Love in full bloom

Chapter 36 Wants to steal sperm

In the room, Mo Qinyu looked at Qin Yichen. "I didn't seduce Ruchen."

"You shouldn't be so stupid." Qin Yichen is full of irony, but he seems to believe her.

She can't be stupid enough to seduce her brother-in-law at home.

"One person sees you not pleasing to the eye, I am doing anything wrong." She sighed, she could not
understand Qin Yiman so hate her.

They have no conflict of interest at all!

"You go to clean your face." He raised his hand and wiped the blood from her mouth. The finger
touched the wound, and she frowned. She stepped back two steps to keep the safe distance that his
big hand could not reach.

This action seemed to provoke him. He stepped forward and pinched her chin tip. "Is it painful?"

His low tone was not asking, she nodded cautiously.

"You deserve it." He whispered, his eyes were colder than granite, and there was no pity.

"I didn't provoke anyone." She opened his hand and walked toward the bathroom.

He and Qin Yiman are twin sisters, one is the devil, the other is the witch, the only thing in the family
that can get along well is Xiao Loli.

She twisted a hot towel and prepared to apply her face. He took it and threw it on the ground. "Do you
want to swollen like a pig's head tomorrow?"

"Why?" She raised her eyebrows in confusion.

"It's going to be cold in 8 hours." He took an ice bag from the fridge and threw it at her.

She was about to talk, a tender voice came from the door. "Saozi, this is the aloe vera cream that my
mother asked me to give you. You can swollen and painful on your face. I just rubbed it a little, my
knees are not painful. It is."

"Thank you for my mother." Mo Qinyu smiled.

Mom should be a careful and kind person, no wonder the father-in-law looks more like her.

Qin Chuxia’s mouth screamed. “My brother will be in contact with the big sister because of amnesia. If
he recovers his memory, he will definitely not marry his older sister.”

Mo Qinyu shook, "He lost his memory?"

"Yeah, three years ago, he had an accident, and he was in a coma for a long time. When he woke up,
he lost his memory." Qin Chuxi said.

Mo Qinyu was shocked. It is no wonder that he said that he did not remember it. It turned out to be

"After his memory loss, has the personality changed a lot?"

"Well, he liked hiking adventure before he lost his memory. He went to the Antarctic North Pole and
climbed the Himalayas. After he lost his memory, he likes to stay at home quietly, play the piano, draw
pictures." Qin Chuyi said seriously, she often Going to her uncle's house, she is very familiar with

Mo Qinyu thought about it.

After a person loses memory, will the personality change dramatically?

Why is it the same three years ago?

A Cong had a car accident and Ruchen had an accident.

A Cong died, Ruchen lost his memory.

Why are there so many coincidences?

A suspected group surrounded her mind.

Qin Yichen stroked the head of Xiao Loli. "Well, you should go back to your homework."

She smiled naughtyly: "Do you play games with the nephew today?"

Qin Yichen said, "The adult's business, the children are less mixed, otherwise the gift of Children's Day
is cancelled."

"Boss is a bad guy, you must want to bully the scorpion again, you are so heavy, you have to crush the
scorpion, you have no wife." She said and ran out.

Qin Yichen closed the door and turned around when a woman had paved the ground and got into the

The only thing she did at night was to pretend to die.

Qin Yichen is too lazy to care for her.

The next day is the weekend, she got up later.

Qin Yichen is no longer in bed.

She packed herself up and went downstairs. After passing through the study, she found that the door
was open with a gap and a voice came from inside, which was Qin Yichen.

With a bit of curiosity, she stopped.

In the study, Qin Yichen’s face was gloomy. “You can’t find a woman for so long. Did she evaporate?”

"That night, the hotel's surveillance video was completely deleted. There is no appearance. It is difficult
to find someone by a birthmark."

A Yuan’s voice is very low, and he is afraid that the young master will get angry.

"I don't believe it, no matter how big or small you check all the restaurants in Jiang cheng." Qin Yichen
is depressed, he does not believe that one can disappear from the air.

"Young master, there is a sentence, I don't know if I should say it." A Yuan took a look at him.

“Say.” Qin Yichen ordered.

"Will the woman be designed to send your enemy?" Ayuan reminded.

Qin Yichen glimpsed, and the sharp cold light flashed through the bottom of his eyes.

The woman said very clearly, she came to take delivery.

When he was strong, she cried very sadly, was it to confuse him?

"What is the purpose?" He raised his eyebrows slightly.

"Maybe want to steal." Ayuan lowered his voice.

Qin Yichen’s face twitched with a muscle on his face. “That’s more to find her.”

Outside the door, Mo Qinyu's long eyelashes scatter.

Because their voices were low, she didn't hear clearly, but basically knew what was going on.

Qin Yichen is looking for a woman.

This woman stole his sperm.

This is not a trivial matter.

Maybe one day, there is a woman with a big belly looking for her to force the palace.

She put her ear on the door and the door was suddenly opened.

She fell into it when she was alone.

A yuan left consciously.

Qin Yichen's face was gloomy and violently shot at her as if she wanted to put her in the heart.

He stretched his ears and twisted her ears. "Do you have the habit of eavesdropping?"

His strength is not heavy, but not light, the faint pain came from her auricle: "I... I just passed, would
you like to ask if you want to have breakfast?" she said slyly.

"Wild fox!" His cold voice was full of irony.

This woman is full of bad habits.

"I didn't hear anything, really." She shook her head.

He sneered, she was a liar of lying, and every word spit from her mouth could not believe it.

"Do you know how I will punish a woman who loves to lie?"