Love in full bloom

chapter 37 Punish the woman who lies

He pushed her suddenly and she reeled and fell down on the table. His body covered from her back
and she completely can’t move anymore.

She was so scared and all the face turned pale.

This is the way he punished her and that’s what she was afraid of.

His plunder on sex is just like the violent storm, which is barbarous. Again and again, he didn’t let her
go even she fainted away.

“I just heard that you are finding someone, I... I lived in City Jiang, maybe I can help you.” She jittered
to say and just like begged him.

He didn’t loose his hands and put his hands into her dress and travelled her soft body.

“The curiosity will kill the cat.”

“Your sperm were stolen and that will influence me.” She pinched the under lip, his fingers are hot as
the fire, even scald her skin.

He jeered and grabbed her thin underwear, teased that.”what are you worried about? Your position?”

She squeezed her legs just like the dying lamb was struggling,”I am not afraid. I don’t have a position at
all, how come I will lose that.” This word was full of self-mockery.”

His black eyes blinked and became darker. He use his knees to open her legs.

In front of him, all her resist was useless.

“You don’t have position, but you have status.”

She was shamed and angry. She sneered to provoke,” You can’t take my status because it’s not from
you. What’s more, didn’t you hate the scheming girl most? I won’t cheat you to steal your sperm and I
would rather that you don’t touch me for the whole life!”

This didn’t make him feel better but infuriated him.

“Because you still think about that dead man, right?” He clenched his teeth and every word came out of
the teeth.

Her heart hurts. Lost A Cong is the wound that will never heal.

But can’t mention that in front of him.

She has to get a position at this home for herself. At least she can reduce the punishment and pain, so
she had to lie.

“He has been dead, I need to move on and can’t always live in the past.

“You are pretty pragmatic.” His slim fingers gripped her right breast like grip her heart, “You named by
me, then there can only be me in your eyes, heart and mind!”

She knew that it’s just because he is very possessive. Even it was a pet, a silicon doll, but it was his
private property and should belong to him 100%.

But she is afraid to let him disappointed because except the body, she can’t give him anything.

“That’s not what I can control. People can control the hands and foot, but not for the heart. Heart and
mind are independent.”

“I will help you to control.” He rushed into her body.

She has to admit that although she was forced to have sex with him, but she got climax by his fierce

It’s the original reaction of body, she didn’t have a little happiness in mind. The combination of two
people, should not on the body side but also for the soul side,

Looked at that she was trembling under his body, he jeered,”stupid woman, only your body is honest.”

“You can only get my body!” She slowly, weakly, shapely said these words.

This word infuriate him and irritate his willing to conquer her,” There would be one day, i will let you

He fasten the speed want to make her ask for him.

But she pinched the lips and shut off all the voices..

When he got downstairs, he has been in a suit. After the breakfast, he left.

Xu Ruofang made a call to invite her to home.

Although Qin Yichen forbid she get along with Xu Ruochen, but she didn’t want to listen to him.

She has the right to make friends and she want to make friends with Xu Ruochen and his sister.

Told Aunt Mei and she went out.

Xu Ruofang drove to pick her. She and her brother live in a villa in front of a lake.

Xu Ruochen was in a rice shirt and blue jeans today. He was always so simple and clean.

The servant took some fruits and snacks. Xu Xingfang got a call and went outside. Xu Ruochen gave
her an orange which has been cut,”Didn’t Pang Xiaofan bug you these days?”

“NO,” She shake her head.

“But for her personally, she won’t stop.” He sneered.

“I really don’t know what she is thinking about. If Qin Yichen liked her, then I am the third person
between their relationship. It’s reasonable that she is jealous of me. But Qin Yichen doesn’t like her at
all. What did she want when she importuned?” She curled her lip.

“How do you know Qin Yichen doesn’t like her?” Xu Ruochen’s brown eyes turned to be dark.

“About this, I am pretty sure. She is not Qin Yichen’s type.” She was pretty sure because Qin Yichen
like man not woman. All the woman won’t be the type he like.

“What kind of type does he like? Like you?” Xu Ruochen laughed to entertain her.

She grimaced,”Stop kidding me. You know that he marry me just because of the family’s ask. He didn’t
like me.”

“Then do you care about that?” His eyebrows raised.

“No, I married to him also because of family’s ask.” She said that without any hesitation and then shook
her head,”No no no, I married him to take place of my older sister.”

The smile on Xu Ruochen’s face became larger. Her answer made him happy and satisfied.

“Have you heard any news about Mo Mengshan?”

“No, when she want to go back, she will send massage in Moments.” She sighed and felt sad and
complex. She want her to get back but at the same time, she didn’t want her back.

If she was in danger, then she hope she could come back safely. But if she just hide because she
didn’t want to marry Qin Yichen. Then hope she keep hiding and don’t come back.

Because once she found that Qin Yichen lost weight and have cosmetic surgery. He is so handsome
and not an ugly man anymore. She will definitely regret and want to exchange back.

“Don’t think about the unhappy thing anymore. Let me show you my villa.”

He took her go up stairs. It has three floors in total.

Thinking about the whole family of her lived in the 20 squares basement, she thought that the wealth
distance in the world just like the sky and the land.

The left hand is his study room. Go inside, she was attracted by the whatnot. There was a bracelet
hanging on the crystal holder in the middle. But it’s not an antique, it’s a normal one.

She was just like struck by lightning and trembled fiercely.