Love in full bloom

Chapter 32 Punishment in the Office

She struggled to get up, but the body had been held down by his powerful big hand.

"This is your office!" she reminded.

"You have been so fickle all the time?" He squeezed her chin, and he was covered in a stormy

The strong fear surrounded her. "What am I doing wrong?"

"Do you know that you betrayed me?" His eyebrows were fiercely twisted together, and the eyes were
flashing cold light as fierce as a lion's eyesight, as if to tear her into pieces in the next second.

"I didn't betray you." She looked at him calmly.

This did not reduce his anger, she was not a good woman, otherwise she would not be confused with
the wild man before marriage!

"Do you think your words can beat me?" His chest was heavy and undulating, and the burning anger
burned her face so much.

"If you don't believe me, tell me what I did wrong," she said struggling.

He went to his desk and grabbed the iPad and slammed it in front of her. "Look at it."

There is a set of photos inside, they were she and Xu Ruochen.

All the scenes of lunch at noon were photographed.

The angle of shooting made them look awkward, like stealing.

The most important thing is that the next Xu Ruofang is not in the lens.

" monitor me!" She opened her eyes wide, her face paled in an instant, her blood left her lips,
and her voice seemed to tremble.

In this way, Qin Yichen seems to have caught a current one!

His anger almost broke out.

"I am very busy, how do you say that I should punish you?"

"This is the angle of the sneak shot. We are three people eating, and his sister Xu Ruofang is also
there. This person deliberately did not take Xu Ruofang in, he wants to frame me."

Her expression was very calm and there was no trace of lying.

His expression was distorted, and the violent anger disappeared at all.

She smiled very happy in the photo, before she laughed at other men.

But in front of him, she never laughed so much.

"I warned you, are you not allowed to see Xu Ruochen?" His voice was very cold, dropping the
temperature of the entire office below freezing.

She raised her fist, raised her head and stared at him, trying to piece together the broken dignity. "I am
not your slave, I have the right to make friends. I will not take you for too long, I will wait for Mo
Mengshan." Come back and leave, far from your devil!"

She didn't know why she said this. She was clearly contradictory, but she was too angry and her
tongue was out of control.

Qin Yichen's blue veins were beating, and there was a violent scream in his mind that made him want
to kill this woman.

It turned out that she was married and prepared to leave, seduce Qin Yichen just to find a home.

"The woman I have slept, don't expect to find another home!"

"Next home? You think too much. When I agree to replace Mo Mengshan, I know that this life is ruined.
I will not find a home, leave you, I will find a place to be quiet. live alone!"

She said clearly and forcefully, especially the last few words.

That stubborn look emerged from her eyes.

They can make his adrenaline surge to the extreme, let him lose his mind, lose control, use his
powerful strength, force her to yield, kneel at his feet.

"You can only pray for a day that you will get what you want." He grabbed her collar and violently tore it,
and the buttons fell on the floor one by one.

"No!" she screamed in horror. "Here is your office!"

How can he force her here, how can she face her colleagues after going out?

Qin Yichen ignored her, the anger of the eyes, and the desire for fire.

The only place where she can count a little value is for him to vent.

He wants to drain this residual value!

His movements are close to the rough edge, only desire.

The tearing of the fabric keeps ringing in the air.

He hates her and tears her into pieces every time.

He is so powerful, she is an ant in front of him, without the slightest ability to resist.

"No, I will work later, beg you." She shed tears and begged.

He is indifferent, his body and brain have been controlled by hormones and strong conquests.

He knows very well that she has not really surrendered to him, and that pleading and weakness are
illusions. Her thorns are hidden in the bones and will only be revealed if they are stimulated.

"Serving me is your primary obligation, no matter where you are!"

He turned her over and grabbed her waist, forcing her to stand up against her.

This shameful posture made her feel like a technical girl, waiting for the scoop's entry.

Her body gradually stiffened, like a stone, and her fingers gripped the armrests of the sofa.

This is her silent rebellion, every time, she is like this to respond to his violation!

He felt that anger and conquest had swelled to the extreme and couldn’t wait to get in!

She bit her lip and doesn't let herself scream.

His attack was more intense than once, tears and sweat soaked her face.

Somehow, in her remaining consciousness, she suddenly thought of the man in the hotel.

That night, he was also so terrible that he would not let her go for a long time.

She fainted and when she woke up again, the aggression continued.

But today, she can't let herself faint, she has to work, and she has to face the guesswork and doubts of
her colleagues.