Love in full bloom

Chapter 21 Did you drink Mengpo soup?

She ran away desperately, like a gust of wind.

She is afraid that he will leave again, not waiting for her.

She wants to go with him.

Whether it is going to heaven or going to hell, she doesn't care.

Even if she was punished and cast aside by Qin Yichen and Mrs. Qin, she didn’t care.

She just wants to be with him!

She ran into the garden as fast as she can, the man was gone, and there was nobody in the rose field.

"A Cong - A Cong -" She pulled the scorpion and shouted desperately.

From a distance, a low, magnetic voice came, "Are you looking for someone?"

The voice is so familiar, as if it came from her dream, "A Cong!"

She looked back and a handsome, sunny face that caught her eye.

He is real and clear, standing in front of her, not a phantom.

"A Cong, I thought you were gone, not waiting for me like last time." Tears poured out from her eyes,
and they were out of control.

That is the tears of joy.

The man looked at her with a confused look in his eyes.

This fresh and pure face seems to have been seen somewhere else, he was so familiar to her, but
there is no impression in his mind.

"Are you talking to me?"

She was shocked. "A Cong, Did you drink Meng Po Tang, don't you remember me?"

There was a strange smile on the corner of the man’s mouth. "Are you from Qin family?"

"I..." She stunned.

She doen't know how to explain the relationship with Qin Yichen.

At this moment, a sharp voice came from a distance. "She is my brother's wife, Mo Qinyu."

The taunting tone is from the arrogant sister-in-law, Qin Yiman.

She twisted the slim waist and walked to the man, crossed her arms around his neck and took the red

The man kissed her back gently and deeply, as if Mo Qinyu was disappeared this moment.

Mo Qinyu felt a thunder slamming down from the sky and finally fell on her body. she was stunned and
her world was spinning, as if she was going to die.

Isn't he Acong?

Didn't he come back from the paradise to save her and help her out of the bitter sea?

Why was he together with Qin Yiman?

Some nerves in her body were in severe pain. She held the trunk next to her and held her heart with
her hand, preventing herself from falling down because of suffocation.

"What are you doing here?"

Qin Yichen grabbed her arm and tried to pull her away.

He saw her in the distance, standing like a light bulb.

He was too violentl that she couldn't be untenable, and fell into his arms.

"Qin Yichen, your cheap wife also wants to show love?" Qin Yiman smiled scornfully.

Mo Qinyu didn't have the heart to pay attention to her. Her eyes fell on the grass, and the shadow of
the man was clearly reflected.

The ghost never has shadow, he is human, not a ghost!

"I don't know there is a guest today." Her voice was weak and powerless, just like the dying man's last

"He is Rufeng,Yiman's fiance," Qin Yichen said.

Mo Qinyu felt that all the strength was drained, and the strong feeling of loss swept her dead into the
whirlpool of despair.

He is not A Cong, just a person who looks exactly like him?

Did she mistaken?

"I'm sorry." She groaned.

Her eyes were black, leaving only the last glimmer of strength, and she must leave before she falls.

Hope and disappointment, heaven and hell are only one line apart.

Just now she was so excited, as if flying into the clouds.

Now, she was kicked down and fell into the abyss.

The violent drop not only made her smashed, but also made her soul broken.

She walked two steps forward with her knees shaking, and every step was like stepping into the mud.
Suddenly, her ankle lost its power and she fell down suddenly. Qin Yichen caught her immediately after
seeing her falling trend.

"You are so useless ." He thought it was because that he was too fierce yesterday and she didn't eat
anything a whole day. He held her up then.

He is going to torture her slowly, and before she can pull out her thorns, she can't die until she is fully

Back to the house, the servant came to inform that the dinner was ready.

She didn't have an appetite. Although she didn't have a grain of rice in her stomach, she couldn't eat
anything, and her heart was floating in the memories of the past.

Her emotion was like a thousand horses running meantime and couldn't calm down.

The man sitting opposite is really like A Cong. Is there really two people in the world who are exactly
the same?

Looking at her have rice one by one, Qin Yichen was annoyed. He called the maid to fill the rice and
vegetables and put it in front of her. "Don't leave the restaurant if you didn't finish it."

His tone is overbearing and he was like feeding a pig.

In his eyes, she is a dirty and stupid pig!

Her thoughts were pulled back at once.

"I can't finish it."

"It must be eaten up, and the hand feels worse than the dried green beans." Qin Yichen has a fierce

She fainted after making love with him only four times last night. . so useless!

She was so embarrassed and wanted to find a hole to drill in.

In front of so many people, have you to describe her so explicit?

"The pigeon soup is good to your body, I want to drink more soup. If I eat so much rice and dishes, I
can't drink it" She whispered.

"Drink right away," he ordered.

"Next time if you are still weak and about to fall down,I would throw you directly into the pig farm to
increase your weight!"

Mrs. Qin glared at her son, who thought Mo Qinyu just want to make her get pregnant soon.

When a woman has a good body, she is easy to conceive.

So she just looked at Rufeng with awkwardness, "Rufeng, eat more."

"Thank you mom." Rufeng smiled and his eyes sneaked at Mo Qinyu.

In the garden, he didn’t know what she was saying when she said in a mess, he thought she had some
problems in her mind.

But she seems quite normal now.

"A Cong, your favorite Sweet and Sour Pork." Qin Yiman clipped a piece of meat to him.

Mo Qinyu’s heart twitched.

A Cong also likes to eat Sweet and Sour pork, especially what she does.

Is it a coincidence?