Love in full bloom

Chapter 30 Pretending to be virtuous, to make father happy

"Big brother, why are you pressing on my sister? You are so heavy, you will crush her." Qin Chuxia
looked overly surprised!

Qin Yichen was flying in front of a row of grass mud horses. "Little girl, what are you doing in the

"I just made a joke with you and scared you. I didn't expect to see you being bullying. I want to tell my
father to go, you let your wife sleep on the floor, and press on her, to beat her, you are too bad. "Qin
Chuxia finished, wow, crying, as if the person being bullied is her."

Qin Yichen has no choice but to say, "Which eyes do you see me playing her, we are playing games..."

"Right right." Mo Qinyu looked like a chicken glutinous rice, got up and grabbed a little Lolly. "Xiao xia,
hey, don't cry. I play a role-playing game with your big brother every night." Today he plays the big
devil, I am his maid, and the maid must of course sleep on the floor. If tomorrow, I become a queen, he
becomes a servant, and he has to sleep on the floor."

"Then why is he pressing on you?" Qin Chuxia sucked her nose.

This is the big devil and the maid are wrestling, if you don't come out, I will ride on him. She smiled and

Qin Yichen's face crossed a sly color.

It is a liar to lie, very good at a serious nonsense.

Qin Chuxia is only eight or nine years old. The child is a child. When she listens to her, she believes
that she is true and breaks. "Can I play with you next time?"

"If you can keep it secret, don't say anything to anyone." Mo Qinyu smiled.

"Well, I promise not to say it." She made a "squeaky" gesture and then pulled up Mo Qinyu's hand.
"Hey, I want to sleep with you."

"Okay." Mo Qinyu's eyes lit up, and he said nothing.

She is trying to get rid of the invasion of the Great Devil. Little Loli is really her savior.

It is best to sleep with her every day, away from the Shura Devil and cherish life.

Seeing her escaping escape, Qin Yichen was very depressed, he had already wanted to burn, and the
damn shower water was set on fire.

In another room, Qin Chuxia soon fell asleep.

Mo Qinyu is still not sleepy.

Xu Ruoxuan sent WeChat, "I heard that your father-in-law and little mom are back."

"You are really well informed." Mo Qinyu sent a face.

"When you enter the giants, it is like the sea. I guess your life in the Qin family is not good. If you can't
show it in front of your father-in-law, let him be your solid backer, you will not have the chance to turn
over in the future." Give her a worried expression.

"How can I behave?" she sighed.

Xu Ruochen came with a document.

"This is a practical book for the giants and wives. You should take a good look at it. This is written by
the experience of dozens of wealthy wives who have successfully turned over. It is for internal
circulation only."

Mo Qinyu took a breath and there is such a book in the world?

"Since it is internal circulation, how come you have?"

"Stolen from my mother's study, I sent you a photocopy." Xu Ruochen smiled.

"Thank you, I will study it right away." Mo Qinyu is grateful.

It must be God who pity that she was oppressed by the three mountains of the Qin family, and
arranged the angel of Xu Ruoxu to help her.

The book is the book, Mo Qinyu only saw the first few, she felt a lot of understanding in a moment, the
brain power increased.

The next day, she got up very early, stewed a pot of soup, and made breakfast again.

Although Mrs. Qin and Qin Yichen are disgusted, they will not taste it, but there are fathers and

According to the Baodian Raiders, they are the people she wants to fight. She must respect them and
raise the goodness to 100+.

Qin Hanyu took a sip of soup and was full of praise. "No wonder Mom likes to drink, it's really good."

Sima Jueer smiled softly. "This child is ingenious and married to the Qin family. It is her blessing and
the blessing of the Qin family."

Mrs. Qin has a smile on her face, but her heart whispers, standing and talking without hurting. If such a
woman is your daughter-in-law, you will not boast.

"Mom, the soup is so delicious, the shrimp dumplings are delicious, I really like the new sister." Qin
Chuxia stuffed the whole shrimp dumpling into her mouth, she was very happy

"Slow down, don't lie." Sima Jueer caressed her head.

"Mom, I slept with my sister last night. My sister told me the story is good. I can sleep with my new
sister every day." Qin Chuxia said with a big eye, a serious saying.

Sima Yi’s child squatted and glanced at her. “Hey, you can’t take your sister to sleep anymore.”

"Why?" Qin Chuxia's face was confused.

"Sister is the wife of Big Brother, she sleeps with her husband," Sima Jueer said.

"Oh, I know, they have to sleep together to give birth to a baby." Qin Chuxia naughty spit on her
tongue, the school has an enlightenment education, so she knows a little about this.

Mo Qinyu was awkward, and she had two blush on her cheek. "Xiao xia, when your brother doesn't
come back at night, I will sleep with you, okay?"

This was originally the unintentional language of child.

She did not expect to attract the attention of Qin Hanyu. "Is Yi Chen often not going home?"

"No." Realizing that she had made a mistake, she quickly waved her hand. "Yi Chen has been busy
with work recently. Sometimes he is late for entertainment and he has not returned."

Qin Hanyu nodded and asked no more.

Qin Yichen was the last to enter the restaurant.

He didn't drink soup or eat breakfast.

The dirty woman's craft is definitely not good, the key is dirty, eating it will be disgusting, nausea.

But he could not show obvious dislike in front of his father, lest the father noticed their bad relationship,
and he had an excuse to meet, go to the company earlier, and hurried out.

Mo Qinyu is used to it, knowing that he will not eat, but as a virtuous woman, it must not be indifferent.

She picked up the insulation box on the table and followed it up. "Yi Chen, I packed the breakfast for
you and brought it to the company to eat."

A sharp cold light flashed from the eyes of Qin Yichen, he could see it at a glance, she pretended.

She wants to have a good wife in front of her father and make her father happy.

It’s really hearty and annoying!

"You should know, dirty things, I never eat." His voice is very small, only she can hear

"It doesn't matter, you can take it out and throw it away." She almost spoke in her lips, and the big,
exaggerated smirk of the cracked mouth made Qin Yichen feel spicy.

"I will throw it away now." He took the incubator, his fingers were slightly loose, and the incubator fell to
the ground, and a "snap" sound came from the inside.

Mo Qinyu picked it up and opened the box.