Love in full bloom

chapter 20 Let him watch us having sex

A cold wind blew through the lake, the leaves creaked, and they fell to the ground, and the sound was
just like that someone was walking around.

"Acong!" She jumped up subconsciously, and opened her eyes and looked around. "Acong, are you
here? Are you coming to see me?"

Behind her, a huge shadow crossed over and covered the entire moonlight.


She suddenly turned back,all of expectation and excitement were disappeared when she see the
person clearly,then it replaced by shock and fear.

"You... why are you here?"

Qin Yichen took a panoramic view of her expression, and he was more angry than before.

A dirty woman, full of lies, full of tricks, who always refreshed his bottom line!

"What are you doing here?" His voice was extremely low, trying to maintain a brief calm.

"Today is July and a half, I burned some paper to my deceased friend." She explained.

"Is that the ghost you saw yesterday?" There were some cold lights in his gaze in the moonlight.

She couldn't help but trembled and nodded.

He sneered and picked up a paper dress that had not been burned from the grass. "Why do a female
ghost wear a male ghost's clothes?" His tone was no longer calm,it was like an earthquake which was
lurking on the seabed, with gloomy and stirring.

Her heart suddenly,and she became speechless, she was trying to find some words. "She likes to
wear... neutral clothes."

Her tried to explain,but before she finished, a loud noise rang, Qin Yichen kicked the iron bucket.

The iron bucket flew up with the burning flame, it made a hollow arc of fire in the darkness, and fell into
the lake with a ‘snap’ sound,then it splashed huge waves.

Mo Qinyu felt that the next one who was kicked out was her. She screamed and held her head and
squatted to the ground.

His did not calm down, he was more and more angry, and more and more crazy, as if he wanted to
burn everything into the ashes.

"You wicked liar!" He grabbed her clothes rudely, screwed her up like an eagle catching a chicken,
threw her on the ground heavily, and then bullied her,finally he pinched her chin, "Tell me ,who is this

Her back was cold, her tongue was cold, her throat was tight, her heart was sore, and she had goose

His strength was very big. She felt that her chin had to be crushed. Her frowned because of the pain,
and her mouth was also shaped by him, but she could not make sounds, she just couldn’t, then she

tried her best to speak vaguely.

It seemed that he noticed it, he slightly released his fingers.

She swallowed her saliva, relieved her throat, licked her tongue, stuttered, and said, "He is..He was my

He should have already guessed it. If she made another lie, it would definitely add fuel to the fire.

It is better to be frank, or she would be teared by him.

Qin Yichen’s showed a feeling of bloody murder, which made his handsome facial features twisted.

Did she give her fist time to that man?

"Do you still think about him?"

She did not answer, she just stared straight at him, she was shocked scared and confused, and with
unspeakable contradictions, as if she did not know how to answer.

Finally, she asked in a shivering tone: "What do you want me to say?"

"Tell me the truth!" He squeezed a few words from his teeth and tried to hold back the urge of kill her.

She rubbed her dry lips and took courage. "Yes, I miss him very much, but he is already dead. Even if I
miss him, he won't come back."

"I do not allow it!" He violently screamed, and she closed her eyes in horror, thinking that she must be
killed the next second.

But she didn't feel pain, and there was a muffled sound, and a hurricane rushed past her broken hair.

She opened her eyes slightly, and she saw his hard, iron-like fist fall on the grass which was less than
a centimeter distant from her.

There was a hole on the grass, and almost all his fists were buried in it.

"Mo Qinyu, you are my so-called wife now, you must be loyal to me, no matter how many ea you used
to have, forget them!"

A fascinating, sad, tragic smile emerged from her mouth. "Qin Yichen, have you ever loved someone?"


She used this damn word, he felt extremely ironic, incomparable anger, incomparably crazy!

This word had never been in his dictionary. Until now, no woman was worthy.

"Do you love that man?" The blue veins on his forehead twisted and violently twisted, and his
heartbeats were fast, as if the inside was turbulent.

"Yes, I love him." She said calmly and unhurriedly that every word seemed to be a reluctant
provocation to him.

His dark eyes flashed, and an indescribable, extremely gloomy cold arc rose from the corner of his
mouth, just like a weird wind.

"Tell me, are the ghost looking at us?"

She was shocked and did not understand what he meant. She looked around subconsciously . "If he
comes, he will definitely save me, he won’t watch me being bullied by you!"

"Well, I really want to see how could he save you!" He grabbed her skirt and violently tore it in half.
She was terrified, "What are you doing?"

"Let your lover see clearly, who is your master!" His eyes burned like a beast.

The horror and shock made her face pale, her lips were pale,either. And she began to tremble, and it
seemed that the whole ground was shaking.

She opened her mouth, but couldn't make a sound because of the shackles of her throat. She could
only shake her head and pray mournfully. After a long time,she finally spitted out the words painfully,it
was like that she was dying. "Not here,please. Don't be here!"

He ignored it.

In the quiet and cold air, the sound of the fabric being shredded was clear enough.

Her whit body was lingering on the green grass, it was just like the snow that had not yet melted in the
early spring, it would be broken easily.

The moonlight cast shadows behind the trees. Perhaps Acong was just stood in the shadow, and
looked at her sadly, looking her raped by a Satan-like man.

But he had no way to save her, he was a ghost!

Her fingers plunged into the mud, clenched the grass roots, and the tears drop...

The moon sank to the west and she fainted on the grass.

When she woke up, she was already in the room, it was already the afternoon of the next day.

She got up hard, after bathing, she put on her clothes and hid the wolverines and pains which made by
him last night.

She went to the window and pushed the window open, she took a deep breath of fresh air.

The window was facing the garden.

She glanced at the blooming rose field,but her eyes could not move, just for a glance.

Severe horror passed through her body

In the sea of flowers, there was a tall figure standing in there.

His gentle face and sunny smile was a mark that couldn't be erased in her mind for a lifetime.


She blinked and feared that it was her own illusion, but the shadow did not disappear, it was still there!

It was Acong, it was really Acong!

He came to her, wasn’t he come to save her?

Was that he saw her was raped by the man yesterday, so he asking the Death to give him a favor and
put him back?