Love in full bloom

Chapter 27 Do you want me to be gentle?

He lifted his foot and stepped on the lifeblood of the wolf brother.

His skill is far above Finn, and the strength of this foot is enough to crush the life root of the wolf brother
into slag.

The wolf brother screamed like a slain pig, and the voice swayed the entire rooftop.

Qin Yichen's violent one-footer, he couldn't even call out, and the white-eyed beads turned over and

Mo Qinyu looked thrilling, the liferoot of this slutty club is definitely over, and the latter part of the body
does not expect to touch the woman.

The Mazis were so scared that they were flustered and pleading for mercy. "It’s all the idea of a wolf
brother. It has nothing to do with us. We didn’t touch your woman. Only the wolf brother touched it.”

"Handled." Qin Yichen dropped three words and took her out.

Finn nodded, and the corner of his mouth evoked a hazy smile.

He has a way to make them doubt life.

When he got back into the car, he took off his coat and threw it to her. "Without my permission, you are
not allowed to be alone." He issued a ban.

This stupid woman actually wants to jump off the building, and she has no ability to protect herself.

Mo Qinyu didn't speak. In Lujia, she didn't have freedom.

"Thank you for coming to save me."

In any case, he saved her life, or she is now a broken body.

"I am for the face of the Qin family, not for you." He said a word indifferent, cruel, without a trace of

"I know." She licked her lips and a fascinating smile appeared on her face.

In his eyes, she is a nasty bug. If it is not the name of his Qin Shao, even if she is on the street, he will
not have a pity.

"It's still self-aware." He snorted, his tone was not praise, but contempt.

She turned her face out of the window, and a humble and stubborn face reflected on the glass. "In fact,
you don't have to save me, I am going to die, and no one will bother you."

An unknown corner of Qin Yichen’s heart was hit.

Seeing her standing on the guardrail with desperate and thin figure, there was an unpredictable
emotion in his heart, like fear, or something else, but it only disappeared in a flash, and he had no time
to capture it.

At this moment, he does not want to explore any more.

She doesn't matter to him, it doesn't matter, except for boredom, it is hate.

"It’s too cheap to die, I prefer to keep you alive, but it’s better to die.”

"I hope you can get what you want." Her slow voice seemed to be provoking.

He gave a slight glimpse and his eyes became very dark. "You don't expect, I will have a trace of

"I never expected it." She shrugged, her voice suddenly becoming very light, and the lightness seemed
to mock him.

A haze of flame passed from the bottom of his eyes. He leaned over and covered her lips. He sucked
hard and hurt her brows. The body suddenly became stiff and became a rock.

Whenever he punishes her, she will react like this.

Like being afraid, it is more like a silent revolt.

"I see your thorns, how long it will be sharp." He jumped out of his teeth and his tongue violently
explored into her tongue.

She was ashamed and shy, and the handcuffs hidden behind her became two fists, and her body
gradually became stiff and became like a stone.

He noticed that whenever she had this reaction, his desire for conquest would be aroused. He wanted
to take possession of her and tame her little by little.

At this moment, the phone suddenly rang and interrupted all the lingering.

She seemed to be the second time after the robbery, pushed him away and took out the phone.

The call was made by Guo Lulu.

She remembered that she was still at KTV.

"Qin Yu, are you okay? I have a diarrhea. I went out and bought a box of probiotics. When I came back,
I heard that there was something wrong with the box. Where are you, didn't you hurt?" Guo said in an
anxious tone.

Nothing, but fortunately you sent me a wolf spray, I have already gone back, and you have to go back
quickly, be careful on the road. ”

She was relieved to hear that Guo Lulu was fine.

"It's really disappointing. We obviously came out to play, but we met these bad guys. The law and order
is really getting worse." Guo Lulu put on an angry tone to avoid her suspicion.

"Yeah, think about it, I am afraid, when you call the car, remember to take the license plate and send it
to me, so as not to encounter a bad driver." Mo Qinyu sighed, there is no doubt about Guo Lulu.

In her heart, Guo Lulu is simple, straightforward, and kind, and she would never have thought that she
would harm herself.

Back to Qin Zhai, Qin Yichen's face was dissatisfied, and he went to the bathroom to cool the water.

Mo Qinyu also went to his bathroom.

Qin Yichen suspects that she is dirty, so they each have a dedicated bathroom.

After bathing and laying the floor, she did not return the coat to him, but hanged into her cloakroom.
Because she wore the clothes dirty, he would definitely not want it. "Tomorrow I went online and sold it.

He screamed at the ridicule, and the woman who loves money is the most hated. "Remember to pay
the bill."

"Know, Qin Ba Pi." The three words behind are extremely whispered, almost lip-speaking.

But the room was so quiet, Qin Yichen's ears were very special, still heard.

"Do you dare say it again?"

"Nothing, men are kind, I am a woman." She pulled up her quilt and covered her head, as if she had hid
in her snail shell.

"Do you want my kind?" His deep eyes flashed in the cold light of the beast under the night light of the

"I can't afford it, it's too expensive." She groaned from the quilt.

"You are not qualified." He whispered and almost violently opened her quilt. "Before you talk to me, you
have to show your head, otherwise you will never want to show it."

The tone is full of threats, as if she shrinks her head again, it will be broken by him.

"I have given you a life, know what you are missing?" She stared at him straight, with a provocative

"What's missing?" He narrowed his eyes, showing only a little black eyes, which looked extraordinarily
sloppy, as if she had said something wrong and died.

But when her wildness came out, there was a courage that was not afraid of death. "You are lacking in
character, and the five elements are lacking in kindness."

His two handsome thick eyebrows twisted, and when the anger came out, he was picked up again. "Do
you want me to be gentle?"

“Is it extravagant?” She used a little self-deprecating tone.

"It's a dream!" He smacked his mouth and turned her over and squatted on the bed in a squatting

The hormones in his body have been eager to move, even if he rushed through the cold water, he was
not suppressed, and he needed to vent.

This woman provoked the fire.

Obviously it is just a dirty body, but it always makes him impulsive.

Mo Qinyu doesn't like this position, just like a estrus female is waiting for a male to mate.

But she has no estrus, but is about to be raped!