Love in full bloom

Chapter 23 She is interested in her brother-in-law

" Qin Yichen, you are really rich. Don't you like to do charity? I am a poor . you can regard those
clothes are donated to me, can't you? ”

"Do you think that the pocket money given by the Qin family is too little?" He mocked her to see her
feet from the beginning, and the criticism in her eyes was like two sharp arrows.

"You have given a month of pocket money more than I have spent a year at college. But I just want
to make more money." She shook her head and said calmly.

"Greed." He snorted.

"Man for fortune, birds for food. Although money is not a panacea, but no money is impossible,
especially in this worship society, I am drifting." She shrugged, showing a trace of scornful expression.

The bitterness and helplessness hidden behind her expression can only be realized by her.

People can have no money to buy a car and a house, but they can't afford to see a doctor.

In order to save Xiaowu, they have already gone bankrupt, even the houses are sold, and the family
is crowded in the basement.

The suffering of the poor is incomprehensible like him.

Qin Yichen didn't understand her family and never investigated it. At this moment, he was disgusted
in his heart. "Do you think that if you marry into Qin, you will have money?"

"No, so try to make more money." She grinned.

She wants to send Xiaowu to the United States for treatment. The money she has now is not
enough. She has to seize all opportunities to make money.

"Very good, either you 30% and I 70 %, or close the store, you choose." He is like a general in
command of the commander, only to comply, can not defy.

She was angry and helpless, " You 70%,I 30%., vampire, big capitalist!"

He is so rich, and he has vividly reflected the nature of the plundering of the big capitalists.

He said with his thick eyebrow frowned, "Dare you say it again!"

"No I dare not, I have to sleep now" She pulled up the quilt and covered her head. the enermy is
strong , she couldn't touch the stone with the egg.

Qin Yichen sneered, and the best way to punish the woman is to let her loose money.

At noon the next day, Mo Qinyu was preparing to go to the cafeteria, and the phone rang, which was
called by Xu Ruochen.

He just passed by and asked if she had time to eat together.

The last handkerchief, she had been cleaned, she did not think he would call herl first.

Downstairs, Xu Ruochen was handsomely wearing a striped shirt and khaki slacks.

They went to the steakhouse not far from the building.

"Xu Ruochen, we have to agree in advance, AA." She said seriously.

"You want me to break the principle. I never let the girl pay for dinner." Xu Ruochen spread his hand
and was helpless.

"Everyone is equal, you said." She smiled and revealed a row of white teeth.

"Okay." He smiled slyly and looked at her face.

She has no make-up, and she is the purest and most natural beauty. The black eyes are bright and
pure, just like a clear stream slowly injecting into his atrium, making him feel that the air around him has
been purified.

The waiter brought a pre-dinner drink.

The appetizer is foie gras.

Xu Ruochen ate a small piece and said, "How long have you been in Jin City?"

"Last week." She took a sip of liqueur.

“Is there a relative or friend in Jin City?” Xu Ruochen seems to be curious.

"There is no relative, but I just made a friend." She smiled.

She did not integrate into this strange international metropolis. Fortunately, she can make a true
friend of Guo Lulu in the company.

"Relying on your parents at home, relying on friends outside, you have to make a few more honest
friends." His mouth was slightly raised.

"This period, it is not easy to find a true friend." She sighed softly.

"It's right, but I'm totally different from them, you can consider that be my friend." He seems to be
joking, but it doesn't seem to be.

"You know my relationship with Qin Yichen, and going too close with me will hurt you," she said.

A man and a woman walking too close will always lead to misunderstandings and criticisms. She is
very hard at the Qin family.

"Just be a friend, not a girlfriend. As the saying goes, A straight foot is not afraid of a crooked shoe."
He spread his hands and always had a cloud-like look when he spoke, as if he didn't care about

Mo Qinyu smiled and didn't speak.

The same rich man, he looks approachable, gentle and funny, but Qin Yichen is cold and terrible.

There was a silence on the table.

For a long while, she suddenly thought of something and put down her fork. "Xu Shao, can I ask you

"What?" Xu Ruochen looked up and looked at her.

“Will there be two people in the world who are exactly the same?” She lowered her voice, as if she
was discussing a secret that was unknown.

"Yes, twins." Xu Ruochen smiled.

"If they have no blood relationship, can they look the same?"

This kind of episode TV dramas and novels often appear. In reality, there are also people who look
alike, but it's really rare that they look alike like twins.

"The posibility of being alike are still exist, but it's unable to look same completely, unless they had a
face lifting ." Xu Ruochen rubbed his chin. "Do you meet someone who looks exactly like you?"

"No, I read a novel yesterday, just want to ask." She shrugged.

Xu Ruochen smiled and had no doubts.

After the meal, the waiter brought fruit.

She handed a piece of watermelon to Xu Ruochen. "Xu Shao, do you know Qin Yiman's fiance?"

"The Shaodong family of Yangcheng Ru's Group." Xu Ruochen said.

"Does he have a brother or a younger brother?" She used a careless tone.

"No, he is the only child." Xu Ruochen flashed a deep color in his eyes. "Why are you interested in
your future brother-in-law?"