly. 'he's dead!

"You can't forget him even is he is dead. Now that you are married to me, you will be a good wife." He
grabbed the back of her head, forced her to look up at him, and forbade her to run away.

His stubbornness was slowly forced out, " whatever I do is wrong because you hate me."

"I do hate you. I said I'd give you a taste of hell." He clenched his teeth. The chill from his body seemed
to freeze his hot breath


"I have been thoroughly instructed." She looked at him with a daredevil, defiant look.

"This is only the first layer of hell, and there are seventeen in the hell." He whispered.

She swallowed hard, and tried to ease the fear of emotion, "Is it possible to make you feel happy to
torture me?"

"A woman like you expects to have a better life?" He bounced a few words between his teeth.

"I'm not." She felt aggrieved

He glared at her. His eyes were like daggers, cutting her from head to tail

"Heart with others is cheating!"