Love in full bloom

Chapter 33 I have nothing to wear

Qin yichen felt the ultimate pleasure after releasing again and again.

He could not deny that the woman's body was extremely special.

He never lack of women who is charming, sexual, sensual, pure, and gorgeous. But no one could let
him have desire.

This woman has a super power that can easily stir up his adrenalin, making him unable to control his
desire to pour out.

And she was the only one to pour out.

By the time he had left her with satiety, the sun was setting in the west.

Almost unconscious, she lay motionless on the sofa. It was a long time before she recovered.

This man is a beast, a devil, and a lucifer from hell. One day, she will die under him.

When Qin yichen came out from the bathroom, he was different and dressed like a king.

And she had nothing to wear.

Clothes on the floor were torn to pieces by him.

He is really strong. She is wearing heavy overalls even can be torn by him.

"How do I get out? "She asked weakly.

Qin yichen glanced at her.

Her white skin was covered with bruises, and her chest still had the fingerprints he had played with.

He was out of control, but she brought it on herself!

Walking to the desk, he picked up the phone and called his secretary Alice, "Bring me a uniform for the
women, size M."

Soon Alice knocked at the door.

Qin yichen did not let her come in, and he moved personally to open the door. Then he let her put the
clothes from the crack in the door.

Alice knew who was inside. When Mo qinyu came to get her card, she saw it.

The CEO usually talks to his employees in the conference room.

No woman has ever entered the President's office, not even Pang xiaofan, except special assistant and
chief secretary.

But Mo qinyu who not pass the probation period went in. And it is the second time she has entered the

On top of that, she didn't come out all afternoon, and the President asked me to bring her clothes.


She was afraid to show it, and she was calm and calm, as if she knew nothing and nothing had

Anyone who gets into President Office is special.

Qin yichen threw the clothes to Mo qinyu.

She didn't put them on immediately, and said in a very low voice, "how many bathrooms do you have?"

"What are you ding?" He frowns.

"I want to borrow it. You thinks I am dirty. I will so sorry to the bathroom for you ask someone to break it
when I'm done with it." Her long bushy eyelashes flickered.

Qin yichen stared at her. A strange expression appeared on his face.

"Go and use it. I'll sterilize it."

"thank you." She picked up her clothes and staggered in, and her legs still a little weak.

Looking at her beautiful body, he actually had an impulse!

When Mo qinyu came out dressed, his reaction had not gone away.

She was wearing a formal business suit, which was different, but...

His eyes fell on her dress.

The skirt was short, and it reached only to the knees. Her beautiful white legs were showed .

Damn it, some idiot designed a short skirt.

The woman wears it all the time, doesn't she attract some of the men?

He was discontent with it.

Moqinyu did not see that, she saw that he wanted to sexy with her again .

She was terrified. with her limited experience, She thought with her limited experience that men were
tired after sexing, and they needed a long time to recover.

But this man was full of energy for a second!

To prevent him from erupting again, she ran away in a panic without even saying a word to him.

There was a cold, gloomy light under his eyes, and he's a little irritable.

He never lost control, and never let himself lose control, but this woman, stupid and dirty, disgusting
and disgusting, why can break through his defense in a minute?

The WeChat group of design department downstairs have been messed up for a long time.

Moqinyu was called to the office by the President and did not come back all afternoon.

"The boss only comes here once a week. He never makes an exception. This is his second visit here
this week, and he called her up as soon as he came."

"Except for special assistant and people of President Office, no one has ever entered Lu zong's office.
Mo qinyu has only been here for a week, but she went in twice!"

Everybody thinks that she is offended Pang xiaofan last time, so they did not care that she obtained
"honour" to be summoned by President.

But they were clearly wrong.

She didn't get fired and stayed well in the company.

This time, they were very curious about it.

What did the President call her for?

"I have discovered a great secret. Mo qinyu is a fresh graduate.Fresh graduates are interns to enter the
company, but moqinyu is a formal employee."

"Does she have connections?"

Pang xiaofan was angry when she looked at WeChat group, and she snapped straight by the phone

"She doesn't have connections, and she just is a country girl. I believe that she's not going to make it
through the probation period and she may leave tomorrow."

Qin yichen must be teaching her, and maybe her face is swollen, so she did not dare to come out.

Because of Pang xiaofan's background, they dare not directly to scold her. However, there were some
ideas in their minds.

She has been with the President for several years, so it is hard not to get tired of playing with her.
There are so many women around him that it is normal to want another.

"Fan, you have such a good relationship with the President, how come you have never entered the
President's office?" One designer asked.

"I go to his house every day, do I need to go into the office?" Pang xiaofan gave her a ferocious look
from partition glass.

They are having a excited discussion.

Mo qinyu came in.

The office became so quiet that all eyes fell on her.

"Mo qinyu, what does the President ask you to do?" "Asked Jane.

"Last time I made coffee for the President, he said it was delicious and asked me to make another cup
for him." She faltered.

Coming down from upstairs, her mind was in a daze, and all she could think of was this lame excuse.

"All afternoon?" Jane was incredulous.

"I went to work for the President." She prevaricated.

"What is it? Jane inquired.

"You can ask the President. If he agrees, I would say it." Mo qinyu shrugged her shoulders. She knew
that no one dare to continue to ask if she say so.

Pang xiaofan's eyes are sharp and she catches a glimpse of the bruise on her neck.