Love in full bloom

Chapter 28 He has a second mom.

She did not understand that he obviously liked males, why he had to plunder her again and again, and
vented on her again and again.

Isn’t a male pet harem group unable to satisfy him?

She would like to ask him, but the words are still stunned.

This is his secret. He is very good. He doesn't let anyone know. If he finds out that she knows, will he
kill her?

Tonight, he seems to be gentler than before, his movements are not so rude, but he is still full of

He is the demon of Shura, the most horrible panther in the jungles of South America, and he will never
change the nature of predation.

She is his prey and his plaything.

He will plunder arbitrarily until he vents all his desires.

When he entered, her fingers tightened the sheets and prepared to withstand his impact again and

In addition to the temperature, she is like an inflatable doll. Without any response, she is not allowed to
make a shame.

His fiery heat is like a fierce frenzy, and every time he can accurately hit her excitement, so that her
body can not help but shudder.

This is not a response, just an instinctive reaction.

At this time, his satisfaction and pleasure reached the limit, and he was released in her body.

"Stupid woman, what happens to the hedgehog without a thorn?"

"It will die." She spit out two words.

"You will not die, but will only give me a complete sigh." His mouth smirked a bloodthirsty sneer.


The next day was the most lively day after she entered the Qin House.

Qin Yuhan, the father who has not met yet, has returned from the United States.

Mo Qinyu finally knows why Qin Yichen is so handsome, because in addition to Mrs. Qin’s perfect
appearance, the official Qin Yuhan is also very handsome.

"Hello, Dad." She politely said to Qin Yuhan.

“Hey.” Qin Yuhan smiled lovingly and his tone was quite mild.

Mo Qinyu sighed in her heart, and her father looked at her eyes like The old Mrs Qin, very warm and
different from everyone else. This shows that in the future, at home, she will lose the pressure of a
major mountain, and she can breathe a little.

An eight or nine-year-old Lolly ran downstairs. Her facial features were so delicate, like a little angel.
"Wow, this is my new sister, it's beautiful." She smiled.

Mo Qinyu gave a slight glimpse. She thought that Qin had only two children and did not expect to have
a little girl.

"You are also very beautiful, it must be the cutest little angel in this family." She said with a smile.

"You guessed it. I am the little angel in this family. My name is Qin Chuxia. You can call me Xiaoxia."
She grinned and revealed a row of white teeth.

A lady came out from the banquet hall, with a good face and a smile, "Yi Chen's wife is back, come on,
this is the meeting gift of little mother." She took out a big red envelope and handed it over.

Little mom!

Mo Qinyu stunned.

My God, in addition to the mother-in-law, the father-in-law also has a concubine.

Qin Chuxia should be the illegitimate daughter of this little mother and father-in-law.

"Sorry, I don't know you are coming back, I don't have a gift to meet you." She was a little

"Nothing, it's a family, don't be too polite." Sima Yuer said with a smile, stuffing the red envelope into
her hand.

"Thank you for little mother." Mo Qinyu did not deny it. This is a kind of etiquette. If she quits, she will
make the other person think she thinks the red envelope is small, or she looks down on others.
Especially the identity of the other party is a little mother.

Mrs. Qin whispered in her heart, and all the poor ghosts were born with the same taste.

Qin Chuxia pulled up her hand and sat down next to Qin Yichen. "Big brother, thanks to grandfather
picking up a wife for you, or you will have to bring back the pesky sister of Pang."

"Little girl, you only saw her a glance, how do you know that she is better than Pang Xiaofan?" Qin
Yichen licked her little head, and there was a smile on the cool face of the ice. It seems that he likes

this little Sister.

"Pang sister's doll sound is terrible. When she opens, I am going to goose bumps. And she is
particularly sorrowful. I asked her to accompany me to pinch the plasticine. She said that her hands
would be dirty. I asked her to play football with me. She said that it was played by boys, girls playing
football is not a lady, but also sunning, will tan the skin! This woman is the most boring, the fool wants
to marry her home to be a wife."

The little Loli’s small mouth pouts highly .

“Is this woman interesting if I marry her back?” Qin Yichen had a big hand and covered it on Mo
Qinyu’s head, as if he was holding a doll.

Mo Qinyu didn't move, let him hold it, her attitude was very docile.

the little Loli smiled. "In the morning, we went to see Grandma. Grandma said that she had recovered
one third. The new sister gave her a soup every day. Her soup was especially delicious. She drinks all
of it every day, and she is one-third better. After you have a baby with new sister, her illness will be
completely good."

She is a bit skeptical.

Qin Yizhen was slightly shocked. He did not know that Mo Qinyu would give his grandmother a soup
every day.

After work, if nothing happens, Mo Qinyu will take the opportunity to visit the old lady.

Last time she stewed the soup, the old lady liked to drink, and she got up every morning to cook the
soup and let the maid give it to the old lady.

At the beginning, she stewed two bowls, one bowl for the old lady, and one bowl for Mrs. Qin, but Mrs.
Qin disliked and did not drink, she only stewed a bowl.

In the eyes of Mrs. Qin, she is just flattering and pleased the old lady. Women from the poor class will
be all the same, just like Sima Yuer.

Qin Yichen's big hand rubbed a few times on Mo Qinyu's head, the movement was very soft, not as
rude as usual.

Perhaps because of his sister's words, his heart has fluctuated slightly.

"She just wanted to please grandmother, so she may be not interesting." He looked at his sister.

"She will stew the soup, indicating that she is not tempted, not afraid of dirty hands, will accompany me
to pinch the plasticine. Look at her skin, it is light honey, indicating that often in outdoor activities, not
afraid of tanning, can play football with me ""

Qin Chuxia picked up her small head and her eyes wide open, like a butterfly wing flying in the spring

"Your logical reasoning is quite meticulous!" Qin deepened the curvature of his mouth.

"Of course,if I am not smart, can I be your sister?" She held her small arms around her chest and
raised her beautiful little eyebrows.

"Okay, you don't add chaos here. Your new sister doesn't know anything. There are still many things to
learn. She doesn't have time to play with you." Qin Yiman's voice came from the gate.

There was a glimpse of her eyes, and today father saw new wife for the first time. She had to let him
see how vulgar the new wife was.