Love in full bloom

Chapter 16 An angel-like man

People all around were talking about it. Their contemptuous glances were like a hail of bullets and they
wanted to cut Mo Qinyu down and pierce her hearts with arrows.
"I was thinking who is this woman, I never met her before, she is originally making up the number."
"The security guard is too irresponsible, even a beggar can be let in."
"Get her out of here, don't make a mess of it, maybe she will steal something."
"It's disgusting to pretend to be rich and beautiful while wearing clothes bought at a second-hand
Mo Qinyu felt her ears were numb and her eardrums were stinging from the profanity.
"I was invited, not by stealth.""She explained.
"Do you have an invitation card?""The guard asked.
"...No."She shook her head, not knowing that she needed an invitation card. Qin Yiman didn't give it to
"Are you a VIP?"Asked the guard again.
"No."Mo Qinyu rubbed her hands and suddenly felt like she was a prisoner just because she didn’t
wear a most fashionable brand dress or a diamond necklace shaped like a pigeon's egg?
"Then please leave immediately. This is an exclusive club, not a cheap nightclub."The guard yelled, if
she didn't leave the next second, he would throw her out.
Mo Qinyu intent to identify herself, but she held it back.
If she said she was Qin family’s daughter-in-law, would she lose Qin family’s face? And when the time
she came back, she would be served by the family law?
She seemed to see Qin Yichen's icy eyes, Mrs. Qin's expression of disgust like watching a worm, and
Qin Yiman's mocking eyes.
They were three mountains, crushing her tightly to pieces without anything left after her death.
Seeing she still keep motionless, the guard stepped forward and tried to grab her arm, but then was
shook off by her.” Don’t touch me!”
"Why don't you get out of here?"Wang Yuanyuan grabbed the cup of wine on the table and splashed it

at her face. The cold liquid sprinkled her head and face, and dropped drops one by one, drawing a
brown watermark on the dress.
A wave of extreme anger rose over her head, she raised her hand and fell down recklessly. “Pa,pa!”
two sounds shocked the people in the hall.
Wang yuanyuan was hit to be in a daze,she could even see golden light now.
"Cheap bumpkin, how dare you beat me?"She tried to beat back, but suddenly, a large hand gripped
hers halfway. "she's my date now."
The voice was deep and magnetic.
Mo Qinyu turned her head and saw a tall figure.
She didn't know the man, but he seemed to have come to help her.
Wang yuanyuan gnashed her teeth. "Mr Xu, this woman just hit me. Do you want to stand on her side?"
"Everybody saw that you started first."Xu Ruochen said slowly.
"I just wanted to clean up the trash for the party."Wang yuanyuan was furious.
"Why don't you clean yourself up too?"when Xu Ruochen was speaking, his face was still wearing a
smile, but this smile was enough to make people scared.
Xu Ruochen was the elder son of the Lu family, he was a famous smiling tiger.
Xu family was a mysterious family, which came from overseas, but its the force influence area was not
in the Jin city, but in the adjacent city Kun city.
Xu Ruochenoften appeared in Jin city, so he was also well Jin city.
Wang yuanyuan dared to say nothing ,she became more angry then before,but dare not to vent.
Pang Xiaofan looked at not far away, who was more angry than Wang Yuanyuan.
Damn Xu Ruochen,why was he so meddling, if not him, Mo Qinyu would be beat up by Wang
yuanyuan and thrown out.
"Wipe it."Xu Ruochen handed Mo Qinyu the silk handkerchief from his pocket.
"Thank you."Mo Qinyu gratefully picked it up, wiped it and said, "it's dirty. I'll go back and wash it and
give it back to you."
"You can keep it. You needn't return it.Now, you're my date, and no one can bully you."He smiled softly,

like a patch of sunshine splashed into the cold hall.
Mo Qinyu felt a trace of warmth from him.
He looked handsome and gentle.The smiling face combined with a piece of evil spirit, two thick
eyebrows were suffused with downy ripple, resembled the crescent moon with bright and clean light
hanging in night sky, they were always bent, seem to smile all the time.
His skin was white and smooth, and beneath his high Greek nose there were pale, peach-colored lips,
which were born with smiles, too.
In short, this was an extremely beautiful, smiling face, but no one could explore the hidden thoughts
behind the smile.
"Don’t you afraid that I am really a poor man who infiltrates?"
"Are you?"Xu Ruochen asked with a smile.
"I was invited, not slipped in, but I am indeed a poor man from a different world."Mo Qinyu said frankly.
Xu Ruochen laughed, the girl's nature provoked his curiosity and interest, "people are born equal, we
step on the same piece of land, the same piece of sky, and breath the same air, there are not two
Mo Qinyu was moved by him. Compared with Qin Yichen’s indifference and arrogance, he could have
been described as an angel.
"There aren't many people like you."
"I just like being in the minority."Xu Ruochen’s thin lips spread to a charming smile, " what’s your
"Mo Qinyu, What about you?"She asked.
"My name is very complicated, take out the phone, I will write to you."Xu Ruochen smiled cunningly.
Mo Qinyu did not know his intention, just took out the mobile phone out honestly, Xu Ruochen input his
name and phone number, and dialed to her, "well, all recorded in your address book."
Mo Qinyu watched and laughed. "I have been set up by you."
In an unobtrusive corner of second floor, a pair of eyes were staring down at her every movement.
The woman was so easy, seducing a man so quickly, shameless!

"You can get the nidering woman with only a little money .Be careful, brother, don’t be cuckolded by
her." Qin Yiman patted her brother's shoulder and said contemptuously.
Qin Yichen's mouth twitched.
So her first time was given out like this? Debauchery!
In downstairs, the security minister led the security guard over the door, casually let people in was a
serious dereliction of duty, he naturally had to make it clear.
"She said she was from the Qin family, and I saw a Rolls Royce drove her over and thought she
wouldn't lie, so I let her in."The guard was honest.
Mo Qinyu was different. He could remember her only a glance.
One word stirred a thousand waves.
Everyone looked at each other.
The Qin family was the first family in Jin city. No one dared to offend the Qin family.
"How can she come from the Qin family? The Qin family will never wear out style clothes .She's just a
little assistant, a country bumpkin."Wang yuanyuan snorted and did not believe that she was from Qin
"Yes, if she is from the Qin family, she would come here with Miss Qin, how can she come here alone
and don't even have an invitation card."
"She must be an impostor, the Rolls-Royce is a rental."
People talked in succession, there were a lot of people adored Xu Ruochen, seeing Xu Ruochen
protect her, the anger burning with jealousy.
A muscle twitched in Mo Qinyu's face. So people of Qin family were here. They didn't stand up
because they thought she was ashamed.