Love in full bloom

Chapter 24: The mysterious man

"I have my reasons, but I can't tell you now, can you tell me more about him?" Mo Qinyu licked her lips,
with a bit of pleading in her tone.

"Well, I am very willing to solve your problems for you. But, do you regard me as a friend?" Xu
Ruochen showed a sly smile.

"We are already friends." Mo Qinyu blinked. He is a good person. In addition to him in the celebrity
circle, there is no one who is willing to be close to her and willing to help her.

The smile on Xu Ruochen's face deepened.

Such a simple girl is really flattering and easy to control.

After eating a piece of fruit, he said slowly: "I have played with Ru Feng a few times, but he is very
likely to play."

"What is he playing?"

"He plays everything, game life, game love, game woman." Xu Ruochen grinned. "He especially likes
to look for excitement, what is fresh, what to stimulate, and no one in the celebrity circle will play more
than him." ""

“Have he made a lot of girlfriends?” she asked lowly.

"Reading the countless number of women, describing him as the most appropriate. A person who loves
to play, can not put his mind on a woman." Xu Ruochen spread the stall.

"Then why is he engaged with Qin Yiman, is it a family marriage?" There are so many problems in her
heart, Ru Feng is like a huge mystery, lying in her mind.

"Maybe because of the accident three years ago, let him feel life, and converge some?" Xu Ruochen
said casually.

three years ago? Mo Qinyu violently vibrated, and A Cong was also in a car accident three years ago!

"What happened to him?" Mo Qinyu's heart jumped to the eyes of the blind man.

"The rope was broken when climbing, he fell down the cliff, but his life was big, he was hung by a tree,
and he didn't die," Xu Ruochen said.

It turned out to be the case! She sighed in secret and thought it was also a car accident.

“Is she bigger than Ru Feng?” She held her chin with her hand and thought a little.

"Be two years old, age is not a big thing for Ru Feng. There are many women who are older than him."
Xu Ruochen smiled.

Her fingers trembled slightly.

In this way, Ru Feng is one year older than A Cong. They can't be twin brothers who have been
separated for many years. Just happen to be similar?

Xu Ruochen's beautiful brown eyes flashed a shimmering gleam. "I know so much. You still want to
know something else. I can help you inquire. I will tell you next time."

"Okay, thank you." She smiled and couldn't ask more.

Taking a sip of tea, Xu Ruochen looked at her faintly. "Your big aunt is not very easy to get along with?"

She lowered her head and a fascinating smile slid quietly.

In addition to the old lady, Qin has no one to get along with.

"Everyone is just getting to know each other, they are not familiar with each other, and it will take some
time for them to work together."

"It's better to be careful. She is not a good person. The ability to make waves is strong." Xu Ruochen
smiled and didn't seem to have a good impression on Qin Yiman.

Mo Qinyu also saw it, only to meet for the first time, just "catch" her, what kind of good person can it

“When you enter the giants like the sea, you really miss the days when you were free.”

"You are too simple, such a character is not suitable for living in the Qin family." Xu Ruochen sighed

"If it is my cousin, she will be able to cope with it." Her eyebrows scorned, a trace of sadness across
her eyebrows.

"You are talking about Mo Mengshan, isn't she supposed to marry her, how did she change to you?" Xu
Ruochen asked.

"My cousin has disappeared, until now I don't know if she is still alive," she said quietly.

“Don't call the police?” Xu Ruochen raised an eyebrow.

"Yes." She nodded. "My uncle called the police. The police found that she was out of the country by
flight. The police thought she was just going out for a trip. They didn't find it again. However, she never
called back again WeChat and QQ have not been on the line, just like she has evaporated."

"So, you can only replace her to marry?" Xu Ruochen's tone brought a little sympathy.

She sighed abruptly, and the tail was dragged longer than the tail of Halley's comet. "I don't go to hell,
who goes to hell."

Xu Ruochen laughed aloud.

Mo Qinyu gave him a fresh and peculiar feeling, not the same as the women he had contacted.

He believes that the time he will bring her in the future will be much more pleasant to Qin Yichen.

"You don't have to worry too much. I will help you through the Lu family."

"It seems that your friend is right." She grinned and revealed two lovely dimples.

After eating the fruit, Xu Ruochen sent her to the JVLear building downstairs.

She remembered the handkerchief and quickly took it out and gave it back to him.

Xu Ruochen's mouth evoked a deep smile.

She also has something left in his hands, and that thing will definitely make their relationship more

At this time, Pang Xiaofan just walked in and saw them, and the corner of his mouth evoked a hint of
sullen smile. "Xu Shao, I haven't seen you for a long time. Are you looking for Mo Qinyu?"

"Miss Pang, who am I going to look for, is it related to you?" Xu Ruochen has a charming smile, but his
eyes are stunned.

"I really didn't expect that a country girl would have such a big charm, and Xu Shao could be fascinated
by her." Pang Xiaofan was a little angry.

The smile on Xu Ruochen's face deepened. "It is indeed more attractive than you. She is a fairy, you
are a glutinous powder."

"Xu Ruochen, don't be too much!" Pang Xiaofan was so angry that he was so angry that he wanted to

Xu Ruochen was too lazy to pay attention to her. When he turned to Mo Qinyu, he was like a spring
breeze. "If she dares to bully you here, you will tell me immediately, Qin Yichen will not teach her, I will
help you teach."

Mo Qinyu smiled and saw that Pang Xiaofan was unhappy. She was very happy.

As the saying goes, a mountain is taller than a mountain. Pang Xiaofan is arrogant and does not dare
to challenge Xu Ruochen.

Pang Xiaofan was mad. After returning, she immediately sent a message to Guo Lulu: I let you do
something, have you done it?

Guo Lulu has a cold back.

Pang Xiaofan’s words in the bathroom have been echoing in her ears.

"I can take you out of the company at any time. I pinch you as easily as pinching an ant...

She can't do things that make her unhappy, she can only act on the plane.

Standing up, she walked to the office of the design department.

"Qin Yu, is there any time tomorrow night, let's sing K together?"

"Tomorrow, I..." Mo Qinyu wanted to refuse, but she was stopped when she hadn’t finished talking. "Go,
I want to go to K, but I don’t have a partner. It’s impossible for one person to sing. You will accompany

me." She showed a pleading expression.

Mo Qinyu has no choice but to agree.

Pang Xiaofan, sitting not far away, smiled.

Tonight, she will give Mo Qinyu a big gift, maybe she will not see the sun the next day.