Love in full bloom

Chapter 19 You dared to lie

She was so shy that she hurriedly covered her body with a coat, and was ashamed and annoyed. "You
can still wear it if you wash it."

"Throw all the garbage away. Don't let me see it again." A dark flame came out from his gaze, Didn’t
know that if he was angry or it was that he had reaction when he saw her body.

She was terrified, she was afraid that he would be more beastly, and so quickly hid in the cloakroom
and locked the door.

She won't throw away the clothes. If she threw that, she would have to buy a new one. She couldn't
spend money like this, and she had to pay medical expenses for Xiaowu.

Seeing the coat in her hand,a light flashed in her gaze which showed some foxy feelings.

Armani limited edition, there was the only one in the world, if she sell it on internet, she could sell it with
a good price.

It’s the best way for the ordinary person who want to showed off and chase young girls.

The next day, When she went to the company, Pang Xiaofan was there,either. Because of the leg
injury, she took a few days off.

Zhang Yan was also here, she was coming to pack things.

On the afternoon when she poured boiled water, she received the message from the Ministry of
Personnel that she was fired.

She was depressed, so she had an excuse that she was injured either, and did not come for few

The president did not allow rumors, so no one knew this except the personnel director and supervisor.

Everyone thought that it was Mo Qinyu who was going to be fired. They didn't expect that would be
Zhang Yan,that’s a big surprise.

"Isn't Mo Qinyu should be fired, how could it be Zhang Yan?"

"What the hell is going on? The president clearly called Mo Qinyu to ask questions.Why was Zhang
Yan fired?"

"You are all wrong, the president are impartial,and he won’t fire the new employee just because of
Pang Xiaofan's personal grievances. Zhang Yan held the wrong thigh this time."

"Didn't You notice that Mo Qinyu was quite lucky?She just went here for a few times and she had
chance to come to the president's office. Even Pang Xiaofan haven’t gone in that place."

Everyone was talking about this in the WeChat group.

Mo Qinyu worked hard and didn't want to pay attention to those people's arguments. However, she
could feel that their gaze were different again. When someone saw her, they said hello with a smile.

Was that they know she was innocent?

At lunch time, she still ate with Guo Lulu as usual.

In her view, Guo Lulu was more real and straightforward than those people.

"Today,everyone in the company was discussing Zhang Yan's affairs. Many people were suspecting
that Pang Xiaofan was crossed in love.

Mo Qinyu showed a ironical smile.

Crossed in love? She had never be in love, how could she crossed in love?

Qin Yichen loved men, no matter how hard she worked, she couldn't get his heart!

"Do you know how long has Finn worked the president?"

"I heard that he is one of the group's veterans. From the beginning of the group's establishment, he
followed the president." Guo Lulu said,and showed a fascinating expression. "Finn is so handsome,
except for the president, he is the most handsome guy. I heard that the president has a special support
group, all of them are super handsome guys."

Mo Qinyu squatted, and there was a picture of Qin Yichen being surrounded by the males.

She was seriously skeptical that the so-called special aid legion was his male lovers harem.

Finn was the queen, leading the harem!

In the corner of the restaurant, a pair of eyes was watching them, she drank a juice, and there was a

chilly light flashed from her gaze.

After lunch, Guo Lulu went to the bathroom, she quietly followed behind and closed the door.

"Guo, let's talk!"

Guo Lulu looked at her, and her face was so scared...

When Mo Qinyu returned to the office, she called the driver Liu and asked him to buy some paper

She originally thought that Qin Yishen would not come back at night, but she did not expect that he
came back.

Mrs. Qin always went to the garden alone after dinner, and come back directly to the second floor. She
would not even say a few words to her, she would be ignored as air, that’s better for Mr. Qin if she
could not say her.

However, she would still be waiting in the hall, then sent her mother-in-law to the second-floor, and she
would dare to leave.

Qin Yishen was not there. She was the only one on the third floor. She was free and she could do what
she wanted.

This was the happiest time for her.

When he returned, it was different.

The air became so repressed that she always felt that her breathing was not smooth and she could
suffocate at any time.

The warmth of the temperature dropped directly below the freezing point because of the chill that he
continued to emanate.

Even if it was a hot summer, she didn't need to turn on the air conditioner.

She could feel that he did not want to stay with her, because he spent most of his time in the study
room, until midnight.

Sitting on the couch, she kept looking at outside, and the darkness had swallowed up the whole world.

Liu said that they had to burn paper money after darkness in the mid July, then the ghost would dare to
collect the money.

But it couldn't be too late. It must be before the 1 o’clock. because the ghost door would be closed at
that time.

When Mrs. Qin and Qin Yishen went upstairs, she sneaked out.

She did not know that Qin Yishen was standing on the balcony. When she came out, she was seen by

His charming eyelids became a seam, and the icy black eyes was so bright.

She hurriedly sneaked out in this time, what did she want to do?

He swept out like a hurricane, and quietly followed her by the cover of the darkness.

She did not notice that, just ran to the lake.

When she came back, she hid the paper money and the burning bucket behind the big tree by the lake.

Take out the burning bucket, she lit the three musk, inserted in the soil, then lit a stack of paper money
and put it in the bucket.

"Acong, I am so sorry, you have been died for so long, I have not burned any paper money for you. Do
you have money to spend there? I bought you a lot of things today, clothes, gold ingots, villas, cars.
...and a lot of money, I want you to be a rich man in heaven!"

Not far away, in the darkest shadows, Qin Yichen was dressed in black, almost blending with the

It turned out that stupid woman was burning paper money.

Was it for the "ghost" that she saw yesterday?

Stupid pig, really believe in the story!

"Acong." Mo Qinyu’s voice came again. "Yesterday, did you come to see me? Are you angry, I am
married to others, so you don’t want to come out to see me? Sorry, Acong, sorry. !"

Tears slipped from her eyes. "If there is no such car accident, we must be married now. Let's go to
France to study together, live in a house full of lavender, face the sea,and all the flowers blow in the
spring. You play the ocarina in the yard, I paint next to you..."

Her voice was sad and fascinating, and when it passed into Qin Yichen’s ear, and it turned into a
stormy wave.

His two beautiful eyebrows were stirred up, and the blue veins on his forehead leaped in extreme

The wicked woman was lying yesterday.

Obviously that’s a man, and he was her old lover,how could she dare to lie to him that it was a woman!