Love in full bloom

Chapter 31: The Chief Gigolo

The blood overflowed and the red was glaring.

She held her fingers tightly and hid them in her pocket, along with her stubbornness.

She was dressed in white clothes, and the blood was printed out like a cold plum in the snow.

"Oh, we can't eat here, you can only have your lunch at the company, remember not to eat too greasy
things, it's bad for your health."

She was still smiling at him, the mouth was still cracking, so calm, as if nothing had happened before.

He snorted, there was no temperature in his eyes, and there was no pity, only disgust.

"Let's have a look that how long you can disguise." He said and left, strode out.

There was a sad color on the face of Mo Qinyu.

She was very clear that it is impossible to ease the relationship with Qin Yichen.

In his eyes, she was a despicable weed, can not wait to be pulled out, was a dirty bedbug, want to step
on a slag.

But she can't as his wish. For the younger brother, she had to work hard to find a place in this cold
place, and she can't leave away before she had enough medical expenses.

Back in the restaurant, she packed the soup and breakfast for his grandma, told the servant to send it,
and then smiled and said to several elders: "I am going to work, enjoy your breakfast."

Looking at her back, Qin Yuhan looked satisfied with a smile, "She is a good girl."

Mrs. Qin snorted in her heart, and she thought that girl just was the inferior embryos from the family
would only play tricks. She would like to see what time she can fail to disguise!

When Mo Qinyu arrived at the company, she received a letter from Xu Ruochen.

"How about the book I gave you?"

"A lot of harvest, thank you." She sent a smile emoji.

"Would you like to have a meal together with me at noon? I found an expert to come over and answer
questions for you." Xu Ruochen replied.

She was a little curious and agreed. Anyway, she didn't get along alone with him, and she didn't worry
about being the rumor.

At noon, she went to the steakhouse which they went to last time.

Xu Ruochen had arrived, and there was a beautiful girl sitting beside him.

"I want to give you a introduction, she is my sister Xu Ruofang."

"You mentioned the expert before is your sister?" Mo Qinyu was slightly shocked.

"She is a high-level psychology student who graduated from Stanford." Xu Ruochen's thick eyebrows
were slightly picked.

In fact, there was no such a professional practical manual for the woman who married with a rich
family, it was he who had specially hired someone and made the book for her.

He was playing a big game and Mo Qinyu was an important role.

He can see that she was afraid of Qin Yichen and dare not contact him alone. If he always asked her to
have a meet directly, he was afraid that she will refuse. But it was much more convenient to have a

His sister Xu Ruofang was the best candidate.

"It's me. I can't see who's in front of me." Mo Qinyu smiled. "I am very glad to meet you, Miss Xu."

"You are so welcome, my brother's friend is my friend, you can call me Ruofang." Xu Ruofang smiled
and looked like a cheerful and easy-going person, just like her brother.

Mo Qinyu liked to deal with easy-going people, most afraid of dealing with someone who wa elegant
and indifferent, and that kind of indifferent would make her shake.

"I found that you and your brother seem to be very like smiling."

"Laughter is the best medicine, it is good to smile more." Xu Ruochen said slyly, the slightly fascinating
eyes and the beautiful moon-shape lips, even when he was not laughing, can also give others a feeling
that he was smiling.

Mo Qinyu moved her mouth and two small dimples were shaking on her cheeks. "Today's meal, please
let me treat you, thank you for sending me this practical manual."

"I never let women treat me. Last time you have broke my principle, and you can't refresh my bottom
line anymore. If you really want to thank me, let me treat you for this meal, or I won't help you again."
"Huo Ruochen shrugged."

"I am most afraid of threats, then it is better to be as your wish." Mo Qinyu smiled.

The waiter came to the dishes, and they talked while eating, and the atmosphere was very harmonious.

No one knew that in the corner of the restaurant where no one would notice, someone used a mobile
phone to secretly photograph this scene.

She believed that if Qin Yichen saw that he would be very interested.

After dinner, when she returned to the office, the director greeted several designers to have a small
meeting, and Mo Qinyu also participated.

When the meeting finished, the phone on her desk rang, and there was a low, gloomy voice inside:
"Come to my office."

"What happened, General Qin?" She hadn't finished asking, and the phone was hanged.

She secretly wiped her sweat and was reluctant to move her legs.

The last time she went to his office, it led to various criticisms and speculations.

That was the most sensitive place in the entire group, or it is better to go less.

However, it's just her thought, the order of the big boss can't be violated.

When she asked, her voice was not big, but the people around her were more sensitive than the dogs,
and the eyes were quietly moved at her.

Mo Qinyu was summoned by Boss again. Wan't she really going to be fired this time?

Pang Xiaofan’s mouth evoked a sly smile.

Only she knew why Qin Yichen wanted to meet Qin Qinyi.

Her death date was today.

The president's office was not for everyone to get in. The last time she had went there, she already
knew it that she if she had to go to the president's office, she should get the IC card, and went to the
elevator only for the president's office , then she can arrive there.

Finn had been waiting for her at the president's office.

He was a very handsome man with a bit of evil on his face, like a prince in a comic book.

"Boss is not very happy today, you have to comfort him in a hurry, lest we all will suffer."

Finn whispered with low voice, and that the sound was controlled that within only two people can hear.

In the morning, when the boss was playing golf, he was in a good mood. In the afternoon, suddenly the
lightning thundered and the supersonic rushed to the JVLear building, like with a bomb.

Mo Qinyu felt that he knew her relationship with Qin Yichen. As the first assistant of Qin Yichen and the
head of the harem group, he was estimated to know everything about Qin Yichen.

"Thank you." She smiled a little reluctantly.

Shouldn't something like calm him down be his, the chief "gigolo"'s duty?

How could she know how to calm him down? She only knew how to make him more angry.

Pushing the door of the office, she saw a murderous blow.

Qin Yichen sat on the executive chair, with no expression on his face, and the handsome face seemed
to be frozen by the millennium of cold ice. People could feel the deep cold when they were three
meters away.

She moved her hands unconsciously, "General Qin, are you looking for me?"

She stood very far and didn't dare to be too close.

"Come here!" He spoke a few words from his teeth.

"I will stand here, you said before, to keep you three meters away." She shook her head, as if
deliberately she was provoking him.

A haze of smoldering flashed from the bottom of his eyes. He suddenly stood up and attacked like a
tornado. He picked up her and slammed her and fell heavily on the sofa.

With so many bans, she was regarded them as nothing, and this kind of irrelevant little thing was
turned out to be a shield by her!