Love in full bloom

Chapter 29 being peeped at when they were....

Ru Feng stood beside Qin Yiman and they just hanged aroung in the garden.

Although she knew that he was not Acong, seeing this face always made Mo Qinyu feel overwhelmed
and difficult to calm down.

"The new sister is not a child, she has nothing to learn!" Qin Chuxia grinned.

Qin Yiman didn't want to speak with the little child. She took Ru Feng and sat down in front of the sofa.
"Today, my father and little mom just came back and let Qin Yu play a piano piece to wash the dust.
How about it?"

She decided that Mo Qinyu would not play the piano. Her parents were ordinary workers and had no
money for her to learn the piano.

Mo Qinyu does not, she slammed her hand, "I can not play the piano."

"In our circle, the piano is an instrument for getting started. Everyone can play it. Every week, we will
have a piano party. You have to learn quickly. Otherwise, you will go out and be treated as a poor man
as you did last time." ”

Qin Yiman sighed softly and turned her tone again. She said to herself, "but it is too late to learn. The
piano is going from elementary school. Adults are not good at learning."

Mo Qinyu found that the sister-in-law is deliberately giving her trouble and wanted her to lose face in
front of her father.

"I won't play the piano, but I will do anything else." She ran upstairs and took out her own Ocarina. "I
blow a song."

She sat on the chair, and the melodious flute fluttered out of the air and echoed through the hall.

In the melody, there seems to be a white fairy dancing in the wind, the dance is elegant and elegant; it
seems that there is a bright rose that blooms slowly and elegantly.

Qin Yichen looked at her. The voice she blew was so clean, there was no trace of impurities, and only
those who were pure, innocent, and uninvited, could blow such a clean voice.

However, she is obviously a bad woman who is full of bad habits and full of heart, and how mismatched
her flute is full of contradictions and irony.

Ru Feng is also watching her.

The music smashed into a blank that was hard to find in his heart and crashed into his torn apart soul.

Good familiar songs, so familiar!

He must have heard it, but he couldn't remember it.

This feeling is very uncomfortable. It is like being locked in a dark room. There is a door in front of it. If
you push it away, you can get freedom, but you can't push it.

He couldn't help but lick the temple.

Whenever he wants to work hard to think about something, his head will be aching.

When the sound of the flute stopped, the hall was still silent, and then Qin Chuxia took a small hand.
"Hey, you are so nice, just like the legendary voice of nature."

"Hum, a gadget that doesn't flow." Qin Yiman snorted.

Ocarina is such a ghost thing, even the regular musical instruments are not counted. Only the small
people who have no money can play tricks.

"old sister, can you ?" Qin Chuxia looked at her with big eyes.

"I don't bother to learn, I only like to play the piano." Qin Yiman showed her white eyes to her.

"I have to learn, the piano is so heavy, and I can't carry it with me. Ocarina is lighter. I put it in my
schoolbag. I can take it out at any time. Besides, everyone can play the piano. It doesn't show me that I
am different. Qin Chuxia ran to Mo Qinyu and shook her hand. "sister, you taught me to blow."

"Okay." Mo Qinyu nodded with a smile.

Qin Yiman’s face was blue and white, and Mo Qinyu was like a beggar who couldn’t die. She stepped
on her feet and could still resurrect her blood.

Qin Yuxi stunned his daughter and he could see that his daughter was deliberately murdering Mo
Qinyu. "Yi Man, you are the old sister. It is your duty to care for your younger siblings. You should
remember it."

"Yi Man is joking and wants to be active in the atmosphere of the family. She is an adult, she is going to
marry, but she is still like a child." Mrs. Qin rushed to excuse her daughter.

Seeing the future son-in-law here, Qin Yuhan is not suitable to say anything else, swinging his hand,
"Don't be too overdone."

After dinner, Mo Qinyu felt that it was necessary for her to have a deeper understanding of the Qin

So, secretly looking for an elderly servant at home to inquire about it.

In today's society, even marriage is extremely polarized.

The sons of the poor have no room, no car, no money to marry, and 40-year-old bachelor is

There are a few powerful wives, and there are a few wives and mistresses. Like a star in Hong Kong,
the family has publicly raised two wives.

Little mom and father-in-law are first love.

As for the twists and turns between them, it is not the maid who can know.

Everyone knows their relationship.

Outside, she is an assistant to her father-in-law, at home, she is a little wife.

Looking at Mrs. Qin’s posture, it is obviously unwilling, full of resentment, and dare not show it.

The most important thing is that the little mother is not young. She is as big as Mrs. Qin. She is neither
beautiful nor noble, nor can she have children.

Qin Chuxia is a test tube baby.

But she just got the heart of the father-in-law.

This is the charm of first love.

When she returned to the room, she was squatting in the corner by Qin Yichen. "Is the gossip

"There is no gossip, I am just chatting with Zhang Sao, I have a common language with them," she said

"You should be a servant, it wasted your talent to be a female master." He mocked.

"You are right, I am a maid." She spit out her tongue, a singular look.

Qin Yichen knows that she is pretending, she is born with anti-bone, wild and difficult to tame, never
really surrendered to him.

"Good, come and serve your host right away." His beautiful mouth smirked a sneer of evil spirits.

She was eclipsed and eagerly drilled from his arms, lest he be more beastly and swallowed her.

"I am particularly sleepy, I have to sleep, and I have to get up early tomorrow."

Pretending is the best way to escape.

She opened the cupboard, moved out of her own shop, laid it, and lay it on top. "Good night, Devil
King." After she finished, she pulled the quilt and covered her head.

In the dark eyes of Qin Yichen, the cold light flashed.

Damn the girl, pretending once more!

He grabbed her quilt, opened it, and the action was quite rough. "From today, before I fall asleep, you
can't sleep!"

"Why?" She was horrified.

"No reason, this is the order!" He stared at her condescendingly, and his momentum was like a tyrant,
and she could not be allowed to defy.

But she just wants to resist the oppression without fear of death. "You are depriving human rights."

He bullied her, like a mountain, pressed her underneath. "In my case, you have only obligations, no

He was about to tear open her clothes, and the door of the closet was suddenly pushed open.

A small figure got out of it and scared the two people.