Love in full bloom

Chapter 35 Only I can teach this woman

Mo Qinyu took a deep breath, and it turned out that her sister-in-law was still a play, and she played a
bitter drama. "I didn't do anything, You are framing me."

She must not allow herself to be framed.

Qin Chuxia sucked her nose. "Dad, the old sister is crazy, she hit the sister, and pushed me to the
ground. My legs are falling, it hurts." She began to cry again.

Sima Yuer saw her daughter's knees really green, and she was terribly sad. "Yiman, why do you push
Xiaoxia, the dispute between you and Qinyu is none of business of Xiaoxia?"

"She doesn’t understand anything, elbows turned out, not helping me, but helping Mo Qinyu!" Qin
Yiman snorted, did not think she was wrong.

"No one here is an outsider, Qinyu is my daughter-in-law of Qin family, she is your brother's wife!" Qin
Yuhan scolded.

"But she did not obey the woman's way, seduce her brother-in-law, and ruined the doorstep of our Qin
family!" Qin Yiman said screamingly.

Mrs Qin stared at Mo Qinyu in disgust, "Qinyu, I can't control how you indulged in the past, but if you
marry into the Qin family, you should guard the woman's way, and you can't bring all the bad habits
outside before into the Qin family."

"I didn't do anything to be sorry for Qin's family. How can you condemn me on her word alone?"?" Mo
Qinyu stared straight at her, calmly.

Ruchen's brows were tightly wrinkled together, and his face was very gloomy. "I just watched Qinyu fall,
and helped her, and Yiman was so exaggerated. She would really reverse black and white."

"Well, my brother-in-law is afraid that my sister will fall and pull her. The older sister is like a madman
who rushes to fight sister. Is she possessed by the devil?" Qin Chuxia hid her head in the arms of her
brother. , like there is still a little scared.

"Falling? Is she really falling? She is clearly acting. This kind of fake trick is a bad thing in the TV
series. You can't see it." Qin Yiman was so angry that her hair was smoking.

It’s terrible, Ruchen is clearly protecting this little goblin, he has been caught on the hook.

"You are to measure the belly of gentleman with mean person's heart, but it doesn't matter, I am not
afraid of shadows, how do you think about what you love." Mo Qinyu said righteously.

Qin Yiman suddenly cried. "Mom, Why is there such a woman in our house, she is insidious, sinister,
shameless, and the face is thicker than the city wall. I don't know how she will make waves and stir up
the family."

Mo Qinyu stared at her with sorrow. The criticism in her eyes was like two sharp arrows. "Qin Yiman, I
respect you as my big sister. I have been polite to you for three points. Although you always have bad
words, But I have never offended you. Why do you quarrel with me again and again?"

Qin Yiman's mouth twitched.

If you like someone, you don't need a reason, and you don't need a reason to hate someone.

But she hates Mo Qinyu for a reason.

This reason is only her own.

Every time she saw her, she felt like a thorn and plunged into her eyes.

"I am for Yi Chen, for the Qin family, I don't want this mouse to smash and destroy the harmony of our

Qin Yuhan was so angry that she had to give her daughter a few faces, but she had already thrown her
face away.

"Yiman, you are simply making trouble, you immediately apologize to Qinyu!"

Qin Yiman was shocked. He didn't expect his father to teach Mo Qinyu. Instead, she asked her to

"Dad, the person who did the wrong thing is her, she should apologize to me."

"Do you not apologize?" Qin Yuhan looked very stern and extremely harsh.

Qin Yiman was scared to hide behind Mrs. Qin. Mrs. Qin comforted her patted her hand and quickly
acted as a peacemaker. "Forget it, Yu Hao, I see everything is misunderstood. They both pull and pull.
It’s also reasonable to think that Man is wrong."

"She is spoiled by you!" Qin Yuhan gave her an angry look.

Mrs. Qin’s cheeks trembled, and she wanted to say something, but she did not dare to say it.

Her daughter is so noble, how can she bow to a despicable country woman?

Even if it is wrong, we must press her on the momentum and step on her underfoot.

Qin Yiman secretly clenched her teeth, and the inner hatred was like a wave.

She decided that Mo Qinyu wanted to seduce Ruchen. In the garden that day, she was embarrassed
and didn't know what to say to Ruchen.

Everything can be done in the slum of the slum.

She was thinking, and she saw Qin Yichen coming over with Qin Chuxia. "Qin Yiman, you can not
apologize like Mo Qinyu, but you must apologize to me and Qin Chuxia."

Qin Yiman almost didn't faint. "Why should I apologize to you?"

"Mo Qinyu is my person. If she made a mistake, she should be punished by me. You are not qualified.
Now, the more you swear, the more you should apologize to me?" Qin Yichen spit out a word slowly,
with a soft tone. The feathers landed, but the sound was cold and cold like ice, which made Qin Yiman

" sister Man, you push me for no reason, but also apologize to me. You must know how to respect the
old and love the young, you are the elder sister of the family, we are your brother and sister, you do not
care for us, but also bully us, must Apologize." Qin Chuxia glared at her with a small mouth.

Doing something wrong, not apologizing, but also pretending to be helpless, the elder sister is too

Qin Yiman was so angry that she had to squirt a bit of old blood. "You two should not be too much."

"Come on, Qin Yiman, apologize." Qin Yichen glared at her, her eyes were very cold and cold, and
there was no temperature.

Mo Qinyu discovered that Qin Yichen's cold is not only for her, but also for her own sister.

He is a cold ice, born with an iceberg.

Qin Yiman’s face was blue and white, shaking Mrs. Qin’s arm and trying to get her off.

Mrs. Qin could see that her son was not happy with this matter. His daughter was so troubled and lost
his face. He said, "Yiman, apologize to your brother and sister."

Qin Yiman is dumbfounded, her mother does not protect her, she has no steps to go.

"I'm sorry." She reluctantly pulled out three words.

Qin Yichen snorted. "You remember later, this woman is doing something wrong, it is up to me to

After that, he strode to Mo Qinyu and violently pulled up her hand and left with a slap.

Qin Yuhan and Sima Yuer followed.

Qin Yiman's eyes fell on Ruchen's body, tearful, full of grievances, but Ruchen's eyes flashed a trace of

"Ruchen, you must be farther away from the fox in the future!" Qin Yiman came over and wanted to pull
him and be taken away by him. "I am leaving."

Not waiting for her response, he went straight outside.

She was so angry that she stamped her feet "it's all because of that bitch woman!"

"Okay, she can't stay here longer, you have to converge a little." Mrs. Qin advised.