Love in full bloom

Chapter 42 You like an ugly man

When Qin yichen got up, she was still sleeping.

He took a shower, then his eyes onto a notebook on her dresser when he came out.

He went over and picked up her notebook which is full of accounts.

How much money she earned, spent and saved each month.

She's such a money horse, she writes the accounts so clearly

He laughed mockingly and was about to put it down when a photograph fell out.

He picked it up and gasped.

Who is this man? He is fat, and has a fat face, bald head, high eyebrows, mouse eyes, bad wine nose,
rolled lips... Simply brush out ugly new realm, his face is a horror film.

Where did this stupid woman get this picture, ready for Halloween?

He had a sudden shock

Photos in her notebook should be important.

Could this ugly man be the one she couldn't forget? His name is Cong.

He put the photo back in her notebook and walked back and forth with his arms around his chest,
feeling that he was her first lover.

This kind of man, even if the inner beauty, also has to be beautiful amazing to make up for such a
thriller defects.

She must be blind and stupid to like this kind of man and devote her first time to him.

How did she get into design school, how did she get into design at JVlear?

At this time, Mo qinyu woke up. She felt the back cold when she saw he was thinking and standing on
the side, and the expression him is gloomy and weird

When he gets angry, bad things will happen to her

"Qin yichen, What's the matter with you?"

Qin yichen brought him to himself, and he went quickly to the bedside.


He leaned forward slightly, his handsome face pressed down. "stupid woman, did you give your first
time to that man, Cong?"

"what?" She astounded, "Why did he suddenly ask this question? Did he discover anything?"

"That's the past." "She said.

Qin yichen felt she was acquiescence.

"It must take a lot of courage to offer yourself to a man like that?"

She could not understand what he was trying to say. "what are you talking about?"

He didn't answer, but asked, "are you short-sighted with astigmatism?"

"No!" She shook her head.

"Then why are you so blind?" He laughed, and deeply impressed by her aesthetic.

"I'm not blind. I'm fine." She rubbed her eyes, and felt bewildered.

"That is the brain be disabled, Were you scared to a fool by being locked up in a dark room when you
were a kid?" He forced the flick of her forehead. She hurriedly covered it with pain.

"What did I do wrong?

"The biggest mistake you've ever made is giving your first time to that damn ugly guy." He gnashed his
teeth, breaking every word between them.

The word "ugly guy" is like a sharp knife across her heart. She took a breath, and the anger burns in
her chest, "Cong is not a ugly guy. He is the most handsome person in the world, and no one can
compare with him in my heart.

No sooner had she finished than he punched the bed head in a fit of rage

Is this fucking true love?

Can be attracted by this ugly to doubt the life of the man, can not say true love?

"I'll have to use the Hubble to see how handsome he is" His tone was full of mockery and sarcasm.

She did not know why he wanted to slander Cong. She did not allow him to do that, and no one could
insult Cong!

"Qin yichen, have you always been so handsome? Haven't you ever been ugly?"

He used to be ugly. Mo mengshan scared cry every day because his is ugly. She refused to marry him
and eventually disappeared

Qin yichen two bushy eyebrows, tightly locked together, lips edge muscle taut very tight, teeth still bite,
"which eye you see me ugly?"

Two eyes!

She said to herself.

He did know that she had seen his photos before surgery and knew his past.

But she kept it to herself, and no one who knew too many secrets lived long.

It is said that he went abroad at the age of ten and came back at the age of twenty. His ugly
appearance is estimated to be known by few people in China, and even Pang xiaofan has never seen

That was his second secret.

If he found out that she knew the secret, he would be furious and kill her.

"It's not what you look like, it's what you look like inside."

Qin yichen said: "Have you heard a sentence,'One's appearance is formed through his through'?"

Her mouth curled. He's cold on the outside and cool on the inside which is confirms that statement.

Just as she was about to answer back, there came a knock on the door: "young master, lady, you need
to come down to have dinner."

Qin yichen made a few deep breaths to force down all the anger, and left out.

"Bang", the whole room was violently shaking, as if an earthquake. She seemed like a China that had
been shattered by the earthquake and could not be put together again.

When she came down from upstairs, Mrs. Qin asked her if her fever was gone. Of course, what she
cared about was not her, but the children she might have in her belly.

"I'm all right, mother." "She whispered.

I asked the servant to make some chicken soup." 'she said faintly.

Chicken soup isn't for her. It's just for her to get pregnant.

If she does have one, all her hard work will be wasted because she was in poor health and had a

Qin yichen has been cold, and there is no expression revealed in his face.

Qin yiman cried and ran in from the outside with grievance and frustration, as if something big accident
had happened.