Love in full bloom

Chapter 44 I'm Qin Yichen's wife

“You are a idler, Do you have anything to do?” Pang Xiaofan pushed her away, but she was caught by
her when she just took a step .

"Miss Pang, Don’t you always think that you are noble? Only inferior slut would covet others’ husband,
do you want to lower your level?" Mo Qinyu said straightly.

If not that Qin Yichen issued a death order, she could not be such tough. And there was no need to
fight with Pang Xiaofan.

Even if Pang Xiaofan was entangled in Qin Yichen. For her, it’s nothing.

Qin Yichen would not like her at all, he only liked men.

However, according to the horrible character of Qin Yichen, if she let Pang Xiaofan enter the room,she
won’t have a good sleep at night.

Yesterday,He put her in to " pig cage", and it was possible for him to hang her in trunk.

She did not want to be tortured.

Pang Xiaofan was so angry. She raised her hand and wanted to slap her.

She had already prepared and grabbed her hand. "Pang Xiaofan, don't forget that this is my home. You
are just a guest, do you want me to show you the door?”

Pang Xiaofan was furious, she was just a slut, how could she treat her like this?

She was so lucky at the last time,but there would be no such good luck at the next time.

"Come on, here is the Qin’s family, not your home.The times that I had been here were more than
yours, you are here for only a few days, how could you said that you are the master of this house?"

"Even if you come here every day, you are still a guest, you can't be a master. Even if I only come for
one day, I am still the master, because I am the wife of Qin Yichen." She said clearly and forcefully.

Pang Xiaofan’s face was blue and white. “Brother Yichen doesn’t like you at all, he doesn’t want to
marry you at all.”

"He doesn't like you, either." Mo Qinyu returned bluntly.

At this time, a sharp noise came from downstairs. "Who told you that Yichen doesn't like Xiaofan, they
have known each other for a long time, they are childhood sweetheart for each other. Our Qin family's
daughter-in-law should be generous. It’s normal for the young masters of Qin’s family to have three
wives and four wives. A narrow-minded woman like you could not be a family member of Qin’s family
for so long."

Mo Qinyu felt extremely ironic. If it was said by another person, it may be acceptable for her. But if it
was said by her, that’s a big joke. She was scolding herself , wasn’t it?

"Sister, if the brother-in-law's childhood or former girlfriend came to him, will you ask her to go in?"

"You... you are harassing me with no reason, I will tell Yichen right now.He must be very angry and give
you a lesson if he know your behavior." Qin Yiman pushed her away and wanted to go upstairs. She
was caught up and stopped by her. "Sister, you can't go up!"

"Get out of my way, who are you, it’s none of your business." Qin Yiman really wanted to kick her ass,
but the woman was holding a baseball bat in her hand, but she should be careful.

Mo Qinyu didn't want to provoke her. After all, she was the sister, but she always provoke her said a lot
of bad words, she couldn't bear that.

"Sister, Yichen married me, then we are a family,now. Can you manage your own affairs,and never
bother my family?”

Mo Qinyu’s voice came over which let her stand up immediately. she turned around, and looked down
contemptuously, like she was looking down at a low-lying bug. “Only you are an outsider.”

"Yes, you are an outsider. You just stay here for a few days and you want to be a master?It’s really
shameless." Pang Xiaofan said.

Mo Qinyu swallowed her saliva and looked at her calmly. "I am can’t win you in the blood, but I can win
you in law."

Qin Yiman sneered: "Don't think that you can be the young master of the Qin family since you married
Yichen. If Yichen want to divorce, he can do it in anywhere, at anytime."

"As long as we haven’t divorce, I can fulfil my right." Mo Qinyu waved the baseball bat which was in her
hand and said.

In the study room, Qin Yichen had no intention of working,he just stood beside the door of the study
room and listened to the quarrel outside.

He wanted to see how Mo Qinyu be a good ‘door god’.

Qin Yiman was afraid that she became mad and really beat her with a stick, so she sneered and
left,and call for rescue.

Mrs. Qin was taking a nap, and was woken up by Qin Yiman, she looked very gloomy.

"Mo Qinyu, how can you get in the way? The wife of the Qin’s family should be generous. Even if there
is really anything happened between Xiaofan and Yichen, you can't have any objections. You are so

arrogant, and you still want to hurt people with weapons? Do you want me to punish you with the family

Mo Qinyu was not flustered, she just showed a helpless expression and said. "Mother, this is Yichen’s
order. In fact, It was him who let me be armed and keep the door here and don't let the insignificant
people come to bother him. I am just a coward. I did not dare to do this without his orders, even if you
borrow me courage."

Mrs. Qin was slightly shocked. "Did Yichen asked you to do this?"

Mo Qinyu’s head nodded like a chicken which was eating the rice. “Yes, isn’t it necessary to be a good
daughter-in-law?So I have to follow my husband’s orders. I’m keeping that in my mind, and I’m afraid to
go against it. Besides, I never mind that Yichen has other lovers, every good man has several lovers."

Pang Xiaofan’s face was distorted. “Anut Chu, don’t listen to her nonsense. I’m have a good
relationship with brother Yichen, I’m sure that he would like to let me in and talk to him. She was so
wicked, I was always bullied by her in company, and I have been so miserable. Now she behaved like
the host of this house,and want to drive me away. How could she be such vicious?" She started crying.

"Don't cry, I will come in to ask Yichen, and let him help you." Qin Yiman rushed up, just when she
walked down the corridor, Qin Yichen came out.

"Yichen, your cheap wife is annoying..." She complained. But when she didn't even finish her words,
she saw that Qin Yichen swept directly from her side and went straight to Mo Qinyu, he completely
ignored her.

"you are a bad guard,what else could you do?" He rubbed her hair with his palm, like he was rubbing a

"I'm sorry." Mo Qinyu lowered her head, like a child who was doing something wrong.

"brother, Mo Qinyu bullied me, she did not let me go to you." Pang Xiaofan’s eyes were full of tears,and
looked pitiful.

Qin Yichen showed no expression, he was too lazy to showed the contempt to her as usual. “I have a
useless woman, and I have to let the security guards to keep the door for me in the future.” When he
spoke, he stared at Mo Qinyu.

Mo Qinyu secretly sighed, they are arrogant young ladies. That’s so strange if the door can be kept .

Mrs. Qin’s brow was picked up, and everyone could understand her son’s meaning. There was no
outsider in this family. If that not for Pang Xiaofan, then no one else.

"Xiaofan, don't bother Yichen when he is working. When he comes out, he will naturally talk to you."

Qin Yiman pouted, "Yichen,you are very intimate with Xiaofan before, is there someone who try to sow
discord and destroy your relationship with Xiaofan?”