Love in full bloom

Chapter 26 I will not let you go

She told herself desperately that she could not panic.

If she was panic, everything will be over.

Just as the body of Brother wolf pressed her for a moment, she shouted: "Wait a minute!"

Wolf brother took a sigh of relief. "What are you waiting for?"

She laughed: "Wolf brother, I can't run anyway, it's better for you to let them out, I will play with you. We
are both together, and a bunch of people watching, like playing the island movie, How boring?"

The Lang brother is happy, "It makes sense, you are clever."

The woman’s body is too dry, and it’s boring to squeeze in.

"Boss, don't listen to this woman, hurry up." The bald head man can't wait, just wait for the boss to
finish, and he can release himself.

The wolf brother slaps toward him. " Damn it! what are you hurrying about? After I enjoy her, naturally it
is your turn, get out."

They walked out reluctantly and closed the door.

Mo Qinyu poured a glass of frozen juice and handed it to the wolf brother. " brother, your voice is really
nice. If you go to the music area, you must be a song god. I like the man who sounds good. You sing a
song to me." ""

"Do it directly."Wolf brother licked his pants.

"You sing while I giving you a massage. After I massage for you, you will become stronger later" Mo
Qinyu smiled.

"That would be wonderful, let me see your ability." wolf brother's fat face is shaking.

Mo Qinyu gave him a song. He picked up the microphone and began to sing. Mo Qinyu massaged him
with one hand, and the other hand secretly pulled out her mobile phone and sent a message for help.

She only thought of two people in her mind, one is Xu Ruochen and the other is Qin Yichen.

She hesitated for a second, and sent it to Qin Yichen: I am in the Pearl KTV and saved me."

After the call, she dailed the call .

At this time, Qin Yizhen is in the car, next to Finn.

He was a little surprised to see the caller number.

This is the first time the stupid woman called him. "What's up?"

There is no response inside, only the voice of a man, "Little beauty, brother will definitely fight you for
twelve rounds, let you want to die..."

A fierce look appeared on his face, he immediately said, "Five minutes to the Pearl KTV!"

The driver slammed the steering wheel and the car flew to the destination.

It is not far from KTV, and it is completely available in five minutes.

The wolf brother threw the microphone directly and rushed over. "Okay, come on."

Mo Qinyu pulled out the anti-wolf spray hidden behind him, squirting his eyes, and he screamed.

"Go to die!" Mo Qinyu kicked to his cockroach. He squatted and went straight to the ground. He fell to
the ground.

It's loud of the sound, and people outside the door simply can't hear it.

But Mo Qinyu has to rush out.

She put on a wolf light flashlight.

There were only two people outside. When the door was opened, a strong beam of light came, and the
eyes of the two suddenly became blind.

She took the opportunity to rush out.

On the lower stairs, the other two people are smoking there. She must be caught by them and can only
run up. There should be other exits on the roof.

The roar of the corridor quickly alerted the two men.

But when she ran to the rooftop, they chased it.

There are no other exits on the rooftop.

She ran hard, she ran to the end, and there was no way to escape!

Lang brother squatted up.

The flesh on his face was shaking.

"See where you can run, I will kill you now!"

Mo Qinyu climbed the guardrail. "If you come over , I will jump!"

"You jump, I dragged you up to rape the corpse!" Wolf brother growled.

She looked at the dark scene, and a drop of tears fell.

If I jump, what should Xiaowu do? What should parents do?

If I don't jump, I will be ruined by them. It is better to die.

Qin Yichen had already disgusted her, and he would definitely throw her into the trash like garbage.

She can't save Xiaowu anymore.

She felt disgusting and never let these bastards touch her.

"When I am dead, I will become a ghost and come to find you for revenge!" She turned around directly.

Just as she closed her eyes and prepared to jump forward, an iron arm stretched out and caught her
body with lightning speed.

He pulled hard, because the power was too big, both of them fell to the ground.

She thought it was the Lang brother, struggling desperately, "Let me go, bastard, I will not let you touch
me if I die!"

"It's me!" A low, familiar voice came over. Usually, this voice made her unable to stop snoring. At this
moment, it is like an angel's flute, falling from the sky.

Her heart trembled, and suddenly looked back at him, and a tearful tears could not help but burst out.

Qin Yichen's heart was pulled, "You really jump!"

"What should I do if I don't jump?" She shook her head and licked her tears as if she wanted to hide
her fragility.

"Don't you afraid to die?" He raised his eyebrows slightly and concealed all his feelings.

"Afraid, but more afraid of being ruined." She looked at his eyes as if it was transparent.

His cold mouth twitched gently, "Don't move."

Let him go, Qinyichen stood up.

In the dark, the Wolf brother has been beaten by Finn.

"I don't know she is Qin Shao's woman, it's my fault, I don't dare anymore!" wolf brother's teeth were all
beaten off by Finn, and he was eager for mercy with no teeth.

When he was eating in the afternoon, he received a mysterious phone call saying that the KTV201 box
would have a big beauty in the Pearl, and he took the people to find the beauty.

He is the head snake in this area, and has forced many women.

He threatened the woman with various terrorist means and made her afraid to call the police.

He couldn't think of it this time, he would be so unlucky.

The killings flashed through of Qin Yichen’eyes.