Love in full bloom

Chapter 25 Meet a satyr

She picked up her mobile phone and sent a text message to Qin Yichen.

Just now, when the bumpkin and Xu Ruochen secretly sneaked into the private meeting, it is necessary
to tell Qin Yichen to give a prelude to the earthen buns before the coming of tomorrow's good play.

"Yi Chen brother, today I saw Mo Qinyu and Xu Ruochen was together. They both talked and laughed,
so sweet. She is from the country. She doesn't know what to do, you have to remind her. Lest she get
too much rumors and lose your face."

Qin Yichen is at the headquarters of the Dijue, seeing the text message, his two beautiful thick
eyebrows are twisted up.

But he did not immediately ask for sin, but to follow the temper and wait until the evening.

Mo Qinyu was called into the study by the door as soon as she entered the door.

"What have you done today?" His tone was careless, as if he was chatting.

But Mo Qinyu didn't dare to answer it.

At noon, Pang Xiaofan saw Xu Ruochen. According to her personality, she would never let her go, and
she would definitely say her bad things in front of Qin Yichen.

Presumably he will already know this, so he will ask.

"There was nothing special about it today. At noon, I went out to eat. I met the young Master Xu who
helped me last time in the restaurant. What is his name?" She scratched her head and pretended to be
thinking, "That name is a bit complicated, I don't remember much. He invited me to eat together, I think
he saved me last time, there is no derogation, otherwise it would be too emotional."

Qin Yichen glared at her, feeling like a funny clown acting.

However, it was quite frank, and there was no lie.

"You have forgetten his name. Why didn't you forget his appearance?"

"The name and appearance are two different things. I don't have face blindness. As long as it is the
face I have seen, I can remember it." She grinned. "The key is that he is very characteristic. The face is
in contrast with your face. His face always has a smile, unlike you, it’s always cold, and there’s not
even a season change on the face. It’s always a cold winter. You look so handsome, handsomer than
him. If you laugh, it must be spring blossoms, and was so bright that eyes will not open, and the whole
person will be bathed in the light..."

She said a lot of nonsense making Qin Yichen smile. He had anger in his heart and wanted to give her
a lesson just now..

Now, he suddenly felt a lot better, he doesn't know if it is because her flattering makes him comfortable.

"Mo Qinyu, I only give you one warning. You remember it well. Never meet Xu Ruochen again in the
future. The woman who is skittish has only one dead road in front of me."

She licked her lips and stared at him for a moment. "Qin Yichen, I know you mind that I am not a virgin,
but I am not a skittish woman."

Qin Yichen's dark eyes have become extremely deep.

She gave the man the first time because she loved the man.

But the reason for this makes him even more annoyed.

She only married a broken shell, her body and her heart belong to others!

"As long as you have other men in your heart, you are not keeping your way!"

"He is dead!" Her heart was faint.

"Definitely formatted after death!" He squeezed out a word from his teeth, overbearing and arrogant.

The fingers she hid behind her slowly tightened.

A Cong is the favorite person in her life, she will never forget him!

However, she did not fight against him. The last time she was at the lake, she was worried, and she did
not want to be tortured again.

"I try my best," she said lowly.

"Not the best, but must." He dropped his words coldly and he went out.

She secretly sighed, and there was a feeling of escape from the tiger's mouth.

The man like Lucifer is really terrible.


the next day.

After work, she and Guo Lulu ate pizza at Pizza Hut, and then went to Pearl KTV.

"Qin Yu, this is for you." Guo Lulu took out two things from the bag.

"What is this?" Mo Qinyu gave a slight glimpse.

"Anti-Wolf Artifact, I bought it from Taobao, one is a pepper spray and the other is a strong flashlight,"
Guo Lulu said.

"What do you want to do?" Mo Qinyu smiled.

"Now there are many metamorphosis, we are beautiful, but without any preparation, you see the news
that the flight attendant died terribly , as a beauty, we must have a sense of prevention." Guo Lulu said

Pang Xiaofan told her that she would let Mo Qinyu come out, and then she would look for a chance to
slip out and let her talk to Mo Qinyu alone.

She is not a fool, she guessed that she would not just talk about it.

What happens to Mo Qinyu, she doesn't care, but she can't involve herself in, so she has to help her
minimize the danger.

"Lulu, you are considerate, I am too lacking in self-protection awareness." She took the artifact and it
was very small and could be put directly into the pocket.

Going to KTV, Guo Lulu ordered two songs, but she was absent-minded and kept watching time.

Mo Qinyu didn't notice her abnormality. This is the first time she came out with friends after she came
to Jin City. She was very happy.

After singing a "cool", Guo Lulu covered her belly.

"Hey, the stomach hurts a bit, is it because of the pizza, I have to go to the bathroom."

She hurried away.

Outside KTV, a fat-headed man walked over with four people and glanced at the house number on the
box. Seeing 201, he pushed the door open and went in.

Mo Qinyu is singing, seeing this group of people, her heart shakes violently. "Who are you looking for?"

The man's fascinated gaze circled her and stopped at her slightly open neckline. "It really is a big
beauty, and I'm so lucky today."

"Wolf brother, this woman is really beautiful, we can't wait, we can enjoy her here, it's so cool!" The
bald-headed guy behind the wolf brother laughed, staring at Mo Qinyu's graceful body, the saliva
flowed out.

He was the first time to see such a beautiful woman.

"When I finished enjoying it, you can enjoy her again!" The wolf brother turned and slammed the head
of the bald- headed man.

"Yes, yes, of course, you should play first." The bald- headed man nodded and he swallowed.

Mo Qinyu saw that the person was not good, and the heart was beating fast "Please go out
immediately, otherwise I will call people."

"This is our wolf brother's terriorty. If you shout the scorpion, no one dare to gossip and come in to save
you." The bald sneered.

The wolf brother couldn't help it anymore, and he couldn't wait to rush it. He wanted to take off the little
beauty's clothes and enjoy it.

"Put her on." He screamed, and the horses swarmed and pressed Mo Qinyu to the ground.

"Let me go, you guys, let me go!" Mo Qinyu screamed desperately, struggling desperately, but her
hands and feet were pressed by several strong men, and they couldn't move at all.

Wolf brother licked his tongue and untied his tongue. He was like a hungry wolf, rushed to to her