Love in full bloom

Chapter 34 Seduce my man

What is this imprint, as long as someone with a little experience will know.

Her eyes are about to jump out after seeing that.

Qin Yichen is not should abuse Mo Qinyu, and drive her away?

How could he be intimate with her?

"Mo Qinyu, you honestly confess, what did you do in the office of Yi Chen brother?" She asked in the
ear of Mo Qinyu, the voice just came out of her mouth and entered her ear.

Mo Qinyu smiled coldly and turned her head. She slowly said in her ear: "What do we want to do
between husband and wife is none of business to an outsider."

Pang Xiaofan's face was blue and white, Her mouth was almost askew to the root of her ear. "we'll see,
and I'll let you leave!"

"Then we'll see who wins." she said without fear.

She has already seen the situation. People like Pang Xiaofan, even if you don't provoke her, she will
take the initiative to provoke you, just like the chewing gum on the hair. Once it sticks, it will be difficult
to clean it, unless it is completely removed. .

She won't let it go any longer. If you respect me, I will respect you.

When she returned to Qin Zhai, Xiao Loli had already left school, pulling her hand to learn Ocarina.

She took her to the lake.

"Sister, the music you played last time was so beautiful., can you blow it again?" Qin Chuxia picked up
her small head and looked at her.

"Okay." She smiled slightly, sat down on the grass, picked up the ocarina, and blew it up.

Not far away, Ruchen was walking alone by the lake. He was attracted by the sound.

The flute is melodious and ethereal, as if a pair of long-lost lovers are talking about it.

This song is very familiar. He feels more and more that he must have heard it before, but he can't
remember it.

After Mo Qinyu finished blowing, he asked: "What is the name of this song?"

"This feeling until forever. When my birthday, my friend wrote for me." Mo Qinyu looked at him, his face,
always unconsciously pulling her painful nerve.

"Is that friend who looks a lot like me?" he couldn't help but ask.

"Yeah." She nodded.

"He is learning music?" He was a little curious.

"Yes, he is very talented in art, he can compose music, and paint," she said lowly.

"I also like music and painting very much. It is a pity that he is no longer alive, or we may be able to
become friends."

A little painful pain has surfaced on her face. Heaven must envy genius."

She raised her eyes and looked at him. Before Xu Ruoxuan said that he was a special person who
loved to play, especially who would play, like adventure and excitement. People like this should be
debauchery and arrogant in character, but the people in front of her are restrained and calm, it is
difficult to connect with cynicism.

Ruchen picked up a pebbles and threw them into the lake. "the tune you blow , I seem to have heard it,
I don't remember."

Mo Qinyu stunned. "It's not very likely. This song was written by my friend for me. He said that it
belongs to us only. It has never been sent to the Internet, nor has it been blown to others."

This made Ruchen even more surprised.

He is quite sure that he has heard it before, but he can't remember it.

"Can you borrow your Ocarina for me?"

She nodded and handed Ocarina to him.

He put his finger on the hole and it was natural, just like an instinct. "Is it so released?" he asked.

"Yes, have you ever blown before?" She opened her eyes and his fingers were placed in a beautiful
position. If it was the first time, the fingers were stiff and could not be so easily.

"I don't know, it's weird, how do I feel like I used to blow."

He was a little surprised and put Ocarina on his lips.

The flute slowly passed out, and it was intermittent at the beginning, and it was smooth after the end.

He tried to blow a piece of music that Mo Qinyu had just blown, like by memory, and by
subconsciousness, he couldn't even figure it out.

"Wow, my brother-in-law is so good, he remembered the song of the sister." Qin Chuxia gave a thumbs

Mo Qinyu's heart swayed. Shi Cong was so powerful. He listened to it and remembered it.

She wanted to stand up, but her legs were a little numb, her knees were soft, and she almost fell back.
Ruchen’s eyes were fast, and he grabbed her. “Be careful.”

Not far away, Qin Yiman came over and just saw this scene.

An anger slammed into her brow, and she rushed over in anger, and said nothing, raised her hand and
went to Mo Qinyu.

Ruchen didn't expect her to come to this move suddenly, and it was too late to stop it. This slap in the
face of Mo Qinyu's face, and the slamming sound of the slamming lakeside shocked Qin Chuxia.

She was very hard, and Mo Qinyu's white cheeks showed five bright red fingerprints, bleeding from the
corners of her mouth.

"Big sister, why are you playing sister?" Qin Chuxia rushed over and blocked Mo Qinyu and wanted to
protect her.

Qin Yiman was in a hurry and pushed her away. "Small girl, you give me away, no matter what you do."

She was just a child, and she could withstand such a push, and after a few steps, she fell heavily on
the ground.

"Oh..." Qin Chuxia cried.

Mo Qinyu couldn't care about the burning pain in her cheeks, and quickly went to help her. "Xiaoxia,
are you okay?"

"Big sister is crazy, I am going to tell my father and boss." Qin Chuxia wiped her tears and turned to run
to the house.

She had to go to the rescue, lest the older sister kill the sister.

Ruchen grabbed Qin Yiman's arm. "What are you doing, why did you suddenly hit Qinyu?"

"Qinyu, you are really intimate, so you was seduce so quickly?" Qin Yiman was very angry, she can't
wait to find a bottle of sulfuric acid, splashed on Mo Qinyu's face to see how she seduce men.

This puts Ruchen on fire. "Qin Yiman, don't make trouble!"

"I didn't make trouble. You thought I didn't know she was seduce you? I can see it clearly!" Qin Yiman
clenched her teeth, and Qin Ruchen guarded Mo Qinyu, and she became more angry.

Mo Qinyu's fingers are tight, and she hates being framed. "I didn't do anything!"

Qin Yiman was about to curse her, and she saw Qin Yichen, who was rushing, and he was holding Qin
Chuxia, who was still crying.

Behind him are Qin Yuhan, Mrs. Qin and Sima Yuer.

Seeing Mo Qinyu's red face and bloody mouth, Qin Yichen's black eyes became extremely dark, as if
drowned by the darkness.

“What the hell is going on?” Qin Yuhan snorted and his face was blue.

"Dad, Mo Qinyu this bitch seduced Ru Chen. You use the family method quickly, teach her a good
lesson." Qin Yiman squeezed her eyes and the tears flowed out.