Love in full bloom

chapter 41 Don't shut me in the cellar

“What are you doing? It’s so dark.”

“Don’t you have claustrophobia? But you are not scared when we turned off the light in common. “He
hummed, looked at her in the dark.

“I won’t be scared when I am in a dark but roomy space. In a narrow but bright space, neither. I am
afraid of being in the dark and narrow space. “She explained.

This guy is trying tempt her. He is so suspicious.

“You have so many conditions. “He laughed at her.

“What can I do? I am helpless too.” She acted a little bit shamelessly. “But I think Xu Ruofang is
professional. If I keep going to her office, I will get healed.”

Qi Yichen said nothing. He won’t stop her to treat an illness.

She tittered in mind. The trick of Xu Ruochen and her has perfectly tricked Qin Yichen. She can be
friends with Xu Ruochen and his sister above board in the future.

When she get changed, Qin Yichen is not in the room anymore. He won’t waste his precious time on
her. She sent a message to Xu Ruochen,” Passed.”

Xu Ruochen sent back an laughing emogi,”I have been ready to claim that I come out.”

She choked, “It’s not good for you to ruin your reputation.”

“Your problem is only a part of it. Mainly it’s due to my personal staff. A fortuneteller told me that I will
get into trouble because of woman. So I have to clean up the woman beside me to get out of this. “Xu
Ruochen sent a forced smile.

She wants to cry and laugh. The wealthy man will always have a lot of women around.

“And then? Will you claim that you are straight again?”

“NONONO, I will cultivate my mind to wait for my Miss Right.” He sent a smile.

 She smiled and can’t stop thinking that night in hotel and stopped that immediately. Delete that. Don’t
think about that and just treat it as it never happened before.

In the evening. Qin Yichen saw her curled up on the floor motionless when he back for the study room.

Usually when he came in, she will cover her head with quilt. It’s obvious that she wasn’t asleep.

But today she is a good girl. Maybe she is scared by his threat last time.

“Stupid. Don’t pretend. It’s only 9 clock. You can’t get sleep.” He kicked her feet.

She didn’t move and just trembled just like shivered.

Really get sleep? He slightly leaned and peeped at her. Her face is so red and it’s not normal.

He touched her forehead immediately, hot!

She had a fever.

Stupid woman, she is so weak. Only got wet in the water and then she had a fever.

He held her with the quilt together. She seemed to wake up with a start and wide her eyes just like a
scared deer.

“What are you doing?”

“You got a fever.” He said with a deep voice.

She became more scared and shook her head, “I didn’t get a fever. It’s just too hot and I opened the air
conditioner. It’s so hot now.”

Qin Yichen ignored her and thought she just talked nonsense, walking forward.

She was very scared and shouted, “I didn’t get a fever and won’t infect you. Don’t shut me in the cellar.
I am scared of that place, please!”

She cried out and her weak body started to tremble because of fear. And her tremble even made him
shake his body too.

Though she was in a daze because of fever, she still remembered that, “if get a fever, should move into
the cellar.”

He inhaled and don’t know should laugh or cry.

She must be frightened in the small dark room when she was young. She can’t remember his important
prohibition but remember clearly these casual words.

He walked to the bed and put her on the bed,” I am so nice today and will permit you sleep on my bed.”

She sobbed and looked at him through the rearing eyes. Luckily it’s not been shut in the cellar.

“Will you strip the bed tomorrow?”

If she slept on the bed and make it dirty, will he let people to strip it?

“It’s rare that I can be nice. Just enjoy that and don’t talk nonsense.” He slowly said that and then
turned to get out.

She was still a little muddleheaded. It’s not a dream, right?

Will this devil be so kind?

Qin Yichen walked downstairs and opened the medicine closet, looking for the cold medication.

Mrs. Qin came over, “What’s wrong? Are you uncomfortable?”

“Mo Qin got a fever and want to find medicine for her. “He said/

“Why she is so careless?” Mrs. Qin frowned.” She can’t eat medicine. In case she was pregnant, can’t
have that child if she takes the medicine.”

“She only come here for one week. How come she would be pregnant so fast.” Qin Yichen shrugged
his shoulders.

“Take care. Don’t eat any medicine. You’d better let her be pregnant these months. You go to take
some ice bag to lower her temperature. I will ask the servant to cook some ginger decoction. She
doesn’t worth the delicate care and drinking some ginger decoction will get better.” Mrs. Qin said.

When she birth the kid, they will let her get away. Out of sight, out of mind.

Qin Yichen put down the medicine and took the ice bag, come up.

Soon aunt Mei took the ginger decoction. She knew some medical massage and did some massage to
Mo Qinyu.

“The fever will bring down in the midnight.”

“Thanks, aunt Mei.” Mo Qinyu smiled and finished the ginger decoction. She sweated and felt better.

When she lay down, she fell into sleep quickly. But Qin Yichen didn’t get asleep for a long time laid by
her side.

Mo Qinyu like moving when she is asleep. She turned over and rolled in his hug.

Her skin is so hot and still in the fever.

Her white are touch his chest, smooth like the silk. And that made his body hot.

Every time her body is uptight like the stone. Now she relaxed and she is so soft like a snake.

Holding a soft jade, it’s just like this.

Unfortunately, she didn’t have any advantaged in other aspect except body.

No, this body is not perfect. She is not a virgin.

This damn woman. He married a broken and empty shell.

Thinking about this, he covered her body without any hesitation.