Love in full bloom

chapter 43 Be a door god for her husband

“What happened?Why are you crying? "Mrs. Qin asked quickly.

"Ruchen ignores me. In these days, he never answered my call, when I went to his house to find him,
he did not let me in.All of this was because of this woman. She’s a bane.” She pointed at Mo Qinyu,and
behaved like a ferocious animal which was wanting to bite that woman.

Mo Qinyu pretended that she did not hear her words, she just looked down and drank her soup, and
totally ignored that.

Qin Chuxia ran in and said: "Brother Rushen hated that type of woman who has a bad temper. If you
are so gentle like my sister-in-law, he must like you very much."

"Shut up!" Qin Yiman was so angry that Qin Chuxian made comparison between her and that slut.

That woman did not even deserve to carry her shoes, she was better than that woman in every way.

"You are so fierce, no man likes fierce woman?" Qin Chuxia stick her tongue out.

Qin Yiman was so angry at that time which made her breathless. In her mind, Qin Chuxia was as
inferior as Mo Qinyu, but she did not dare to say it.

Once she cursed that Sima Yuer was a inferior slut and Qin Chuxia was a bad bitch,that made Qin
Yuhan wrathful, he sent her to the school which was specifically for the problem children for three
months,they had military training everyday,which made her had blisters on her feet.

If not that her mother tried her best to persuade to save her out, she had already dead.

So she stared at the Shangguan Yuer, and stamped her feet angrily, "Mom, can’t you give this naughty
girl a lesson?"

Shangguan Yuer grabbed Qin Chuxia’s little hand and hit her palm. “You can’t talk to your sister like
this.You are a child, you should never interrupt adult’s conversation.”

Qin Chuxia pouted and said in injured tones. "I said it because she bullied my sister-in-law. Sister-in-
law is really pitiful. She had just been here for few days, and she was bullied by others. If her parents
know it, they would be very sad."

When she finished, she looked at Sima Yuer. "Mom, if sister marries Brother Yishen, and be bullied by
Yishen brother's sister. Dad and mom will be very upset, right?”

Sima Yuer nodded. "Of course we will be sad. Mom and Dad want our children to have a good life."

Mo Qinyu listened to Xiaoxia’s words and thought of her parents in Jiangcheng.

Every time when her dad called her, she only reported happy things,and she never mentioned the bad

Her marriage was for saving Xiaowu, as long as she could save enough medical expenses for him,
she’d like to break up all the grievance, and swallowed to her stomach.

Qin Yiman took a bad glance to her sister and said: "That’s the perfect match for out family and Ru’s
family, I am not trying to have a higher social position.So, I’m not like some greedy person who is
married for enjoyment,I think it’s reasonable that they were looked down upon by others."

Qin Chuxia’s arms over her chest, and a pair of big round eyes stared at her with discontent. "Sister, do
you know that little helps brings much return? Mo’s family is the benefactor of our family, we want
Repaying, so brother Yishen married sister-in-law, It’s not that sister-in-law tried her best to be a
member of our family. But you are different. Everyone in longcheng knows that you are chasing brother
Rushen , and you are mean. If not that brother Rushen lost his memory, he won’t even date with you

Her tone was like a little adult. When there was still a lot of words to say, Shangguan Yuer quickly
stuffed her mouth with buns. "Eat quickly, you dad will take you to the Children's Park in the
afternoon,right? If it’s late, then your dad will not take you there."

"All right." Qin Chuxia bit the bun, and answered ambiguously.

Qin Yiman's face turned red. In fact, it’s red in purple,and purple in a golden color. "Where did you hear
such nonsense,Rushen loves me very much,It was that he pursued me, not I pursued him."

Mrs. Qin put down the chopsticks and her expression was very condensed. "Yiman and Ruchen were
engaged since childhood. Ruchen used to be stubborn in the past. I was worried about Yiman,so I
have never mentioned the marriage. Now he was good enough, so I am reluctantly agreed this

Sima Yuer sighed. "In my opinion, it is better to wait for that Ruchen regained his memory and get
engaged then. If he remembers everything and restores his nature,and regret, what should we do?"

"He can't remember, the doctor said that his memory loss is irreversible. Moreover, our wedding has
been decided, it is impossible to cancel." Qin Yiman said.

She just wanted to marry him when Qin Ruchen remembered nothing. Even if he regained his memory
in the future, it was too late. Everything was finished, he couldn’t escape from her palm.

Qin Yishen was silent and indifferently drank his own soup.

He knew the character of Qin Yiman too much, she would never look back if she never hit the wall, so
he was too lazy to interrupt her. It’s just waste his time.


In the afternoon, Pang Xiaofan came over and bought many gifts for Mrs. Qin and Qin Yiman.

Qin Yiman talked with her and laughed, they were very close.

Mo Qinyu thought that this should be called that birds of a feather flock together.

Qin Yiman and Pang Xiaofan were the same type. Both of them were self-righteous, and acted like a
snob, so they naturally came together.

"Xiaofan, that would be so great if you can be my younger sister-in-law, we must be very happy when
we get along. Unlike some people who don't know anything at all, we don't have a common topic at all."

"She is just a girl who is from village, in addition to eating, what else could she be able to do.What a
pity that brother Yishen married her,it was just like a noble rose was wasted by a pig." Pang Xiaofan
hated Mo Qinyu so much.

"The person of same type became relatives, some people are really self-reliant,tried her best to be
ash." Qin said.

When they spoke, Mo Qinyu was on the stairs and she heard their words clearly.

Qin Yichen was in the study room, when he entered, he left a sentence to her, "Remember the lesson."

This was a cruel warning.

He had taught her many times, but she clearly knew which time did he mean.

People cannot be tripped in the same place, and the same mistake cannot be made for the second

She knew what she should do.

Pang Xiaofan would definitely come up to find Qin Yichen.

So, she moved a stool, took a baseball bat, sat on the stairs on the third floor, and became a door god.

If one man guards the pass, ten thousand are unable to get through.

Qin Yishen, who was in the study room,took a glance at the outside, and he couldn’t help but laugh.

Only that stupid woman could come up with this temptation.

However, she finally learned something.

To deal with the idiots who was with selective memory, it was necessary to be bad enough to
strengthen the memory.

After drinking tea, Pang Xiaofan ran up, because the relationship between her mother and Mrs. Qin,
she had always been casual in the Qin’s family.

On the third floor,when she saw Mo Qinyu, she frowned. "What are you doing here?"

"My husband is working upstairs, I am here for him, no entry." Mo Qinyu said slowly.

"You are sick!" Pang Xiaofan cursed her with anger, and wanted to go up with ignorance, but she was
stopped by a baseball bat. "didn't you hear my words?No entry."