Love in full bloom

Chapter 39 Maybe it would be nice if it was you

"I know it's your first time. If you hadn't married, I would marry you and be responsible to you." He
sighed heavily.

She shook her head. " you don't need to be responsible for me. I just want you to keep it a secret as if it
never happened."

"I know it will have a bad effect on you, and I won't say anything." "He said solemnly and firmly.

"Swear it!" She worried about it. She doesn't know what is going to happen if Qin yichen and his family
know this, so she have to be sure thatt he will say nothing.

"Yes, I swear." He nodded his head in a solemn way and raised his palms. "if I say one word about it, I
will never find a wife and be single all my life."

She was relieved.

It was a blessing in disguise that the man was Xu ruochen. He is better than a man who cheats on a
woman's affections.

"Could you give me back the bracelet?"

"It was yours and should be returned to its owner." He took it off and put it on her wrist. "can we not let
this affect our friendship?"

She lifted up two index fingers to put on her temple, closed her eyes, and said something silently. And
then she opened her eyes, and said with a smile, "well, I have formatted off.I don't remember what
happened between us."

Xu ruochen smiled, and imitated what her did, "I also format off, we are still best friends."

"Well." Her giggled. Her laughter echoed through the room, dispelling the gloom and infecting him.

There is a knock at the door. It was Xu ruofang, "I just answered a phone,

and then you are gone."

"I showed her around." Xu ruochen smiled and walked down the building with her.

Xu ruofang proposed to go fishing at the lake. Mo qinyu has never been fishing, so she wants to try it.

Xu ruochen guided her to put bait and hook when they got to the lake, soon she caught a carp.

"You have a gift for fishing!" Xu ruochen thumbs up.

Xu ruofang enjoyed fishing and drinking coffee, "is your sister-in-law's engagement to Ru chen in two

"It seems to be. They seldom tell me about the family, so I don't know very well." She shrugged her

"Will he cry if Ruchen recovers his memory and finds out detection he has done such a ridiculous
thing?" Xu ruofang hey hey a smile, with some ridicule.

"Doesn't he like Qin yiman?" Mo qinyu surprised.

"Although they were engaged from an early age, their personalities were not at all suitable. Ru chen is
man who likes freedom and cannot be bound. And Qin yiman with man possessive wants to control
him. He has a headache when he sees her. When he was in middle school, he swore in public that he
would never marry her." Xu ruofang said.

Mo qinyu's dark eyes flashed.

No wonder the little girl said yesterday," if Ru chen doesn't have memory loss, he certainly will not
marry Qin yiman.

However, Qin yiman seems to like him.

Xu ruofang is worthy of psychology. Her analysis of Qin yiman's character was accurate. Qin yiman is
sticky, like 502, and her possessive is seem with Qin yichen .

Ru chen just pulled Mo qinyu, and then Qin yiman felt Mo qinyu was seducing Ru chen.

It is estimated that as long as a woman near Ru chen, she will have this overreaction.

"I heard from my family that after Chen lost his memory, his character changed a lot." "She asked

"Indeed. He changed from an adventurer to an artist. He used to travel every where he wants to go.
Now he stays quietly at home every day, plays music, and draws. It was like he was possessed by a
soul." Xu ruochen said.

Mo qinyu's heart suddenly jumped into the throat, 'the soul possessed', Will this world have the soul

" Does he used to draw and compose?"

"No, he doesn't like that." Xu ruochen shook his head.

Mo qinyu bit her lower lip. A fantastic, supernatural idea came into her mind, "is it really the possession
of the soul? He became another person. You can't acquire skills you've never had before because you
lost your memory, can you?"

She whispered, "that soul might be Cong's."

They look like each other, maybe they have a mysterious connection. It's possible that Cong's soul is
attached to Ru chen's body.

Xu ruofang pushed the wire-rimmed glasses on the bridge of her nose. "there is a scientific explanation
for this. It's not called ' the soul possessed '. It's called 'Acquired savant syndrome'.It's usually a person
who, after a left brain injury, suddenly shows extraordinary mathematical, music or artistic ability. The
cause of the disease is still being studied, but most experts believe that when the left side of the brain
is damaged, the right side of the brain is responsible for making up for the lost function of the left side,
thereby activating the brain's potential."

Her little hope vanished in a moment.

It turns out that this is a scientific explanation. She is worthy of psychology students.

"What about personality? Why does it change after amnesia?"

" Most of people's character is acquired. He will return to the baby when he forget all the experience, so
his character will return to the original state." Xu ruofang said slowly.

A sense of loss swept over her.

Ru Chen is still Ru chen. He is nothing to do with Shi cong.

The mobile phone suddenly rang when she thought. It called from Qin's house.

"Stupid woman, get out of here at once!" There was a low growl from the receiver, and then he hung

From his peevish voice and the curt command, she could almost imagine the man on the other end of
the line looking so gloomy, as if a storm were coming.

He had sexy directly with her in the office last time, and he did not mind the impact, she wondered how
he would punish her?

She shuddered at the thought.

Xu ruochen realized her anomaly, "is the Qin yichen call it?"

"Yes." She nodded with white face. "I'm going."

"He must mind that you connect with the opposite sex. Possessive men do that." Xu ruofang said.

Xu ruochen treacherously smileed, "That's all right. You go back to do so... "He said something in a low

Mo qinyu felt astonishment. Her eyes stared bigger than the copper, "Are you sure want me to say so?"

"Sure." Xu ruochen looked at her sister, and smiled.