Love in full bloom

Chapter 22 Pig God possessed her body

After dinner, Qin Yiman went upstairs to change clothes. Every day she had to change three sets of
clothes, one in the morning, one in the afternoon and one in the evening.

Qin Yichen accompanied Mrs. Qin to the garden for a walk, leaving Mo Qinyu and Rufeng in the living

Thinking of the scene in the garden, Mo Qinyu was awkward. "I am very sorry about the things in the
garden. please don't mind my behavior. I... I admit the wrong person. You look like a friend of mine. I
thought you was him."

"It doesn't matter." Rufeng smiled softly.

Mo Qinyu looked at him.

When A Cong smiled, he was also pretty and charming, as if the warm sun was shining on the lake,
and there was a slight wave of waves.

"You are really alike." She muttered to herself.

“Are we really look alike?” Rufeng asked with a smile.

“It’s exactly the same,” she said lowly.

"I should see him." Rufeng raised an eyebrow and was curious.

She shook her head. "You can't see him. He passed away."

"I'm sorry." Rufeng said.

"It doesn't matter." She lowered her eyes and long eyelashes covered the tears in her eyes.

At this time, Qin Yiman walked down, she is very sexy in a lavender dress .

"Am I beautiful?" She turned a light spin and sat on his lap.

"Yes." He smiled and kissed her lips.

Mo Qinyu seemed to be stabbed and stood up subconsciously. "I go upstairs now."

Although she knew that he was not Acong, she looked at this identical face and kissed other women.
Her heart was still very painful.

When she disappeared on the corridor, Qin Yiman smiled lightly. "The Mo family is so lucky, and a
bullet is exchanged for the opportunity to fly to the branches and become a phoenix."

"This is your brother's business, it doesn't matter to you, you don't mix it." Rufeng frowned.

He didn't know why, but when he heard her dispising Mo Qinyu, he was not happy.

Qin Yiman said, "I don't like to have locusts at home."

In her eyes, Mo Qinyu is an inferior. She can only be a servant. How can she be the wife of her

"So what, the Qin family can afford it." Rufeng stood up and thought of going outside.

Qin Yiman quickly followed, "Don't pay attention to her, she is an outsider..."

In the garden.

Mrs. Qin was slowly squatting on the gravel path. "Yichen, you have to come back recently, hurry to let
Mo Qinyu get pregnant. after she bore a baby,send her away quickly."

"Mom, I have my own thoughts, I don't like you to involve in." Qin Yichen frowned. He didn't want Mo
Qinyu to be pregnant. A stupid woman was not qualified to give him a baby.

"I don't want to care about you, but the greedy woman stayed at home for a long time, it is a curse."
Mrs. Qin thought that there was already a tumor in the family, and no more one could enter her family.

Qin Yichen took a look at his mother. Mo Qinyu indeed had many bad habits, greed, lying... There is no
advantage on her , she had no other use except being vent.

"Marry your daughter first." He seems to be transferring his mother's mind.

Mrs. Qin smiled. "I don't worry about Yiman's marriage. The Ru family and our family have deep
relationships , and we are also relatives in marriage, if Yiman marries to Ru family, we would be more
close, that would be perfect.i"

Unlike Mo Qinyu, she was just a beggar, and she couldn't bring any benefits marry her son.

"That would be fine if you don't worry." Qin Yichen shrugged. In fact, for his sister's marriage, he is not
as optimistic as his mother.

Is Rufeng really sincere to his sister?

When he returned to the room, Mo Qinyu paved the floor and got into the quilt and pretended to fall

She was afraid of Qin Yichen, she was in the same room with him, she felt unable to breathe normally,
and the heart jumped fast in tension and uneasiness.

She would get heart disease if she continue the condition.

Sleeping is the best way.

Qin Yichen glanced at her. Every time he entered the room, she was sleeping, and the properties of the
pigs were all occupied by her. was she really a pig in her last life?

Mo Qinyu didn't want to sleep at all.

Rufeng evoked all her memories of A Cong, pain and regret like a cloud pressed on her heart.

When he came in, all her thoughts were interrupted, and her facial features and brains were used to
guard him.

She listened to all the movements outside the quilt.

On the coffee table, her cell phone rang, and Taobao had news coming in.

Qin Yichen glanced unconsciously and stunned.

There is a piece of trading information on Taobao. The item sold is a limited-edition shirt of Hermes.

He is very familiar with this shirt.

It was he who told the servants to clean up it two days ago. How did it appear in Taobao?

He picked up her phone in surprise and opened her shop. There were 68 items of his “waste”: clothes,
shoes, belts, ties...

Is the stupid woman recycling in waste?

She took all of them online and sold them.

Looking at the business, it is quite prosperous.

How much does she love money!

Mo Qinyu heard the voice of the mobile phone, but she did not think that Qin Yichen would see that
when the quilt was violently opened, she was shocked and scared.

"You didn't fall asleep!" Qin Yichen snorted.

"no , I have fell asleep, but waked up just now," she said.

Qin Yichen grabbed the phone on the coffee table and threw it in front of her. " Your business is good."

She snorted.

The evening dress of the last party, she hangs on Taobao to sell, and soon someone bought it. When
she got a chance, she thought of taking the items that he didn't wear and throwing away online to sell.
She made a small amount of money.

She did not expect to be discovered by him so quickly.

"These clothes and accessories are quite new. It's a pity to throw them away. I can sell them and
achieve their value."

Qin Yichen didn't get angry. "Yes, you can sell them, but I have to get the profits."

She jumped up from the floor, as if her fresh had been cut . "You are so rich, Do you care these little

Qin Yichen laughs, she is not only the reincarnation of the pig god, but also was occupied by Grandet!

"This is my clothes. Shouldn't I recover the cost?"

She lowered her head, she had no choice but accept his order, the clothes were all belong to him.

"How do you want to divide the profits?"

"I get 70%and you get 30%," he said.


An anger rushed to the top of her head. This is not only cutting her fresh, but also cutting the liver,
cutting the kidneys, drawing blood, and taking bone marrow!